rage like no other

To vampires, blood is like alcohol; some drink occasionally while others are raging hemoholics. Animal blood would be like a beer while human blood would be like a hard liquor. You are a vampire trying to explain to a human why Count Dracula is a bad representative of your species.

how about a shout out to the people who have the “ugly” symptoms like obsessing over others, having fits of rage, idolizing people, debating their validity constantly, crying over the tiniest things, depending on others for validation. shout out to the people who are frustrated with not being able to control their own mind. you guys rock! i understand that feeling and i’m here for you!


King Cadros of the Kingdom of Valla, husband to Queen Arete and father to Princess Azura.

Contemplative and regal, King Cadros retains an air of royalty while also carrying a genuine kindness within him. He is deeply sympathetic and has a calming presence - and is widely regarded as being a peacemaker during conflicts. He has an unwavering loyalty to only a specific few because of how slowly he warms up to people. Yet he holds much value to his kingdom and its people, and always has Valla’s best interests at heart.

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I’ve adjusted some of these slightly color wise for adjustments im just too lazy to re-do the files but the final versions will be available as prints ! each one is a mini print on its own and then i will have an 8.5x11 print with them arranged in rainbow colors like this ! 


in order we have 

shadow sneak, summon monster, bardic inspiration, ray of frost,cleave,unarmed strike, channel positive energy, entangle and barbarian rage ! 

I still feel like there are some inconsistencies with each other but overall im happy its done. 


Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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Why would Malcolm take Jem and Tessa's word when they weren't even born when Annabelle is "taken from him"? Blaming Magnus makes more sense, since Magnus was alive and most likely knew if Malcolm and Annabelle. Also, how does Jem not know Annabelle isn't an Iron Sister? Or is becoming a Iron Sister like becoming a Silent Brother where they choose another name? Like how Jem is/was Brother Zachariah.


I was initially very confused by this question because of course Malcolm didn’t hear about Annabel becoming an Iron Sister from Jem or Tessa – as you say, they weren’t alive then. So I went through Lady Midnigh and I think you are referring to these passages in Lady Midnight, though Jem isn’t mentioned:

Lies?” Malcolm’s voice rose. “You want to talk about lies? They lied to me about Annabel. They said she had become an Iron Sister. All of them told me the same lie: Magnus, Catarina, Tessa. It was from a faerie I found out that they had lied. From a faerie I learned what had really happened to Annabel. By then she was long dead. The Blackthorns, murdering their own!”

“They told me she’d become an Iron Sister. All of them lied to me—Magnus, Catarina, Ragnor, Tessa—corrupted by Shadowhunters, drawn in by their lies! And I, oblivious, grieving  for her, until finally I found out the truth—”

And then here, Jem talks to Emma about Malcolm:

Jem turned back toward her, the light of sympathy in his dark eyes. “We heard everything from Magnus. He told us that you were the one who killed Malcolm,” he said. “That must have been hard. You knew him. It’s not like killing demons.”
“I knew him,” Emma said. “At least, I thought I did.”
“We knew him too. Tessa was heartbroken to hear that Malcolm believed that we all lied to him. Concealed from him that Annabel was not an Iron Sister, but was dead, murdered by her family. We believed the story, but he died thinking we all knew the truth. What a betrayal that must have felt like.”
“It’s strange to think he was your friend. Though I guess he was our friend too.”
“People are more than one thing. Warlocks, no less. I would not even hesitate to say that Malcolm once did much good, before he did evil. It is one of the great lessons of growing up, learning that people can do both.”

My guess, and I apologize if I’m wrong, is that you’re expanding Malcolm’s statements to mean: “They lied to me about Annabel. They said she had become an Iron Sister. All of them told me the same lie: Magnus, Catarina, Tessa. They were the first people to tell me what happened to Annabel. They are all very responsible and very involved in what happened with Annabel and with me.”

None of that is true, though. 

It isn’t like Malcolm’s warlock friends were the ones who broke the news to him that Annabel joined the Iron Sisters. They didn’t. You’ll find out more about what happened with Annabel, the Clave, the Iron Sisters, and Malcolm in LOS but Malcolm was told the lie about Annabel joining the Iron Sisters by the Clave and Annabel’s family (and even though he didn’t like them, he wouldn’t have thought the truth was that they’d murdered her instead. That is extreme and not the sort of thing anyone would assume.) 

