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Hi! I just read your text about how Kishimoto always intended for Narusasu to happen. When the manga ended, for me, I did not felt rage like many others did. I did feel disappointed, but most importantly I felt, I guess pity. Pity for Kishimoto as a writer and creator of a world/story. Many, MANY years ago, there was a rumor going around, about how Shueisha did not approve of the... way the story of Naruto was going to take, nor of the planned ending. It was also said that(continue II)

(Continue from I) It was said that Shueisha obligated him to make changes to the story and planned ending for the sake of commercialization. Even if that was never really confirmed (of course that is not something Shueisha or the mangaka would admit), thereafter I started noticing things in the story that really didn’t have any reason to be there other than what looked like PLAN B. I always understood this plan B was let’s try to turn this as straight as possible or we get in trouble (continue)

(Continue from II) I feel that most of the story stayed close to the original plan, which is why the last ark is mostly about Naruto’s and Sasuke’s relationship and even the very final battle is a battle of feelings more than power. Because… that was the plan. So reading the epilogue made me feel pity for Kishimoto, because sometimes even if you are the creator of the story, you sadly cannot do what you really want. I always wondered, in another open-minded world, how would Naruto really end. 

Okay so I think I forgot to answer you for months ? I’m like… really sorry ?
(I just completelyyyy forgot these asks in the middle of other messages)

So, first, I think it’s completely possible because, as far as we know, editors have a lot of power on mangakas. They can pressure them to keep their manga waaay after they wanted to end it, because as long as it’s successful, you’re not supposed to end it. That’s how most mangas end like shit >< (Because it’s already in decline, because that’s kinda the only way you earn the right to close your story.)(Except if you’re really convincing ? I don’t know, it seems hard to be in control, especially with Shueisha)

Now did they even force him to cancel his plans or did he do that himself ? That I couldn’t say. In fact, I do believe the author of SNK when he says he thought about killing everyone off, and then thought back because he got a lot of fans, and he didn’t want to do that now.

But for Naruto, I’m a lot more suspicious. Because even for the LAST chapter (the 698 one, m’not talking about the bullshit), he wanted to make them hold hands. And he didn’t get the right. He said it was “to make it more graphic” that he blew up their arms but I don’t believe this excuse.

Same, he repeatedly put hints. Like Naruto confessing he trained more on the reverse harem than on the rasengan. While he never met a female villain really strong before. So what was it for ?

By making Sasuke ask THREE TIMES, “why are you doing that for me ?”, by making him ask “what is a friend to you ?” and making Naruto answer “I can’t explain it” and then tell us how they’re empathizing SO DAMN MUCH for this long ?

Because he made Kurama say “Don’t kill Naruto, or you’re gonna really regret it”, and as I already said, it wasn’t a threat. Because, they told us in the beginning of the manga that Kurama helped Naruto because if Naruto died, he would die as well. Which means that Sasuke would regret it all on his own. Bitterly.

Because he made them both give up on their dreams for each other (even if not really, they were willing to.)

Because he made Sasuke say he didn’t love Sakura veryyy late in the serie. Because he didn’t know how to explain how they got together. (And when you play with characters for 15 years, you goddamn well know those things, so I’m sure that’s because it wasn’t his choice.)(He even showed it by making us doubt Sakura was even the mother, by telling us that they never kissed.)

Nothing. Nothing makes sense towards that ending. Either he’s a freaking bad writer, and I can’t really imagine a really bad writer having that much readers, either he was forced to fuck up his early development.

Well, I also have another theory for the “Long-last peace” and finally, nothing… (I mean, all the peace depends on Naruto, once he’ll die, I’m really not convinced it’s going to last.) Which is…. maybe he grew up in those fifteen years. And lost his ideals.

-and thought it was a good idea to do the same to his fans- -Which I don’t think it was-

If feminists want to act like babies, maybe it’s time to start treating the like it too

Nothing sends feminists into a rage quite like a demonstration of women refusing to hold others accountable for her own safety and well-being. Take self-defense classes? Don’t get too drunk? Stay aware of your surroundings and assume responsibility for your own security? If you believe any of these are important measures for women to take, feminists will tell you that you are a victim-blaming, rape apologist. 

Everything from the ‘teach men not to rape” campaigns to “don’t be that guy” to “listen and believe” assumes that women are not and cannot be responsible for their own actions, must not be asked to offer evidence for their claims and ultimately, men are responsible for the safety of women. How empowering. If men are responsible for my actions, should they vote for me, too? Assume responsibility for my financial affairs? My education? Sounds an awful lot like the mythical patriarchy to me….

When feminists create “safe spaces” for adult women replete with Play-doh, coloring books, bubbles and cookies, I seriously question why any woman would identify as a feminist today. Feminists literally treat adult women like three year olds. How does this empower you to make smart choices about your life? How does this embolden you to go after what you want? 

If feminists followed the dictionary, they wouldn’t fear women or even men being against feminism and work so desperately to exclude them from the conversation about gender and equality. They would engage in debate and offer evidence for why feminism is better than whatever else is being proposed. But they don’t. They lie, they cry victim, they claim abuse and harassment while abusing and harassing others, they expose the heart of this intolerant, hateful movement. 

If we want feminists to wake up, maybe facts and logic aren’t enough, maybe we need to offer them cookies and sippy cups first?

If you could see my heart, at times it would be glass. It would shatter into sharp pieces and cut me everywhere.

Other times, it’s a pile of flames. It’s passionate or full of rage.

And other times, it’s thin and looks like ashes. It’s dull and faded and lost all its light.

Sometimes, it’s all three. Right now, it seems like it’s not there.

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I have some classpect posts prepared. I usually finish 1-2 at a time

Now I have a new record

Mage of Hope/Rage
Thief of Hope/Rage
Maid of Hope
Knight of Rage

6 wrapped up within 1-2 days of each other

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Mind doing an analysis of a Prince of Rage?

A Prince of Rage? Well, let’s see here.

“Destroyer of Rage/one who destroys via Rage/lacks Rage”

So a Prince of Rage is a person who basically gets rid of rage and anger.

I could easily compare it to my own Classpect, Sylph of Blood- somebody who keeps the peace and reduces tension between people, but a Prince of Rage wouldn’t really keep relationships in mind. They would simply get rid of the anger and that would be it.

But sometimes, anger and rage is needed for a healthy relationship. Like a kismesissitude or an auspistice, rage at the other parties involved is required for it to be a healthy relationship. So a Prince of Rage could easily solve problems- but they could also make new ones spring up. It’s not much of a physical Classpect, it’s more of a whole mental deal :P

-Mod Tiny