ragechan-deactivated20130206 asked:

Who is your favorite Ship/Slashing? 8'D feel free to make a list.

You have opened a can o’ worms….

  • Castiel/Dean - Supernatural
  • Any iteration of John/Sherlock (BBC) and like House/Wilson (House md)
  • Thor/Loki - Avengers
  • Vince/Howard - The Mighty Boosh
  • Kirk/Spock - Star Trek
  • Ikkaku/Yumichika - Bleach
  • Too many in Doctor who to even put down but mainly Rory/Eleven :D
  • Rictor/Shatterstar - X-factor
  • Billy/Teddy - Young Avengers
  • Naruto/Sasuke - Naruto

There’s more but that would take a while XDDD