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Little witch (Part 4)

Pairings: Peter x reader

Word count: 2 754

Summary: The reader is raised by Hydra but manages to escape after they kill her parents. She is emotionally unstable and can’t control her powers. The Avengers rescue her and give her everything she missed form life and wanted to feel. But would her new found love be enough to extinguish her desire for revenge? What would be the side she would choose to rely on?

A/N: I am so so so so sorry for not posting the next part in two weeks. It’s the end of the school year so I had a lot of exams. Most of the times i was too exhausted to sit in front of the laptop and write. I really want to apologize if this part is not that interesting but i will do my best to post new part every day (but do not promise). Please let me know what you think about it ♥ It’s really important for me to know you opinion about the story :) Enjoy!

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“That’s how I burned down part of Hydra’s base.”, (Y/N) spoken softly. Tears that she didn’t know was hiding were now rolling down. Nobody said anything. They were shocked by what the girl went though at the age of seven.

“They were trying to program me. Their intentions were to create fighters better than the Winter Soldier and Black Widow.”

“If they can control them we are have a big problem.”, Tony stated as he tried to emphasize how serious the problem was.

“How many are they?”

“I don’t know”, the last events weren’t leaving her mind, “Probably 8 or less. I don’t know how many survived.”

“As far as we know the base is still whole. You may have burnt down part of it.”, Steve declared as he stood up and began walking.

“What did you feel?”, Bruce asked all of a sudden.

“What do you mean?”

“What did you feel right before you burnt the base?”

“Oh. I- um…fire. Yeah, definitely fire, but not literally. I mean, it was -“

“Relieving? Taking you whole, feeling powerful because of the rage built inside you and yet it somehow calms you down?”, Banner finished her sentence.

“Exactly.”, (Y/N) was amazed by this. Mr. Banner wasn’t lying her when he had said he cannot control his anger that easily.

“What about when we found you?”, Wanda questioned as she understood what Bruce was attempting to o.

“Scared. Naked. Exposed. Breakable.”

“Mixed feeling, paranoia overwhelming you?”

“Yes.”, after some seconds Banner revealed his thoughts making them a statement.

“I think I know what your powers are.”

Ten minutes later the whole gang was in the training room waiting to see what the young witch was capable of.

“Are you sure Mr. Banner?”

“Call me Bruce, please.”, her gave the girl a smile and nodded, “Yes, I am.”

“But how can I control the elements? I mean, how did you find this out?”

“Fire is symbolized by rage, anger. It the Greek Mythology Ares, the furious god of war, is always drawn with red paint and flames around him. Also, when you said a great amount of different feeling overwhelmed you, it showed me that you can control earth. When we found you, your first action was to use those spikes to warn or kill the people trying to disturb you. Earth is believed to give humans stability. So basically your powers had tried to calm your mind down by using the ground as a weapon. But when Peter entered you shelter you were again taken by your fears making unstable and unpredictable like the wind.”

“So my emotional condition affects my powers?”

“That’s right. So now we would try to teach you how to use them without letting the emotions taking you over.”, Steve patted the girl on her shoulder.

“What if I hurt you?”

“Do not worry about us.”, Tony smiled in order to reassure her.

Ten minutes later all the Avengers were in a shield created by Wanda with her powers in the second floor of the training room. It wasn’t a whole floor just a part of it from where the instructor could watch or could enter the premises.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the great Avengerrrrs.”, (Y/N) ‘announced’ with a sarcastic tone in her formal voice, “Good to know old men and women are scared of a puny girl.”, Wanda who was standing against the girl laughed as she saw her friends trying to protect themselves in the shield she had created.

“Hey, don’t blame us that we value our lives and want to keep them as longer as possible.”, Tony acted as a drama queen placing his hand over  the place where his heart was supposed to be.

“Guys, you must accept it. She is right.”

“Why don’t you shut up and show the girl whatever you are going to show her.”

