Bullets Pt. 6

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“I just got to go in for one second.” Michael had said, resulting in a whine from Elouise as she took her hand from his and planted them on her hips.

“Michael, we both took the day off for a reason…”

“I know, I know but listen I’ll be one second, you stay here.”

“Yeah, I’ll stay here only because if I go in Tommy’ll throw paperwork at me." 

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All By My Lonesome

Chris Evans x reader
Imagine: You’re best friends with Chris Evans and you’re pregnant with his baby but he has a fiancé, and his family thinks that you two should be together and deep down you both want to be together.
A/n: oh dear lord….
Genre: Drama, Angst, Family, Romance
Rated: Everyone
Warning: pregnant reader, angst, depressing thoughts, unplanned pregnancy, family issues
Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines
You felt sick when you had first saw the plus on the little stick. Pink, raging, life changing. You were pregnant and were already six months in. You fell to the bathroom floor, crying. What were you going to do now? You didn’t want to give it up for adoption and absolutely refused to get an abortion (it’s too late to get one anyways.) You had been suspicious after that one night with him. Him. The man who you were so deeply in love with and now pregnant with his baby. You rubbed your pregnant belly and called up two of your most trusted friends.
The British man sighed into the phone and simply said.
“You’re in pain, aren’t you?”
You cried and Tom said, seeming to be getting up from a piece of furniture.
“I’ll be there in a few.”
“I want Sebby…”
“Do you want me to call him?”
You cried, the emotional pain getting to you and you agreed. Tom stated.
“I’ll be right there. I’ll call Sebastian and see if he can come over.”
“Ok…see you when you get here.”
“You too, darlin. Love you.”
“Love you too, crazy Brit.”
He chuckled and hung up. You sniffled and whispered while crying.
“Why…why Chris, why!? Why did you have to leave me…?”
Chris Evans was a good man but felt that your relationship wasn’t working. After you two had break up sex and tried to move on, you found out he was engaged four months later. Was he really that ready to move on? Apparently so. It hurt you and when you found out you were pregnant, you got scared. You didn’t tell him, fearful of what he would do. Chris was unpredictable at times and you didn’t want to make him lose his temper. A text was received and you looked at your phone.
Romanian Man: Hey, are you alright, dragoste?! Tom called me and said you were hurting.
Me: I need someone with me right now :’( I’m in emotional pain right now…
Romanian Man: fuck. Ok, Tom just picked me up. We’re on our way. Hang in there, dragoste.
Me: did he bring the ice cream?
RM: lol yes he did. And chocolate covered strawberries, pie, and a milkshake.
Me: tell him I love him. Oh my glob.
RM: lmao. Done. I got your favorite movie too ;) don’t give that Brit all the credit.
Me: I love you too Sebby
RM: Thats more like it.
You chuckled and heard your front door open. A muffled voice called out.
You sniffled again and pounded the floor three times. Footsteps came up the stairs and you coughed. Tom and Sebastian walked in and Tom sighed.
“Oh, love. You’re going to stress yourself and the little anklebiter to death.”
You sniffled and Tom picked you up. You suddenly felt sad again and tears welled up into your eyes. You cried against Tom’s chest.
“Why doesn’t he love me? What did I do?”
Tom shushed you and Sebastian persed his lips. Sebastian grumbled.
“He’s an asshole, that’s why.”
“Sebastian, not helping. (Y/n), darling, it’s not that he doesn’t love you…believe me, he does-”
You screeched, pounding his chest with your fists.
“Then why didn’t he stay!?”
Sebastian rubbing your lower back when you hunched over a bit, your back cramping up. Sebastian sat you on the bed and soothed you, his hand working wonders. He suggested.