Everyone but a very few people in the government and Annabel’s family believed she had joined the Iron Sisters and they had good reasons to believe it. But Malcolm thinks his friends should have known better than to repeat the lie (that they didn’t know was a lie.) Malcolm felt betrayed by Tessa, Magnus, Catarina, and Ragnor specifically because he thinks they might have had inside information, since all of them are warlocks who have been known to associate closely with Shadowhunters, and Tessa was even married to one.

Malcolm is being unreasonable. He is like someone who found out his wife is cheating and so gets rid of all of his friends because “"they probably knew about it” even though they didn’t. But then Malcolm is also willing to punish the Blackthorns of 200 years ago by killing the Blackthorns of today so we should not look to him for logic, just rage and betrayal.

Iron Sisters do take on other names, just like Silent Brothers do. That is why they have similar sounding names, and why none of them is introduced with a last name. They are extremely secretive; there’s no reason to believe that Jem would know who any of them had been before they renounced their old lives. Diana actively sought out that information, but there’s no reason Jem or anyone else would have done so: why would they be checking up on Malcolm’s ex-girlfriend? There was no reason to do that when he thought she had voluntarily become an Iron Sister and by the time found out she hadn’t, he didn’t need them to check on it, and didn’t tell them anyway.

Malcolm probably does blame Magnus but that is because Malcolm blames everyone friendly with Shadowhunters, not because Malcolm has any logical reason to blame any of these people, half of whom weren’t born when Annabel was killed. Just because Malcolm is angry that Tessa and the others believed the official story (which he told them!) that Annabel had become an Iron Sister rather than magically figuring out it hadn’t happened that way doesn’t mean they were responsible for the lie in the first place. They have next to nothing to do with the whole business. They just happen to be who Malcolm and Diana are discussing in this one scene.

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re: caleb's insta (1) adam buying caleb expensive gifts is my aesthetic #neurosurgeons4parents, (2) i feel like if they had canonical appearanceds/face-actors, caleb's social media would have 1000% more gross couple pictures, which (3) would lead to even more confusion on the part of the football team because "michaels w the Rage thing is posting so many pics of him kissing his bf's cheeks????" and also"yo wasnt that kid peak emo 2 mins ago y is michaels' snap story 14 vids of him w dog filter"

You are 10000000% right. I feel called out right now. Caleb feels called out. Adam feels called out. This is so real. 

don’t let anyone burn out the fire thats inside of you. you have what it takes to push past everything that stands in your way, and you will because you have this rage inside of you, this magnificent light that burns from the inside and out. don’t loose your fire, or i’m afraid you would loose yourself.

even though you hide yourself from the rest of the world you have flowers growing throughout your soul, even in the darkest parts of you. You are nature and the dirt it needs, you are grounded and strong like the trees in the forest around you. you have a fight inside of you, you just have to learn how to stand up and move on.

you are life, you are the wind and the freedom it leaves behind. you are the sun that radiates light on summer days, and the rain that falls into puddles in the spring. you are everything in between, and all of it at the same time. a walking contradiction, but you will win the battle within you. for you are a fighter filled with inner strength, for you are the light and dark.

you are strong, stronger than you let on. don’t let all the tears that you drown in tell you otherwise. you are the moon and secrets kept behind walls you built up on your own, hoping to stay in them without someone knocking them down. break them down, break free. just because the walls are breaking doesn’t mean your heart will too.

you have so much confidence built up inside of you, you are the sun and all of its light. you are the laughter in the children on sunny days, and the wildflowers growing in fields of yellow. you are also the blackest parts of the ocean, containing your emotions that form into bursts of angered rages. you can’t live like this, hurting yourself and others? don’t demand people of things just because you’re keeping parts of yourself hidden.

you are dangerously beautiful, you are the freckles that my grandmother called angel kisses. you are as pale as snow, and your heart is cold like it to. but you know its not true, you just have to learn how to love yourself. your flaws will always be visible, but they make up who you are and I could connect constellations from your beauty spots, and scars and you would become the universe. simply breathtaking.

