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Unfair Sonic!


The Sega Genesis turns 25 years old this week.  25!

Still probably my all time favorite console, and the first video game system I paid for with my own money.  I’ll never forget the day I brought this system home from Toys R Us, hooked it up to my TV, and saw Altered Beast in all its 16 bit glory for the first time.

Genesis does what Nintendon’t.

Long live SEGA!

Laundry Day

okay the previous episode of Sonic Boom was just excellent and adorable as usual. I thought of something really silly after Sonic and Knuckles lost to the girls, so I wanted to write this short fanfiction. :)


Was this ever going to end? Sonic frowned at the basket of laundry that awaited to be folded and properly hung in Amy’s wardrobe. At least they smelled fresh and clean now, though. Instead of folding them, like he was instructed from Amy earlier that day - he tossed her clothes on her couch. There was no organization whatsoever. Socks, t-shirts, dresses, gloves, sheets, and…whoa! Wait a minute, was that… Amy’s undergarments at the bottom of the basket? Picking up the bra by one strap, Sonic eyed it.

As he examined the piece of clothing, his lips twitched into a devious grin. It was time to have some fun.

Sneaking into Amy’s room, he opened her drawer and found a pair of socks. He glanced over his shoulder to be sure Knuckles hadn’t returned. Once it was safe, he slipped the bra over his head - struggling for awhile because of his huge quills. Once pleased with the result, Sonic bawled up the socks and stuffed the bra with them.

When looking into his reflection, he snorted in amusement. Amy would get a kick out of this when she see’s him. Well, okay… probably not. 


Amy returned home with some food for the boys as a thank-you for helping with her laundry. Once she stepped inside, Knuckles was no longer present, so she assumed he had already finished his part of the chores and headed back to the workshop. Instead of a warm welcome back home, she was greeted with a lot of her laundry scattered across the living room. Displeased, she stomped toward the unorganized pile and picked them up. “Ames?” A familiar voice spoke up from across the room. She lifted her head to find Sonic peeking out the corner.

“Did you do this?!” She pointed to the clothes lying on the floor.

“…What’s wrong? Your floor is clean, isn’t it?” He grinned.

“That’s not the point!”

“Fiiiine, I can pick it up. But first, I want to show you something~”

Curiously, Amy raised a brow. “What?”

Soon, Sonic stepped out from behind the corner. Amy’s mouth hung open when seeing that he was wearing her bra. He held two socks that were bawled up and started to joggle them. “I’m a crazy pizza-man who joggles and sings~!”

Her cheeks grew red with embarrassment, and a touch of rage. “SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!” She shrieked and charged toward the blue blur. Sonic bolted toward the other side of the room, laughing. This continued for about 10 minutes, until Amy found her hammer and raised it toward Sonic, threatening to hit him if he didn’t stop teasing her. To her surprise, Sonic came to a stop - looking at her with wide eyes. He grinned at her, finding it quite adorable how flustered she looked. Sonic approached her and grasped the handle of her hammer, and leaned in closer.

Amy was taken back by this, her heart started to beat even quicker when the gap between them got smaller. “Chill out, will ya’? I’m just teasing.” He winked, She bit her bottom lip, and tried to yank her hammer free from his grasp.

She glanced from his face back to the bra he had took from her belongings. “Y-you’re such a dork.”

“I know. But you love it.” He drew closer, their noses now touching. “However, I’m sure this thing… would look better on you.”


“…Uhh…” Behind them, Knuckles stood at the doorway… flabbergasted by what he was witnessing.

Sonic and Amy both bristled after hearing Knuckles’ voice and distanced themselves, their cheeks flustered with a deep shade of red.

“Maybe I should… come back later.” Knuckles gave them a suspicious glare, now slowly backing out of the home.

Boy did Sonic have an odd way to make laundry day… interesting.


I’m so sorry.

This was the first thought that came to mind after the boys lost and yeah I think I have a problem But, it was so worth writing this out. x)

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