Witching Hour

Christmas gift for the boyfriend and one of my fondest memories. It doesn’t have to be fancy holidays or date night, some of my favourite moments involve doing nothing together …

Or trying not to rage at Witcher 3 whilst he drools obliviously onto my lap, together. That, too.


Artwork © Shamine Athena King
The Witcher 3 © CD Projekt RED
The Witcher © Andrzej Sapkowski

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Made this meme to explain the five forms of the Dutch ‘you’.

Je is the informal, singular you.

Jij is the informal, singular you with emphasis.

Jou is the informal, singular you if it’s the direct or indirect object. For example “to you” would be aan jou. It’s like the French toi (à toi) or the German dich/dir (für dich/an dir).

Jullie is the plural you.

U is the polite you, like vous in French and Sie in German.

All these words are very necessary. I stole the template from this.

See my German version.