“Take it easy, sweetheart. You’re going to hurt yourself.”
You nodded and Tom continued, running his fingers through your hair.
“-As I was saying, Chris does love you. He just didn’t know how to move forward. His family gave him hell afterwards. Especially after he got engaged.”
“Was it really that easy for him to move on?”
Sebastian sighed and you grabbed the ice cream and a spoon. Eating the ice cream, Tom joked.
“You are going to get your baby hooked on ice cream, love.”
“Fuck off.”
You ate a spoonful of ice cream and Sebastian chuckled. You looked at Sebastian and told him.
“Open up.”
“No no, it-”
Sebastian sighed and did as told. You fed him a spoonful of ice cream and smiled. Sebastian rolled his eyes and Tom patted your shoulders. A knock on the door sounded through the house and Tom got up.
“I’ll be right back love.”
“Hurry back. We have a movie to watch.”
He nodded and disappeared. Sebastian asked, gently putting a hand on your pregnant tummy.
“Have you felt anything at all lately?”
You nodded.
“She or he was a little active yesterday. Kicked my bladder to oblivion.”
Sebastian chuckled and you smiled.
“He or she is really active when I sing to her or him….or they.”
Sebastian asked.
“They? You think you might have twins or triplets?”
You shrugged.
“It’s possible.”
Sebastian nodded and Tom came in, blocking the doorway and said gravely.
“I tried to tell him to go away…”
Chris walked in and you felt your breath catch in your throat. Sebastian stiffened a bit and put a protective arm and your waist. Chris was about to say hi when his gaze fell onto your tummy and his eyes widened.
“What the fuck are you doing here?!”
You yelled, fresh tears falling down your cheeks. Chris bit his lip and looked down.
“I wanted to talk to you…”
You gulped and Chris asked Sebastian and Tom.
“Can I get some privacy?”
Sebastian glared at Chris and you patted his hand.
“It’s…ok, Sebby.”
He looked at you and sighed, kissing your temple.
“I’ll be right outside if you need me.”
You nodded and Chris sat in front of you on the floor. He swallowed nervously and gestured to your swollen tummy.
“I-is….is it…mine?”
You nodded stiffly and Chris bit his lip, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. He whispered.
“Oh my god…oh god, I’m so sorry…”
You cleared your throat and asked, lookinh down.
“Don’t you have a fiancé to tend to?”
Chris whispered.
“I broke it off with her.”
You gasped.
“What? Why? She was…really beautiful.”
You weren’t gonna lie. You were jealous of that woman he used to be with. She was a model in your eyes. Everything you thought you weren’t, she was. Chris said.
“Because she’s not the one I want?”
“Then why did you stay with her?”
Chris sighed and ran a hand through his hair.
“Because I thought I could…to be honest, I don’t know. I don’t love her. I love you. I just didn’t know how to move forward with our relationship and I got scared…worried you might get tired of me…but I wanna make up for it.”
You scoffed.
“Why should I give you a second chance? ”
“Because I won’t let anybody else take care of my child.”
Your eyes widened at the possessive tone. Chris continued, inching forward carefully. He cautiously lifted a hand and moved your shirt, showing your belly and gently pressed his cheek on the skin. His ear listened in and Chris cried when he heard a faint heart beat. You felt your heart skip a beat at the action and Chris cried.
“I’m so sorry…so so sorry…”
You sighed and patted Chris’s head. You said quietly.
“I know. What about your family?”
“They practically cheered when I told them I was gonna get you back.”
You chuckled and Chris asked.
“Will you forgive me?”
“Watch this movie with me, Tom, and Sebby. Then I will.”
Chris smiled genuinely and kissed your tummy before laying a sweet, small kiss on your lips.
‘I missed this so much. ’
You thought.