“As you wish Mr. Stank.”, Wanda retorted back and turned around to face (Y/N). The girl was nervous as she was able to see. Her hands were slightly shaking and she kept rubbing them against her clothes in order to remove the sweat, “So, I am going to attack you. Don’t worry i won’t hurt you. You just have to try to protect yourself somehow by using your energy. Just before that do not panic about the situation, that’s the most important thing you have to do. Breathe and then try to look deep inside you, searching for the power you want. Think about it, think how you want it to look, what and how you are going to do with it.”, the girl nodded but she felt nothing from this instructions was going to be fulfilled.

Wanda’s fingers were moving and seconds later they were shining in red but the woman wasn’t attacking her yet. (Y/N) did her best to follow the advice. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment. She had four powers and only one was able to protect her right now– air. The girl remembered the feeling when she had attacked Peter. The air was tickling the tips if her fingers. She looked for that feeling again but nothing happened. No strange feeling inside her, no power felt. She opened her eyes just in time to see Wanda’s magic coming towards her. She kneeled down to avoid it.

“Don’t give up. It won’t happen from the first time.”, Steve said.

The girl inhaled and exhaled deeply this time trying with another power. There wasn’t ground or water her so she had to use fire. This time was the same failure.

“Nothing is happening.”, the girl stated after her seventh attempt, “I feel nothing inside me, only darkness. Guess why? Because my fucking eyes are fucking closed!”  

“Language!”, Steve called from inside the shield.

“Sorry.”, the girl gave the man an innocent smile but deep inside her she was feeling the same way as she had felt in the Hydra base – as a failure, miserable failure that cannot do anything. What was she doing here? Why did she even trust those guys? Why the hell was she thinking the brown haired teenager is attractive? A lot of questions suddenly filled her mind making her feel odd, questioning all her actions since she exploded part of the base. What is she even?

“Earth to (Y/N)! Are you listening?”, Peter’s voice took her out of the trans she had been immersed in.

“Yes…no, sorry! It’s just… I’m sucking. I can’t protect myself by creating a stupid shield from air or fire. I don’t know how to use my powers and how to control them! It’s driving me crazy when I am failing at things. Especially this!”, the girl shouted as soon as despair filled her body. She wasn’t going to give up, no. She was going to fight with teeth until she reached the final but all those events that happened in the last three days…it was too heavy for her to bear.

“(Y/n), hey, you can do it. I know you can. You’ve gone through a lot and this…this stupid thing cannot stop you. You are brave, you are-”, Peter had approached the red shield separating the two teenagers that were slowly falling under the love curse of each other. His voice was soft, his intentions good and it was felt. But the girl was too gentle. Not like a flower that would break under a slightly rougher touch, but like a bomb that was going to explode if the person holding her didn’t know how to defuse it. Peter was from those who were about to get killed because of the wrong actions he made.

“You don’t know me to tell me what I am! I do not know what I am!”, she screamed at the boy. Her body was moving on its own. For a moment (Y/N) felt as a prisoner. She was seeing what she was doing but she couldn’t control herself. The girl felt it, the power that was running through her veins, that was slowly taking control of her hands, mind, thoughts…Her hands were on fire. She moved them towards the shield sending a fire orb. At first the shield swallowed it but then it began swelling and the fire finally was in charge. The shield was now like a cell keeping its victims. The small prison was causing troubles with their ability to inhale. Wanda did something and the small hell torture was gone. The girl was standing there, her feet glued to the ground not letting her move. She was like a living stone – looking unbreakable and hard but this event causing her to crack from inside. When she saw the avengers’ looks she finally felt what she was trying to hide. She was a dangerous weapon, the desired weapon from Hydra that could kill thousands of people without caring at first place. She felt guilt, but more important – part of her felt good.

“I told you we would need a shield.”, Tony stated as he and the rest of the group gave it a try to stand up. Most of them were shocked about what had happened. Of course, not about themselves but the girl. She was shocked – looking at a spot on the wall between the heads of her victims, not moving, pale as snow. Her bottom lip was shaking as her hands did.

“I-I…I am -”, they all knew she was going to apologize but it was hard for her to find the right words.

