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Ivar Headcanons- Ivar in a Relationship

Not to be confused with “Ivar as a lover” (wink wink) which I plan to do eventually.

Ivar does not know how to be in any sort of relationship. He has never assumed he would have the chance. What woman would want to be with a cripple? Who could exist that would take his heart tenderly in her hands and cherish it? He has taken his desire to be loved and pushed it deep, deep down; locked it up and thrown away the key. He has encased his heart in ice, unworthy to be warmed by any flame of passion.

So when he finally meets someone who truly wants to love him, and that he truly wants to love in return, he does not know what to do.

It is difficult, at first. Everything he wants to say to you comes out wrong. He does not want to treat you like he treats the world, with harshness, sarcasm and bitterness. But he cannot change in the blink of an eye. In the fledging stage of your courtship, there are many times where he causes your eyes to fill with tears with his callous words. It makes him hate himself even more then he already does. He curses his lonely childhood, his twisted legs, the gods for giving him false hope. Yet, you still come back to him, as if you can see there is something soft beneath his hard exterior.

Slowly, he begins to learn. He grows more and more comfortable with you, and his edges begin to soften. His words become kinder, his touches become gentler, his heart begins to unthaw. He has always seen it as a weakness, to show emotion. But with you it does not feel like weakness. With you, it feels like strength, and he feels better for it. He finds himself telling you things he would never share with anyone. It is scary and new and somewhat of a relief. Now he does not have to carry so much weight, he does not have to bottle things up so tight.

Despite this, he will never be a man of many words, or of romantic, flowery language. But he can be a man of action. The words “I love you” stick to the roof of his mouth, but he braids your hair for you after you wash it. He sharpens your knife and repairs your armour. He crafts protection runes to keep you safe in battle. He keeps you warm at night and worships your body with his over and over and over again. Even with his insecurities about his abilities to please you, he finds that physical love comes much easier to him. He has always been skilled with his hands and a quick study. With time and careful practice the rest falls into place, and he gives himself to lovemaking with the fervour and passion he gives in battle.

He learns to love and receive love in return. He cherishes you like he would a precious treasure from a successful raid. His icy heart melts and melts against the flame of your love, and he burns with the joy of it.

But regardless of all these changes, he is still Ivar the Boneless. He rages, he hurts, he gets insanely jealous and throws petty fits. Odin help the man that sends you even the slightest flirtatious look. He snarls and spits and screams “Mine!” He sometimes forgets you are a person and not a possession. It leads to many nights full of screaming and hurtful words and objects being thrown. He needs to always be in control, and you struggle with him for balance. He still clings to his old beliefs that he is not deserving of love, that you will leave him when someone better comes along. You can ease that belief, but some scars will never truly fade.

Loving him is not easy like breathing, or fair and sweet like a summer’s day. It is like being caught in the riptide, not knowing whether you will make it to shore or drown in the salty sea. It is beautifully and deadly, like a shining silver swords ready to pierce your very heart. You carry a great weight when you hold his heart in your hands, and he knows you will cry as often as you will smile.

But he is desperately grateful that you try.

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The Weapons of Stranger Things Characters (Yo. Spoilers for Season 2. You have been warned, dipshits.)

Eleven: psychic powers, as well as the power of being a moody teenager. 

Dustin: curiosity 

Lucas: Wrist Rocket

Will: the power of being pure and having a Mike in your back pocket

Max: Rage, looks of pure insanity, Mad Skillz, and a bomb-ass skateboard 

Jonathan: a camera, good taste in music, and lovely hair 

Nancy: a goddamn rifle, and the power of being adorable

Steve: Bat With Nails In It That Jonathan Made But Never Asked For Back, disgruntlement, and Wonderful Hair.

Barb: Nancy Wheeler is willing to take down a government agency for her. 

Billy: Rage, looks of pure insanity, and the power to somehow make a mullet work??? Also, some people will forgive him for abusing Max because he was abused by his dad. I say that using your pain as an excuse to cause someone else pain is fucked up but don’t mind me I’m just here for the ride.

