It’s no secret that the Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade (formerly called the Lower Greenville Parade) is one of my favorite parts about Dallas.  Half of the reason I’ve lived off of Greenville for 5 years is for this magical weekend experience.  Since this will be my 9th or 10th parade, I’ve come up with a lot of tips for new parade goers.

This map represents, what I believe, to be the best spots to catch the parade and rage responsibly.  There are other, more kid and family friendly areas further down Greenville as you get closer to SMU Blvd, but these are the best.

The red dots represent the absolute best spots.  They represent the Sigel’s parking lot, the CVS parking lot, and the (my favorite) the Old Town parking lot in front of World Market.  These areas will have the best crowds, lots of food nearby, and with port-a-potties available.  Also, these areas are about dead center on the parade, so you’ll see it at its apex.

The blue dots are your second best spots.  They represent the parking lot in front of Palm Beach Tan, the Old Town parking lot in front of Bockbuster, and the parking lot for Central Market.  The drawbacks here are that you won’t have immediate access to bathrooms.  The Central Market parking lot can also get crowded with the post 5K crowd.

Remember to use the buddy system, use the DART trains if at all possible, and never drive after drinking.

Rage responsibly, Dallas. Sláinte!