“Hey, kid, we are used to having our asses kicked. You haven’t hurt anyone, no need to worry.”, Steve rushed towards (Y/N) in order to calm the girl down. He knew what Hydra was capable of and what the girl had gone through was infernal. It would have been unnatural if she was stable.

“But I could have.”, Steve saw the tears forming in her (y/e/c) eyes. Seeing this little girl beside him made his heart shrink. How could he not see the broken, the innocent, the lost girl? He only thought of her as a way Hydra to entice them…He was supposed to be a superhero, to have faith in everything, to see the good in every bad. The blonde man had no idea what to say as though a cat had gotten his tongue. He opened his mouth to say something, to help this little girl who had lost everything in her life but he closed it seconds later.

Wanda came closer as she knew (Y/N) trusted her more than the others. Peter followed her actions but as soon as they were next to the girl she ran away.

“(Y/N)!”, Peter called after the girl and was about to run after her but Steve grabbed him, “She needs help!”, he demanded and tried to  escape the strong grip with no luck.

“She needs to be alone with herself right now, Pete. I think we might have damaged her more rather than helping.”

The next week (Y/N) was distant. She talked only with Wanda and Bruce and trained only with them. The others tried to make her feel as at home she never had but the girl was barely giving in. She was stubborn, that was for sure, but with nights spent at her room with Wanda she understood how wrong her actions are.

“You are not doing anything bad, but how they are trying to help and you should not be scared that you will hurt them. I know how you feel. When I began my training here I wasn’t as good as now, I almost crashed the training room down.”, the woman laughed at the thought that just appeared in her head, “I remember Tony’s face when he came down and saw one of the walls missing.”

“Really?”. The girl laughed along with her new best friend.

“Yes. He made me practice outside even after he repaired it.”, Wanda looked at (Y/N) feeling her as the little sister she never had, “See, no matter what happens they are going to be your family only if you let them. They are strange I can assume, we had out times of division but we came back together.”

It was 8.00 pm. (Y/N) was lying on her bed thinking about Wanda’s words as she tent to do the last three days. The girl felt Wanda as a sister she could trust. She believed her and knew that all the things she had told her were true. Strangely this people were trying to give her a home, to give her a family and she was backing. Why? Was it because it was happening too fast? Maybe because it felt so unreal that it was more possible to be Hydra test than a part of the reality? Only in her first day here she told them her whole story, she was given a private room, they tried to help her with her powers. And what did she do? She almost killed them and ran away crying like a baby…Yeah, a really good first impression. The girl had to accept the information that Hydra was away, not torturing her, not going after her or if they did, she was safe here with people to protect her and teach her how to do the same.

For a week she slightly improved her powers. Well, she still wasn’t able to control them but for now she didn’t need to be so angry to use any of her powers. The girl was trying to use the built in her rage to call her powers instead of letting the anger take control over her. (Y/N) was happy with the results for only one week and this success was one of the things encouraging her to go to the living room where the Avengers were meeting every night to eat and relax somehow.

(Y/N) stood up and looked in the mirror. She was wearing pink pajamas with unicorns on them which was definitely not her style. But what could she do? Wanda was too happy to call somebody a sister… The witch opened the wardrobe. The first time she did so she was amazed how big it was and most importantly that it was full of clothes fitting her perfectly. Now, she was kind of used to it but not at all. The girl took out comfortable jeans and a pale blue t-shirt. After dressing up she exited the room. Taking a deep breath she guided her legs towards the living room which was on the floor below. As she reached the glass door she looked inside. They were all scattered around the room – some on the sofas, some on the armchairs, and some on the floor. (Y/N) inhaled and exhaled deeply and then opened the door. The Avengers didn’t hear it because they were immersed in their conversation but e certain one did with his super senses.

The boy turned around and as the two lovebirds, as Tony liked to call them, saw each other they both stopped doing whatever they were for a moment. (Y/N) looked directly at Peter and for a moment it was only the two of them. The girl hated this feeling but as she had no powers in her emotions, neither on her hearth.

“(Y/N)!”, Wanda exclaimed and ran towards her to give her a hug. The Avengers looked at the girl surprised.