OH MY GOD MY FEELS……this was so much longer than expected….

Daredevil Preference: “Why You Fell In Love With Them”

Preference Masterlist

Matt: You fell in love with the way he speaks. Not because his voice is sweet and honeyed and warm like a hearth, but because every word he says is spoken with certainty, conviction, and assurance. He says you are beautiful and, even though you know he cannot see you, you believe him. And you fell in love with his touch. Every kiss and caress is placed like a whisper- light and gentle- against your skin, leaving you praying to hear more, praying for one more secret murmur.  He makes you feel every breath you breathe and each palpation of your heart, the beats feeling like a declaration of love from him to you: ‘I love you, I love you, I love you…’

Foggy: You fell in love with his smile- all-encompassing and so bright that it is blinding and warm like the sun. His smiles are home and pleasure and happiness, and never fake. They are full and wide, confident and proud- just like all of him. You fell in love with how he holds you- arms tightly woven around you, an embrace so deep and comfortable it feels better than any kiss or baser act of unconditional love and fidelity. When wrapped in his arms you feel safe and content, every morsel and inch of your skin drinking in this small, blissful contact with his own and never, ever wanting to separate. You would sooner sing praises of his embraces than the touch of any other lover.

Karen: You fell in love with her eyes. You would not say they were the same shade of blue found in the clear waters of the sea as they pooled at the shoreline, the endless expanse of the sky fresh after the rain, or of hydrangeas and forget-me-not flowers- although they were. You would say they were the color of long nights spent talking on the phone, letting the sound of her voice lull you to sleep, of quick, shy kisses placed on the corner of your mouth, of matching dresses and sharing an umbrella when it rains. They were innocence, and they were guilt.  You fell in love with her because you wanted to protect her, even though she is stronger than you could ever know.  

Wesley: You fell in love with his cunning wit. Never had you known a man with such a sharp and clever tongue- a tongue he dangerously brandished like a knife. Dry humor and jabbing remarks bubbled from his mouth like water from a fountain, and yet he spoke to you with more gentleness and elegance than a prince. Others would whisper that he was cruel and mocking, bitter and cold, and yet he was none of these things to you. You would say he was the calm before a storm, a clever joke spoken just for your ears, or a smile when you wanted to cry. You fell in love with him because he was an enigma, and a contradiction.

Vladimir: You fell in love with him because he was wild. His very presence intoxicated you like a hazardous cocktail of adrenaline and cheap wine. He was the decision to sky dive without a parachute, to play Russian roulette with a loaded gun, to pour alcohol on an already raging fire or to stick a fork into an electrical socket. He shocked you, wooed you, and repulsed you in equal measure. Impulsive, unpredictable and reckless, he could be kind like a caress or disastrous like a hurricane- a violent man with a touch so tender that it made you sick. You fell in love with him because you shouldn’t have.

Anatoly: You fell in love with his loyalty. Like a lion, he was proud and resilient, prowling his territory and protecting his pride with blood on his claws and flesh in his teeth. He was ambition and determination, honesty and bravery. He protected his own- and you were his. You fell in love with him because if the cards had been dealt differently, he could have been a hero.

One Piece Chapter 870

Title: Parting

“Come out Bege” a raging BM screams. Chiffon sticks her head out the window to try to persuade BM, but her faces exactly resembles Lola’s, which further enrages BM.

BM’s children watch her current state carefully. It appears they plan to capture them all in one fell swoop when they’re thrown out of the crumbling castle.

Luffy sees the suffering Bege and attempts to charge out the castle but is prevented by Nami.

Now that they have the poneglyph copies and have rescued Sanji’s family, there’s no point in putting in rushing himself out there. She persuades him that it will be okay to fight once they meet up with Zoro and the others.

She tells him that here is only one way for Bege to escape from this predicament. That is while they are in the Bege’s body, Bege turns back into a human and is carried away by Caesar through the sky.

Caesar explains that that is impossible since they are surrounded by many Busoushoku Haki users.

Judge questions Sanji they were saved. Zeff appears in Sanji’s mind. Sanji: “My father would have been saddened. He would be appalled at the small kind of man that would ridicule the death of their own family. I won’t live a life where I am not able to face that person. 13 years ago, the Sanji Vinsmoke that ran away from Germa died on the seas. Therefore recognize this! You are not my father, Judge Vinsmoke!”

Judge hears Sanji’s words and promises to never come close to the East Blue again. On top of that, he vows that Germa will stall for time until Caesar can run away.

Bege undos his castle. Ichiji blocks countless number of bullets that come flying in. Reiju flinches from BM’s attack, but Luffy and Sanji come out from Bege’s body and back her up.


how to find and fatally offend a Mattie Williams

France: Alfred, mon cher, where’s mattieu?

England: Yeah, I haven’t seen him all day

America: i don’t know, bro, but i can find him hold up

America: wait on  a scale of 1-10 how bad do you need him

France: 25

America: fuck, fine, you owe me after this though

America: *ahem*


*distant rumblings*

*everything grows dim*

*Canada streaks out of the Void with a hockey stick and rage*

*that hockey stick gets broken over america’s head*

Canada: *bends down* What the fuck was that?

America: *on the floor*  ah god, alright i fucking found him, niow get him the hell away from me

Canada:  *is lead away by France bc 25 on the ‘I need him now” scale* It’s fucking TIM HORTONS





Raging red hot wetness sticks to the top of your throat like it’s stuck between a rock and a hard place and yet you still manage to breathe in a little at a time.