Joyce: the power of destroying one’s house 

Hopper: gruffness/cigarettes/punches 


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Why is dark afraid of yandere?

Yandere is like Dark and Wilford fused into a single small package of rage and insanity that is just crazy enough to do anything, but you never know what that ‘anything’ is going to be and when.

Dark is used to picking people apart, learning what makes them tick and how to manipulate them. And he can’t do that with Yandere, and that’s what scares him.

how to make fire emblem fates not bad

The story doesn’t necessarily need to be completely changed- but it does need major reforms (especially in Conquest).

The biggest issue that Fates has is that Garon is a villain. This automatically creates the idea that Hoshido = Good, Nohr = Bad. This completely shifts the dynamic such that Nohr can never be good since their Leader isn’t good, while Hoshido must be good because they oppose the bad guys. In order to create a proper dynamic of your choice (between Loyalty and Family), neither side can be good or bad.

The solution would be to have Garon either be an old dude with Alzheimer’s OR to have him just be a ruler put in a bad situation. The former would keep Xander’s role in the story intact, where he has to try and keep up the legacy of his kingdom as his role of Heir to the throne whilst also dealing with his father’s insane ramblings- but the point is that he’s never treated as evil. The latter would keep Garon in the focus, where he has to make tough calls on what’s best for his kingdom and his people. This would allow him to still serve an antagonistic role in Birthright, which would also allow for a greater contrast of “stuff you know” between the two games (in the idea that in Conquest you would know why Garon is being antagonistic, whilst in Birthright you would know that “Nohr is causing conflict”).

Building off of this, the nature of Chapter 2 and Chapter 5 need to be changed. Chapter 3 would need Corrin’s execution of the prisoners be an unnecessary evil as set forth by Garon (as in he can’t let some of Hoshido’s best spies and information brokers live if he wants to keep his country safe). Chapter 5 is fine as a whole, but the idea is that the context would change- in that this would lead to Garon/Xander/Nohr wondering why they’re being accused of attacking Hoshido (and defending themselves from Hoshido’s aggression/invading Hoshido when they just won’t stop), while Hoshido must take it as a sign of aggression from Nohr (the reality being what it actually is- a plot from Valla to spark a war between the two).

Furthermore, Hoshido can’t be good. This is the second biggest issue with the plot of Fates. Hoshido is never in the wrong. Ideally the plot of Birthright should be taken as a more gray approach- in that Ryoma (As sudden Heir to the Throne) would be suddenly forced to lead his nation and people. As an inexperienced ruler he’d lead down the path of revenge obviously- in Conquest he’d play the role of an angry leader raging at the death of his mother. His actions (such as taking Elise hostage) would be reflective of what Nohr was like at the beginning of the game, rather than a thing that just sorta… happens.

As for characters: Corrin needs to be less perfect. Everyone needs to stop drooling over their perfection. They need to be emotional. They need to be reactionary- Chapter 5 did this excellently! When they see the mother they never knew die in front of them? They go berserk! When their child’s home is invaded be attackers? They get angry and make a vow to coat the fields in their enemy’s blood! We need to see more of that Corrin in the story- the Corrin that gets mad at their loved ones being attacked. The one that isn’t perfect, the one that still wants the best for everyone they love, but gets really upset.

Ideally, this would lead to a story about Corrin growing up. One that learns in Birthright and Conquest that not everything is so Black-and-White, and that each side isn’t necessarily always right. One that will also learn in Revelations that their anger will only consume them (in a parallel to Anankos’s rage and insanity), and that their love for their loved ones should not become hate towards those that hurt them.

Hans and Iago just shouldn’t exist. Period. But if they must- Hans should just straight up disappear when we see him killed in Chapter 3. Iago could still be the stereotypical advisor that’s pining after the throne- but we’d need to see hesitation and disgust from Garon towards Iago’s tactics and plans; only using them as a last resort if at all.