“Ms. (Y/N)!”, Thor came and ruffled her hair, “I am so happy to see you there.”, by his voice, the girl understood he had drank something but his relaxed behavior around her, the fact he was himself made her smile.

“Hello everyone!”, she greeted the gang and sat down next to Wanda and opposite Peter who was now giving her e reassuring smile. She smiled back, “Can I have a slice?”, she asked as the witch pointed at the three pizzas in front of her.

“Of course!”, Tony answered as he poured another glass of alcohol, “But hurry up because Thor is going to eat them all.”

(Y/N) laughed and joined the Avengers that night. At first she thought she wouldn’t fit there but she couldn’t have been more wrong. This was the first time from ages she felt happy again, she felt loved and welcomed. She wasn’t scared anymore, neither in pain. She was feeling young, carefree, free as a teenager should feel. The witch felt normal and for once in her whole life, she forgot about the nightmares that chased her each night.  

Part 5 

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MLSHR Anniversary Week: Day 8  — “When You Knew” Moment

I was pretty much disappointed after the first three episodes. The drama was too goofy, IU’s acting seemed quite flat and I couldn’t understand how Wang So and Hae Soo can be a couple when they’re so different and there’s no any connection between them. I decided to stay for aesthetic, historical drama’s prettiness and LJK’s acting. Let’s be honest he captured our attention as soon as he appeared on the screen. But then happened that slaughtering monk aftermath scene. Burning temple, red-orange palette, close up on Wang So’s face that expressed numbness and utter devastation, then they showed his bloody sword and everything with Gesture of Resistance in the background - I was absolutely amazed and shook, at that moment I realized that this drama is something more than just an ordinary sageuk. It was overwhelming.

Next week 4 ep happened aka life changing experience that was the beginning of mlshr trashiness for a lot of us. The first scene after So talked with his mother. He’s destroying all prayer towers in rage, for him  - symbols of mothers caring for their children, something he has never experienced
“Why you killed them?” - after this simple line, I went from “idc about this pairing” to “I’LL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP”. The way she said it, the way she delivered this simple sentence and then Wang So’s astonished expression, full of disbelief, it was super emotional. After all death threats, rudeness and coldness towards her, Soo understands, simply understands him, maybe the first person who does that, what is remarkable, without any explanations and talks. It makes him cry, it shocks him and touches his heart deeply.

So simple, so raw, it was built on human emotions and it made me fall in love with this drama to the point of immense emotional attachment from which I can’t get rid off after even a year.

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You know what I'd really like to see more of at cons and stuff? Custom God tier outfits. THAT would be really cool

Duuuuude I agree entirely

I reeeally want to make a Lord outfit for myself

It would be a purple dress shirt with the aspect symbol on the breast pocket. A black tie
Dark purple, almost black dress pants
Black dress shoes
A purple cloak to drape on my shoulders

A black and purple watch, it’d be cool to have a Rage symbol on the face
Purple framed sunglasses with black frames
Black nails

This would be cool

But yeah, custom outfits

i offer a painting i made for a love now lost, one of the only paintings im really proud of. though heart break is hard, i like to think it all happens for a reason. may i get a tarot reading?




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In S4E3, after the ILU scene, when he puts the lid back on coffin first, I see is as meaning that at first Sherlock thought that he had completely destroyed his relationship with Molly by making her say ILU. Then as if he could not live with that thought, he says “NO!”, and goes on the rampage of obliterating the coffin as if to tell himself that he will not let his relationship with Molly be destroyed now that he had the epiphany that he does love Molly. What do you think of this interpretation

I like this interpretation.  It fits the action, and the characterization.  Believing his relationship with Molly to be damaged beyond repair would certainly be enough to drive him to that rampage.  At this point it’s clear that Sherlock is nothing but a ball of emotion and passion (read: strong feeling, not romance) and “killing” his connection to The One Who Matters the Most absolutely would drive that rage.  The symbolism fits.  Nice interpretation.  I like it.