Breath taken into your lungs is like a forest fire spreading throughout your chest and the flames lick your stomach and your soul raw and you wonder if the lump in your throat will ever stop releasing gasoline.


Your heart feels like it is stuck under a redwood and your chest is hot to the touch and you realize that you don’t like the smell of burnt wood but sadly the streams leaking from your eyes is not enough to put out the flames, clear out the smoke, you can’t even see your hands in front of you but you can see the pain in front of you, the hurt behind you and all you can do is look up and hope to see the sun from behind the clouds cloaking your eyes in wet fog.


Praying to a god you don’t know you believe in just to take another breath, just to have this weight lifted off your chest. your knees became bloody from kneeling on the concrete for so long but you are stuck, you are frozen you are buried underneath a mountain of self hatred and a sea of past regret and you wonder if everything looks this beautiful underneath the waves.


The minutes tick by seeming like hours, hours seeming like years and it amazes you how long you can hold your breathe under the pressure of depression and your eyes begin to flutter, your lungs seize up on you and your heart slows down to the beat of a metronome pounding, pounding, pounding on your flame kissed chest and once the last bubbles leave your mouth and the darkness closes in around you, you remember.


It will not always be meant to kill you. It will not always be meant to kill you. It will not always be meant to kill you. It will not kill you. They say that you are dealt what you can take but you’ve been taking for so long that your entire being is weighed down by the stones life has laid on your shoulders and you’re sinking. Sinking. Sinking. You embrace the darkness and you breathe a sigh of relief but become blinded by the light and you suddenly realize that this entire time you thought you were falling, you were actually flying, and while this entire time you thought you were drowning, you were just being reborn.

-The pain just reminds you that you’re alive

IG: @unapollogeticc


I absolutely loved @aroma-rhineford-cosplay​ ‘s(surprise again!) headcanon that Agito’s enhanced powers sometimes activate without his control when he’s experiencing intense emotions

Extreme fear=Branches sticking out


Pure joy=Flowers and leaves

When he’s around Toola his flowers especially act up and at first he tries to hide them since he knows she still fears the Forest.

Sees Toola laughing and smiling with someone=BOOM  flowers 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 

R.I.P dignity

I’d like to reflect back to the day Astoria came out and I listened to End of an Era for the first time. I had listened to most of the album before school. Maybe up to Who Do You Love. I plan to finish this album by the end of the day. I go to my lunch period and I automatically put in my headphones and shut my friends out. They know what day it is. They know what’s coming. I begin the song and immediately start having heart palpitations. Straight up white knuckling the table. My poor innocent friends think I’m having actual heart malfunctions and try to talk to me and calm me down so I don’t explode and pop a blood vessel. But I just stare outwards and attempt to keep in my emotions so nobody’s affected too much. The song starts moving along and I am NOT ok. Not at all. I’m positive there were some health risks. It gets to the part where Josh references stuff from Fix Me and I lost it dear lord there was no help. I proceeded to breathe heavily and hit my head on the table because I simply could not. One unfortunate friend took out my headphones which was a big mistake. I proceed to pick up a ball of tinfoil and fling it across the lunch table out of pure rage. It ends up sticking my other friend right in the jugular but I am not concerned. She starts but I snatch back my headphones and resume my listening bc I have nO mErCy. My guy friend then chooses to show up and keep in mind he’s quite a large football player. Hard rock kinda guy. He looks at me and is immediately taken back and looks genuinely scared. Like this guys eyes showed full fear. And I watch him lean to the friend who I struck in the jugular to ask her something. I assume it was along the lines of “why does she look in pain, should I call an exorcist”. This all took place when Josh’s first scream is. The next beat drop comes and I somehow level up my intensity and let out a muffled battle cry. Through gritted teeth I manage to not unleash it fully. The assistant principal walks buy at this point and let me just say. I am so sorry for this poor man. He looked afraid. So very afraid. Too afraid to address my behavior so he just walked around. There he went. Speed walking away from my horrific demon tendencies. Luckily for my friends and everyone near me, the song ended soon after. I’d like to take this time now to formally apologize to my friends and the assistant principal. The looks on their faces showed many emotions, none of them positive.

anonymous asked:

Do you like toxic ships?

