rage quit michael

Michael “Rage Quit” Jones, from Rooster Teeth’s Achievement Hunters!

Done in Adobe Illustrator CS4.
Fifth in a series  that I shall proudly frame and hang in my stairwell.

Geoff’s Portrait

Ryan’s Portrait or  ALT Creepy Ryan or  lifelike Ryan in pencil and  Creepy Ryan shirt!

Gav’s Portrait

Ray’s Portrait

Jack’s Portrait

Jeremy’s Portrait

Bonus! Miles Luna

Bonus! Jon Risinger


cries so me and my friend Chrissy (dorkyreindeer) made a Steven Universe AU where literally everything is the same but the characters are replaced with youtubers like we spent 20 mins trying to come up with a list!

so i drew fanart of course, cause i had to, the first thing i drew was Markinet (lmao) and then ariny and dannyipphire??? (im bad at names shut up)

anyways so the list is this:

Markiplier: Garnet
Arin/Danny: Ruby/Sapphire
Pewdiepie: Peridot
Tobuscus: Steven
Rhett/Link: Greg/Rose
Cr1tikal: Buck Dewey
Joel: Jenny
Vinny: Sour Cream
Jontron: Ametheyst
Cryaotic: Connie
Michael: Lars
Gavin: Sadie
JacksFilms: Lapis
Game Theorist: Ronaldo
Vanoss: Sugilite
Minx: Jasper
PBG: Mayor Dewey
Mortem3r: Stevonnie
Nash Grier: Onion
SwimmingBird: Pearl
Bob: Opal
Wade: Uncle Grandpa
JackCepticEye: Malachite

So tonight on the Podcast Michael got tipsy and threatened Miles with a reed and I saw Miles’ entire life flash before his eyes I mean seriously look how terrified he is

And Lindsay and Kerry just laugh hysterically while their significant others fight to the death (aka Michael beating Miles to death with a thin wooden stick)