Lorcan Salvaterre, Lupus and Lycan, listens to no litany. He’s the Silencer, the Executioner, and most notorious of all—Death’s Right Hand. A reckoning for raw rage, symbol for seeded sorrows, and monster of all mediums, he conquers without contemplation.  A pure-bred predator that leaves no prey without sanity intact, name a whisper in the wind, forbidden and not forgotten, he reigns as a creature not even death can cull.

But even monsters have myths, a deep underlying fear long locked up from liberty, crushed and severed from thought. And now this little key has become unburied, leaving Lorcan Salvaterre with one fragment that can leave him unhinged, exposed:

His mate—Elide Lochan.

And what can he do when a piece of his soul does not remember him?—when the world around him seeks vengeance, a life he once thrived in, amock with vices and the vile? When he cannot turn to himself any longer, it’s now when Lorcan Salvaterre learns that in order to remain atop from challenges contending him, that fate will guarantee he atone for his sins—whether it’s him or his mate.

A legend against life itself. A self-created god against his own shadow. A conqueror against his curse. The king of kings, the alphas of alphas, the rulers of rulers. He shall not be named. His time has come, and it shall be reaped.

Aspect Analysis: RAGE

`You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

  • Pos/Neg: Rage is a Negative Aspect.
  • Nature: Rage removes Possibility from a closed system.
  • Counterpart: Rage’s opposing Aspect is Hope.
  • Symbolism: Rage is symbolized more through impressions and feelings then literal symbols. The colors red and purple, the rush of adrenaline, the sensation of violence. Some people also associate demonic symbology with Rage, to contrast Hope’s association with Angels.

Do you know what true anger feels like? Not frustration at, say, having your sandwich stolen by a coworker. No, I mean true fury, the white-hot all-consuming fire from your gut that fills your vision with red… have you ever felt that? How about fear, the white-knuckle terror that makes your heart pound in your ears and your breath catch in your throat? Emotions like these sharpen and cloud the mind in equal measure. They make the world feel smaller, like it’s pressing down on you… But sometimes? A smaller world just means it’s easier to smash it all apart.

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If the Makaras were in dungeons and dragons

Mind you this is just some junk I made up

They’re Tieflings and maintain their horns. Their ancestry belongs to a cult that will usher in the Mirthful Messiahs who will one day open a portal to the Celestials and burn their realms

They have dark ashen gray horns
Their veins are purple and they have dark purple swirling tattoos across their arms that lead to their back with a giant Rage symbol

Gamzee is a level 6 Bard. He uses his ~magic~ clown horn for his more basic spells. His enchanted juggling clubs can also be used for more complex spells.
Cantrips: Dancing light, minor illusion, vicious mockery
1st: Detect magic, Illusory script, Hideous laughter, Unseen servant
2nd: Calm emotions, Shatter, Suggestion
3rd: Bestow curse, Fear, Nondetection

Kurloz is a lvl 9 Cleric for the Church of the Mirthful Messiahs. He has a staff with a goat skull on it and an obsidian sacrificial dagger
Cantrips: Light, Sacred flame, Spare the dying, Thaumaturgy
1st: Command, Detect Good and Evil, Guiding bolt, Inflict wounds
2nd: Calm emotions, Hold person, Silence
3rd: Beacon of Hope, Sending, Tongues
4th: Banishment, Divination, Guardian of Faith
5th: Legend lore

The Colors of the Zodiac

Based on color psychology, the study of hues as a determinant of human behavior.

Aries: Red

Positive Symbols: excitement, passion, power, energy, courage, willpower

The sight of red is very powerful as it excites emotion and drives us to take action, much like Aries, the fiery cardinal sign which starts out the Zodiac with a bang. It also symbolizes desire and passion, both key characteristics of Aries’ ruler, Mars.

Negative Symbols: aggression, rage, revenge, violence, lust

Red is such a powerful color that it has physical effects: the sight of red raises blood pressure and increases respiration rate. The color of blood, red is easily associated with violence. Mars, ruler of Aries, is associated with aggression as it is named after the god of war.

Taurus: Brown

Positive Symbols: warmth, support, strength, wisdom, calm, reassurance

Brown is a color which makes us feel secure and stable, much like the Taurus, solid and reliable. This color is associated with wealth as well, a matter associated with Taurus’s ruler, Venus, and very important to Taureans as they seek stability through money.