~ I’m gonna start off by saying that I’m in The Vampire Diaries & The Originals fandom and literally just about every. single. character. is toxic? like seriously. BUT ALSO I write Klaus? There is no way at all that Klaus would ever really be able to have a normal and healthy relationship. He’s been alive for one thousand years and through those centuries he’s done awful things.  He’s been the big bad, he’s been the a victim, he’s been the hero. BUT REALLY - he’s Klaus Mikaelson and all those issues from when he was human, those issues that his abuse caused, that his already large amount of anger caused were all HEIGHTENED when he turned. Not to mention that this guy is literally the guy who ripped his mom’s heart out and blamed it on his dad. ( I go with that bc lbr him strangling Esther does not seem plausible given it was in a fit of rage THEREFORE I stick to that canon sorry, TO ). The most healthy relationship he has is with Hope and even then - like he’ll literally kill EVERY SINGLE PERSON ALIVE in her name - not very healthy although understandable. If this guy can’t have a healthy relationship with family why would he have one romantically? And it doesn’t take a couple of seasons to just change someone into a character that stays at home, does what he’s told, LITERALLY DO NOTHING AT ALL (*throws shade at s4*). SO TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION ooc = toxic is bad. IC = toxic is both canon and I enjoy it - plus when you’re in a fandom about VAMPIRES how can it not be toxic?

i hate this. im trying to be better but this one stupid thing has set me off so bad and it’s probably bc a) i was contacted by someone yesterday who hurt me and it put me on edge and b) there’s money involved and an amount that’s significant to me and every time i think abt it rage sticks in my throat and i want to grow fangs just to rip somethig apart and it’s so Fucking Stupid. it’s nothing! it shouldn’t even get to me and yet!!

In Defense of the Bottom Shelf

The deeper you delve into the wide world of whiskey, I find with most people, one of three things happen: 

  • You just don’t get the hype & think most whiskey tastes the same. 
  • You find your preferred brand[s] & never stray far. 
  • You refine your tastes, desire to explore more, & it becomes more than just a drinking experience. 

With the latter two, there is a tendency to turn up ones nose to bottom shelf and cheaper brands, for no other reason than they’re simply inexpensive and therefore must be of inferior quality. 

Now, I’ve never claimed to be an expert on whiskey, I’m just doing my thing over here but I am constantly getting commentary on my choice of drinks and brands as well as my responses to follower questions or recommendations. Before you run away, this isn’t a response to trolls or a cry for sympathy, simply my opinion. 

Some of my best memories revolve around big bottles of bottom shelf, nights out in the country, passing it around with friends, and by the fourth or fifth pull from the bottle, you couldn’t tell the difference between Rebel Yell or Pappy Van Winkle anyhow. 

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hopespeakhigh  asked:

How does one begin to open a hatchery?

Oh boy, That’s a question with a long answer (i’m gonna extend this a lot just to answer all kinds of questions at once) and I opened tabs to answer this because there’s gonna be some links. 

Gonna Split this into 3 parts: Generals, Tips and Links, And My Own Personal Nitpicks 

This is gonna be a kinda long read

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anonymous asked:

The only aggressive thing I see here is the way these people are treating the KC fandom. Because sure. Delena fans sent death threats to Nina for leaving, SC fans attack journalists with go die cunt insults and yet the KC fandom once again is the aggressive one.

These people do know how to alienate their audience in the moment they need it the most don’t they?

But unfortunately or fortunately (because at least we are used to it by now) this is really nothing out of the ordinary for us so… chill.

However what I am finding extremely amusing in this situation is not what comes out in public (even by a tongue slip up) but what led to it during to what happens behind the scenes.

TVD and TO are right now failing HARD. Many actors are coming out and begging for viewers and ratings; That shows extreme panicking.

The writers might try to pretend that they do not care about the ratings but oh trust me they do! I am willing to bet that there is a constant discussion and pressure on how to fix their mess and the only result is getting the mess to become bigger and bigger and this is turning everyone behind the scenes crazy, frustrated and irritated. It is like you are in burning building and everyone shouts “HELP” and “SOMEONE DO SOMETHING” but they are all jumping up and down without doing anything while the fire gets bigger.

How much do you want to bet that in almost every discussion about fixing stuff Klaroline gets mentioned again and again and again LMAO. And trust me again that they keep on discussing on and on about how to save their shows.