Lilith needs more of a role (as if that wasn’t obvious)- as someone who knows the origins of Valla and the nature of the war (but can say naught), she should serve as a voice of reason and guidance for Corrin throughout the whole story. When Corrin gets distraught at everything horrible happening, she’d be there to help Corrin and tell him that this is the path that he’s chosen, and he’s gotta finish it or more people will get hurt. When Corrin gets blind with rage at Xander for standing up for a nation that killed his mother or angry at Ryoma for holding his sister hostage, she’d be there to calm him down and help him through those facts. And at the end when she sacrifices herself to save Corrin (for a damn good reason too), this is when Corrin resolves to make the best for everyone, even if it isn’t perfect and even if they hurt him.

Anankos needs to be actually betrayed- not just build resentment because dragon reasons. This betrayal also needs to stem from Hoshido and Nohr’s roots and explain why he wants to destroy them. There might have been something about that happening in the game, but if there was I sure can’t recall it despite playing each game at least twice, which in and of itself is a problem. He definitely should slowly become insane, but let it be because humans betrayed him in some form or fashion that ended with his rage consuming him and him ending up alone. This would create parallel’s with Corrin’s rage, as well as add more depth to Anankos.

The final bosses would still be possessed by Anankos- and it still makes sense for it to be Garon and Takumi. They’d be possessed by Anankos’s rage, and this is where Azura’s singing would come in use and yadda yadda. Though this does mean that Garon shouldn’t be a fight at the end of Nohr (obviously), and that the FINAL final fights would need reworking to make sense (probably to fight the Dawn or Dusk dragons that were awoken or created by Anankos’s residual rage powers. Obviously there would be more references to the Dawn/Dusk Dragon in each story- at the very least referred to as guardians of Hoshido/Nohr respectively.

Azura… well, Azura’s role in both stories wouldn’t need to be changed all that much? Her powers could be more focused on Corrin and keeping him from going insane- there could also be more phenomena based around Anankos fucking shit up- like creating Magic-fueled warriors that go insane as Anankos tries to stop Corrin from stopping the war. These phenomena could also be blamed on the other country from Corrin’s perspective. This would allow more hinting of Valla without it dominating the story and leaving it unclear like Conquest originally left it.

Fuck if I know how to introduce the Awakening trio effectively. They’re ultimately too minor of characters to take a major role in Revelations like they should, but it still doesn’t change the fact that they were assigned this task by Anankos himself. Maybe in Birthright they could give up on their quest- admitting that Corrin has done their duty by himself. Maybe in Conquest they could believe that fighting the Dawn Dragon alongside Corrin was their duty. In Revelations I guess they could get a line or two about being prepared for this.

The Children could still work- it would basically combine Heirs of Fate and the main story, in that the children come from dimensions where Anankos succeeded, and Corrin’s army happens to encounter dimensional rifts in which the kids reside and have tried to escape Anankos (albeit it’s explained that it’s the clashing of the two nations that lead to their rifts opening because a huge Fate-of-the-world changing decision is causing magical fluxes in combination with Azura’s strange magic).

This would require either Kana or Shigure (probably Shigure) being in the story as someone who can fix even more than Azura can (much to Azura’s surprise) in all routes. This would be discovered due to, say, Takumi’s early Anankos powers in Birthright, or Leo becoming possessed himself or something. (This could also take place instead of the chapter in Nestria (and take place in Nestria) because that won’t happen without Garon being evil. It could happen in Revelations as the skies change or whatever).

Now, this is ignoring Revelations. The principle of Revelations would be the same- choosing to choose no one. This is a bit tougher to fix- but the idea of creating a rag-tag group of followers based on both your born and adopted family is sound, since it would lead to Corrin earning his title as king while he leads both families to a greater future.

In order for this to happen, though, this would require actual in-fighting between the two families. It doesn’t happen enough in Revelations- if at all. There needs to be plot points where Corrin trying not to choose a side leads to resentment on both families’ sides and Corrin’s side- especially concerning Corrin’s ideals.

This would lead up to a huge falling out in which Corrin is left alone- with only himself, Azura, and maybe Kana to take on Anankos. To parallel Anankos once more- it will have been Corrin’s own anger at being hurt that lead him to be where he is.