Negative Symbols: suffocating, controlling, passive, serious, despairing

Taurus can become either too controlling or too passive when they reach extremes. The color brown can have negative psychological effects in extremes, causing a feeling of loss of control or being overwhelming.

Gemini: Yellow

Positive Symbols: joy, wisdom, friendliness, youth, philosophy

The sight of yellow stimulates mental activity and arouses cheerfulness. Gemini is a sign known for its wit and optimism making yellow its color.

Negative Symbols: anxiety, stress, confrontation, cowardice, ego

Gemini is prone to overthinking which causes them a great deal of stress. They can also feel superior to others due to their mental abilities which can lead to trouble.

Cancer: Pink

Positive Symbols: caring, love, affection, calm, intimacy, acceptance

Cancer is the sign of caring and intimacy. Like Cancer’s ruler, the Moon, pink is associated with femininity, emotion and intuition. Both are tied to nurturing.

Negative Symbols: weakness, insecurity, volatile, over-emotional

Cancer can be hard to pin down due to their overwhelming emotions which shift quickly. They are often accused of being too emotional because of this.

Leo: Gold

Positive Symbols: wealth, power, beauty, status, warmth, elegance

Leo, of Fire and ruled by the Sun, is a warm sign associated with power and glory. Leo is a sign that is bold, much like brilliant gold. Wealth, status and generosity are all key to Leo, just as they are to gold.

Negative Symbols: greed, ego, synthetic, cold, self-righteous, opportunistic

Gold represents the ego and self-centered actions. Leo can become focused solely on themselves and forget the needs of those around them. This can make them seem cold if not indifferent.

Virgo: Green

Positive Symbols: health, service, vigor, dependability, protection, perseverance

Green is considered healing as it is the most restful color for human eyes and can actually improve vision. Virgo rules the Sixth House, ruler of health and the ability to overcome difficulties in life. Green is the color of growth and nature, fitting with Virgo’s constant growth as a sign which strives to reach perfection. This color of earth fits well with Virgo, an earth sign, as both are tied to dependability and strength.

Negative Symbols: hypochondriac, cowardice, materialism, jealousy

Virgo can be materialistic and focused on money, as earth signs typically are. Their interest in health can become obsessive as well.

Libra: Blue

Positive Symbols: peace, tranquility, order, loyalty, balance

Blue is a calming color and is actually capable of slowing metabolism, heart rate and eases appetite. Libra is the sign of balance and equality through partnership. As the scale, Libra seeks to create a perfect state of calm, much like blue.

Negative Symbols: coldness, self-righteous, conservative, rigid

Libra, as an air sign, can come off as emotionally distant or cold. Their focus on equality can also come off as self-righteous and conceited.

Scorpio: Black

Positive Symbols: power, sexuality, wealth, depth, mystery

Scorpio rules the Eighth House, house of sex, the unknown and sexuality, all matters associated with black. Black is a symbol of the unknown, it represents what is beyond our understanding.

Negative Symbols: pessimism, control, secrecy, heaviness, death

Scorpio is associated with the unknowns in life such as death, represented in Western society by black. This is a sign which prefers solitude due to their private nature. Scorpions are collectors of secrets.

Sagittarius: Orange

Positive Symbols: vibrancy, warmth, spontaneity, confidence

Sagittarians are bold and spontaneous. They are confident and warm individuals who believe life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Orange matches their vibrant nature.

Negative Symbols: superficiality, over-indulgence, pride, exhibitionism

Sagittarians can come across as superficial because they come on so strong. As they can speak harshly and out of turn, Sagittarius often seem more prideful than they actually are.

Capricorn: Grey

Positive Symbols: security, solidity, composure, practicality

Capricorn is known for stability and pragmatism. Capricorns are logical, composed and supportive. The color gray represents many of these same characteristics as it is a practical color associated with business and reason.

Negative Symbols: rigid, indifferent, melancholy, cold

Capricorn, like the color gray, often comes off as cold or distant. Their strong-held beliefs come off as rigid and severe.