Do you really want to know why they are so angry with the KC fandom? Screw their PR and what they are saying in public. It is not about the bad members of the fandom because the TVD fandom in total has some pretty bad apples in each and every sub fanbase.

Klaroline however was and still is the ONLY fandom that didn’t serve its purpose.

But guys really …we didn’t lmao

In the writers and even in the actors eyes we are indeed the problematic child. Not because we are “aggressive” or “ill-mannered” because the TVD/TO stuff are handling all sorts of fans from every fanbase. The big difference however is that Delena/Stelena/Steroline/Klayley/Klamille etc etc have served their purpose nicely one way or another while KC have not been able to be contained in a form that would be complacent and convenient for the writers.

The other fandoms gave them the attention, they gave in under the writer’s push every single time, they gave to the writers exactly what the writers asked. Let us face facts. The Klaroline fans… didn’t. The problem these people have is not the attitude the bad apples of the KC fandom have; it is the fact that the KC fandom remained loyal to the ship but once the shows started going to shit without any Klaroline in the horizon the KC fans simply said… fuck it. And not only they said it but they also did it. You see words are easy and each fandom uses them even as threats but the KC fans instead of words used actions and made their promises come true and that must have stung really badly because it was not expected. The writers and the actors were sure that sooner or later the KC fandom would either give in or fade away. Well it didn’t. The KC fans refused to follow the pattern the shows demanded from them especially after the fans have been treated badly for so long. Any other fandom (like all the other TVD/TO fandoms have done so far) would either plead with the writers or rage on (while still sticking along for the ride) or follow directions based on false promises. Delena had to lose Nina in order to retaliate. If Nina had stayed even if Delena was to be destroyed they would still be remaining loyal to the show and follow whatever Plec was to give them, either good or bad.

Klaroline is the only fandom that has managed to turn fanon into actual parsonal canon for the fanbase and to continue shipping without supporting the actual shitty canon Plec gives. The KC fandom speaks up, trends, shows its strength with no scenes and without believing false promises anymore. That is like a punch in the gut for the the TVD/TO writers. Plec wanted the support of the KC fandom. She wanted our devotion, our aggressiveness, our passion, our voice, our dedication but she wanted all those things in her own terms. But the KC fandom didn’t just retaliate but managed to be force to be reckoned with under circumstances that would have made other fandoms certainly give in. And that affected the presence of the shows in the media and their general standing.

Just how annoying must it be for the writers and the actors to be reminded of their bad judgement when while the shows are tanking the interviewers and the media and the fans keep on asking and reminding them about …Klaroline. Seriously. It must be their nightmare. Klaroline here there everywhere. The writers want to push their plots and new ships and the noise in the front and background keeps on being Klaroline lol.

All the above have managed to anger and frustrate the writers and the actors. KC is hindering a lot of their plans. The Klaroline fandom is not going anywhere. The Klaroline fandom is a thorn in their side. And a constant pain for them. They surely keep talking and even nagging behind the scenes for their rebel child LMAO.

And I for once I am very happy for this. Call me a sadist or an aggressive asshole but I admit it. I am. And the fact that all their inside annoyance comes out unintentionally in a time where they obviously need this fandom the most is even more funny to me. Because it shows to me the pressure they are under. The thirst is real. And after everything that has happened in the past this is like a winning parade for me and not a source of discomfort.

And guess what. The Klaroline fandom will still remain -even without scenes- active and vocal and united when everything in TVD and TO is currently burning and crushing.

And since I am not attached with the shows anymore but I am still a Klaroline shipper this is bringing me great enjoyment lmao…well I am just standing in the sidelines and I am observing. I am not actively doing anything to harm the shows. I do not ramble on in twitter. I do not affect the twitter ratings. I am from Europe. I do not affect their live ratings. Basically I am just pointing and laughing from my own personal blog in tumblr. I am not involved or going to show any ounce of support to shows of no quality and to people that have disrespected my fandom and me as an extension; However that apathy I have is spreading like a wildfire to everyone nowadays and no one seems to care about these shows so if by their book that translates as aggressive then so be it.

Aggressive is it? I so am. And in all honesty I would take honest aggressiveness over constant passive aggressiveness and patronizing every time of the day.