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How Churchill engineered the holocaust of 3 million Indians

As the resistance swelled, Churchill announced: “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.” This hatred killed. To give just one, major, example, in 1943 a famine broke out in Bengal, caused – as the Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen has proved – by the imperial policies of the British. Up to 3 million people starved to death while British officials begged Churchill to direct food supplies to the region. He bluntly refused. He raged that it was their own fault for “breeding like rabbits”. At other times, he said the plague was “merrily” culling the population.  Skeletal, half-dead people were streaming into the cities and dying on the streets, but Churchill – to the astonishment of his staff – had only jeers for them. “If food is so scarce, why hasn’t Gandhi died yet?”

Source: The Independent, Time, IBT

how about a shout out to the people who have the “ugly” symptoms like obsessing over others, having fits of rage, idolizing people, debating their validity constantly, crying over the tiniest things, depending on others for validation. shout out to the people who are frustrated with not being able to control their own mind. you guys rock! i understand that feeling and i’m here for you!


breaking down their love ➝ oliver’s side [felicity’s side]
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Want to be in the RT Fandom? No? Well Here's Some Videos Anyway.

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Other Really Fucking Awesome Shit

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Fucking Awesome Fanmade Shit

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Hopefully this list is just a gateway to the entire fandom for you, and watching these makes you want to explore the content all on your own. 

If not, well, I tried and fuck you too. I lost sleep to make this post.

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Sorry guys - I wouldn’t usually post this sort of thing… the best way to describe how this came about is to say I “rage-painted”…

It’s like any other sort of rage except it lasts 2-3hrs and gets worse as you realise how much of a lost cause the pic is and start trying and failing to use different methods to save it. Eventually I just gave up entirely.

It’s just a big scribble really. I’ll take it down later, but for future reference, this is how not to paint. 

See? I still fail too.

meet Handy’s cyborg captain and fearless leader, Peo!

she had a large portion of her left side blown apart in a mechanical accident, including her hand, lower leg, eye, and a number of teeth and bones. so she built herself robotic replacements (including an eye with rotating lenses, each with a different function, controlled by the touchscreen on her head)

I’m pretty happy with how the crew is coming along! :D

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I miss the all the beautiful monsters of summer. all that unkempt rage. 

if you see a storm like this go the other way. they throw tornados from time to time and if you’re stupid like me you’ll consider yourself lucky you just got ravaged by hail and torrential (impossible to drive in) rain. 

I got lucky. systems in the area that day managed some weak tornados but this guy just gave me some pretty pictures and a bit of a heart attack when i couldn’t get away from it. 

we learn.

pro tip: always buy your car with hail damage. you’ll save big and not cry when it gets pummelled for 20 minutes. 

okay but was she screwing the milkman?


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Happy Valentine’s Day, from those franchises Nintendo doesn’t love as much as the others.

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yo we had TWO that deer moments saturday night on the way home. it is amazing how many deer NEED to cross the road at night.

Pregnancy in a patriarchy.
  • Person: Do you know what you're having?
  • Me: It's a boy.
  • Person: Oh, great! Boys are so much better / easier / less hormonal / [other cliché bullshit trashing female human beings]

So i’m just wondering did the ‘not taking’ of the IVF refer to no eggs being viable after they were thawed? Or maybe none fertilized? Or there were some fertilized and none implanted? Please don’t tell me Scully had to watch that little combination of her and Mulder go into her uterus and then sit for days wondering if she was having his baby or not. What if they had more than 1 fertilized egg. Do not tell me they went through more than one egg and Per Manum only covered the last blastocyst not implanting. DO NOT TELL ME THAT. Don’t tell me they did the injections and the bed rest and the patches and inserts and pills and all those agonizing weeks of waiting for it not to work out.  

star wars: tfa character studies

Rey missed things she’d hated: the pervasive grit and dust of the desert, the sandstorms, the hunger pangs that’d kept her awake. She missed waiting and the illusion that someone would come back for her. The monotony of scavenging and scraping by, every day the same.


Finn didn’t miss anything from before. Since he’d escaped was a different story. He missed each moment as it ticked over into the next. He couldn’t hold onto them and they were all important.


Poe tried to appreciate their success and the calm before the next storm. Tried.


Kylo Ren told himself a thousand times a day: The world needed someone who’d bring order to the universe, not with the Force, but by wielding it. His dead grandpa is going to help.

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BPD relationships.

Having a girlfriend with BPD is literally the most frustrating thing you could ever put yourself through, but also the most enlightening. When you find someone that has BPD and you know everything that it entails, you see all the shit that happens to them and how it effects you (and Jesus fucking Christ it’ll effect you), you’re never going to look at love the same. If you love that person enough to be there and go through all they put you through and help them to control themselves better, I will never be able to respect you more. They are the most damaged and bruised. They don’t see what they’re doing, even after they do it, but in knowing that, if you stay, you deserve so much gratitude. They may be distant and they may be mean as hell to you at times, however the second you see them at their best, it is like no other. They have multiple people raging inside them and they are at constant war. It’s a war you really can’t help with aside from being there when they stroll back into their own mind, and the lights are back on. Patience is the only way you will find any form of peace.