Aquarius: Silver

Positive Symbols: revolution, ingenuity, modern, balance, illumination

Aquarius is the sign of revolution and societal growth, a fresh start, shiny and new. Like silver, Aquarius represents equality for all and balance.

Negative Symbols: distance, coldness, artificiality, deception

Aquarius can be cold and distant though they are so friendly. To be unbiased, they must be neutral which can make them seem even colder or insincere.

Pisces: Purple

Positive Symbols: creativity, balance, humanitarianism, love

The sight of purple inspires reflection and contemplation. It is a color of knowledge and spirituality. Pisces is a sign of peace, balance and love. It is known for thinking outside of the box and wild bouts of imagination.

Negative Symbols: immature, cynical, impractical, delusional

Pisceans are prone to deep and all-consuming fantasies which can be difficult to separate from reality. They are often accused of being immature or unable to care for themselves because they don’t always function well in society.

- Lavinia Amoun

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I'd say maybe Space could count too for Halloween? Definitely less on the spooky side but I keep thinking about how I'd make costumes with my mom as a kid and how Kanaya makes clothing? Then again rage's symbol is based on the theatre mask so idk?

That’s truuuuuuuuueeeeee but I think Rage covers that aspect if we really had to say which aspects reminded us of Halloween

I’d be hard pressed to think Space
(Especially since Christmas and New Years SCREAM Space)

The Children of Llyr

The other main Welsh family of Goddesses and Gods decends from Llyr, whose name means “the sea”. One of his wives is Pendardun, a daughter of Don. With her, he fathers a son Manawyddan, who is identical with the Irish Manannan Mac Lir. His other wife is Iweridd (Ireland), who has a daughter named Branwen and a son named Bran.

Llyr (Also Ler, Lir, Lear, Leer)- A God of the sea and ocean king, Llyr is also a God of music. He is husband to Aebh and Aoife, and father to Manawyddan, Finonuala, Creiddylad, Hugh, Fiachra, Morgana, and Conn. He is a shy God who rarely reveals himself and can appear as part man and part fish. He is very gentle and loving, but if provoked can rage. His symbols are seashells, and his power animals are sharks, sea mammals, the sea serpent, and sea gulls. He plays a harp of silver, pearl, coral, and shell. 

Manawyddan (Also Manannan, Manannan Ap Llyr, Manannan Mac Llyr, Manannan Mac Lir)-  He is a God of the sea, travel, magick, a master shapeshifter and great teacher. He is consort to Fand, Rhiannon, and Aife. The Land of Promise, an Elysian island, is his home. His symbols are a wand, a magick coracle, a magick spear called Red Javelin, and several magick swords, three of which are named The Great Fury, The Little Fury, and Retaliator. 

Iweridd (Also Iweidd)- An Irish Goddess and wife of the sea God Llyr. Mother of Branwen and Bran the Blessed. Her name means Ireland. She and her husband Llyr are connecting links between the Gaelic and Welsh. 

Bran (Also Bran the Blessed, Bron)- He is so big no house or ship is big enough to hold him. He is one of the giants with magickal treasures that enrich Britain. Besides being a fierce warrior, he is also a protector of poets and bards. Associated with the sacred head, the inexhaustible cauldron, and prophesy, Bran is a bard, harpist, and singer. His power animals are the crow and raven.

Branwen- A Welsh Goddess of love called the White-Blossomed One and Venus of the Northern Sea, she is daughter of Llyr. Branwen’s name means White Raven and was the title of the love Goddess in Wales and Cornwall. She died of a broken heart and was buried by the river Alaw, in Anglesey. Her power animal is a white crow. 

(Source: Exploring Celtic Druidism Ancient Magick and Rituals for Personal Empowerment by Sirona Knight)

Astrology Color Aesthetic: Aries Red

Negative Symbols: aggression, rage, revenge, violence, lust

Red is such a powerful color that it has physical effects: the sight of red raises blood pressure and increases respiration rate. The color of blood, red is easily associated with violence. Mars, ruler of Aries, is associated with aggression as it is named after the god of war.

Positive Symbols

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