However, at this point Corrin makes a decision- that no matter how much he’s hurt or betrayed by his family. No matter how imperfect they are, he won’t abandon them. Then epic moment when all his family takes his back then epic dimensional space fight with the Omega Yato- symbolizing his burning love for all of his family, and cutting through the rage that has hurt so many (as well as finally relinquishing Anankos from his own rage).

Ideally, this would aim to create a game that is: consistent thematically, actually has gray morality, makes your decision actually a decision about which family or side you trust more, and tells a good story as epic as Lost In Thoughts All Alone makes it out to be.

Qui-Gon adopting Pathetic Lifeforms and handing them off for Obi-Wan to deal with just never gets old. No wonder he grows up so patient and compassionate - the only alternative was raging insanity. Like they’re on some super serious mission and suddenly Qui-Gon has to stop and pick up some injured rodent and give it to Obi-Wan to carry

“Children are supposed to like small fluffy animals. You two will get along fine.”

“Master it has spines.”

Who are you ,the one who touches with your bare hands the strings ,the ropes and all materials of my heart?

Who are you ,the one who turns my flesh and bones into corals deep under the sea of me?

Who are you ,the one who stares all the corners of my eyes to dwell there keeping me from harm?

Who are you ,the one who plays a melody over the edge of a cliff and invades me with the hunger of flying ?

Who are you ,the one who sets the colours of the living creatures everyday in a teluric tasteful morning of my awake?

Who are you ,the one who enlights my darkness when im losing the route of my heart in a day of sorrow?

Who are you ,the one who carries the all world with the strenght of a warrior in  a forgotten age of  my revealed tale ?

Who are you ,the one ,who measures the extremes of me in deep thoughts,in deep fears ,fulfiling my empty spaces?

Who are you,the one who merges over the hills of my sight  with visions of endless passions feeding my inner core of love?

Who are you ,the one who embraces me in a stormy night ,jumps over the abyss and yet  has the power of overcoming  my desire?

Who are you?

This tempest ? This rage ? This crave ? This insanity ? This poison? This infamy?

Even with  no  answer, i will crash everyday on that shore of yours  as a small particle of sand just to be fulfiled by your enigmatic shadow till the day you will send me away to dust and maybe on that day, i will know the meaning of you…

Who are you? Seaching for now…

Your hazel eyes shut tight when I speak to you, your ignoring tone firm and to the point. The way your lipstick stains peek out when you shout to the world should have been my first sign. As a believer of second chances I believe that people get better with time. For you, though, I have believed that all of my life.

Every step I take to get closer to you causes me to burn. I break with agony. I have been shriveled up and molded before, but this, this is different. The way you move your mouth in an O-shape and chew your vowels when you speak reminds me that you are supposed to be my mother. Sometimes I forget.

Your raven claws dig into my soft spoken skin and draw blue blood which you admire through eyes always watching. I wonder when I will be set free from your nest.

I have done back flips and cartwheels in order for you to say but one word to me. When you are upset and filled to the top with rage and insanity, I give you my patience, but you have never given it back.

Storms are always stronger with wind. I had never understood that until I felt it. I felt your desire to get more than you could manage to take. You have taught me to always carry my emotions in my back pocket, and to never let them out unless there’s a hole. You taught me how to sew the hole shut and stay quiet. I never quite learned how to properly cope with the feelings of hurt and betrayal.

You sink without trying to float, you sink without a fight. Whenever I try to pull you out you try to pull me in. I have nightmares of drowning in my salt-coated tears.

Eager and unafraid I once was, long before I came nose to nose with the reality of false love and accusations hidden behind a mask of the sweet southern lady working as a receptionist.

Claw marks trace my spine, hitting every nerve and every bone. I am an old vinyl record repeatedly scratched. An ocean of bruises flow from my sanctuary, untouched.

The night I became your daughter was the night you stopped being my mother. Your volcanic eruption took place in our living room next to the brown leather chair and brick fireplace. Lava spilled from corner to corner. Lingering smoke left me choking, unable to breathe.

You are supposed to be my mother but instead you are a forest fire, a typhoon. You are hatred and other natural disasters.