you are filled with laughter, you are the smiles in the melancholy people with horrible pasts, but heres something that you need to learn, how to make yourself smile and actually feel it deep inside. you have this remarkable persona that makes everyone stop and stare, and you’re too blind to see how wonderful you are. you’re too blind to see that people care for you. you’re the daylight, and the start of a new day. you are the sunset and the beginning of a new tomorrow.

you are a thousand pieces of different parts of the world, you are the world. all of its beauty, and all of its secrets combined into one. you are as fiery as the deepest parts in a volcano, and the saddest parts at the bottom of a vodka bottle. you are no where in between, you’re either cold as your heart is black or passionate as your heart is when you finally meet someone who opens up your soul and when that happens you will be nothing but light.

you are a restless soul, breaking hearts including your own. your fears wont always be visible, because you’re a fighter who got through them already. if you can do it once you can do it again. don’t let the cruelty of human nature destroy your inner self, you can be you with out making reckless decisions. you can be you without being someone else.

you have firm grip on your life, no one can break that away. you know who you are, and you know what you want. you can create tears in other peoples eyes, just as fast as you can close off yourself from the world. don’t. you need your inner self to radiate through, for you can show people fun, and steadiness and patience and determination out of this world. you are a strong human being, you will find your light or maybe you just haven’t realized that you already have.

you are all the constellations, and all the seasons. The stars shine through you, and you move like water with each change in the world. You are the life within spring, and the fire in summer, the colors of fall and the death in winter. You are the revolution within yourself, no one in the world is like you. You are your own person. you have your own feelings, and your own mindset. but it’s never okay to keep them concealed inside. let them shine through like the galaxies within you.

you are eloquence and beauty, and your creative colors flow from you. Everyone can see your colors, your vividness. you are a piece of art the world has created, all of your happiness and all of your sadness make you who you are. Stop changing yourself, you already know who you are.

—  zodiac poems, april 12th

Mercury in Cancer - Messages from Mermaids

she is a mermaid

her mind swims at depths

sailors drown in

Cancer is fertile and creative, planting a seed of light and imagination in the Mercury mind. The individual receives and processes information intuitively and forms perspectives based on the emotional element. There can be a tremendous ability to articulate feelings and cross the border between material and delirium. Something is moonstruck about the individual, the eyes can seem watery because they are disengaged in a midnight dream slumber, drifting away deep in thought like drifting out into the sea. The sound of the ocean may be ultra soothing and hypnotizing, like reading novels and imagery rich poetry. Mercury in Cancer people’s tendency to withdraw into reverie can become maladaptive and destructive, especially when important details are missed. The individual is resistant to lock away old memories and lose the past. Hours can be lost spinning nostalgia, replaying conversation, and dancing in dream.

The mind is a beautiful and exquisite paintbox with Mercury in Cancer. There is an ability to communicate to young people, especially babies, and so the individual may be an excellent early school teacher or writer of children’s books. The seams of reality are threaded with the memory, sepia idealism, romance, and danger. There can be high suspicions and worries with Mercury in Cancer. The ocean can become black in the night. That lucid imagination can spiral concern into exhuming panic. Emotional inflammation can send thoughts into chaos. But emotions are also entwined in their communication style. This may be erratic and changeable, like the shifting moon. The individual’s ability to translate emotional confusion into language creates a raw psychologist. Counseling and supportive talk therapy is something that comes naturally. Mercury in Cancer people may have gift of prophecy, especially when it comes to other people’s thoughts. Maybe they dream the future, or have many dreams involving water.

The individual with Mercury in Cancer can be shy, withdrawing, and respectful with words. There is something powerful and full of weight in what is said, and they know it. When the individual is emotionally pressured, especially in rage, the dialogue can cut like a blade, because they so easily intuit other people’s weak spots. But they are typically reticent to open up and disengaged amongst a crowd. There may be a great fascination and talent for creative writing. Spectacular visual imagery can fill the senses when the individual is lost in a book or daydream. There may be a gentle and tranquilizing communicative expression, the individual can create worlds of safety and protection with words. The individual may be highly reflective and keep thoughts in a journal for future recollection. Nothing is ever still in the mind with Mercury in Cancer. The past, prophecy, and mental artistry. It’s like they can hear the thoughts of the moon, she speaks to them, and so crescent moons fill and fall from the cheeks. Something is watery and illuminated about the words left behind.



They say Newt Scamander is a dangerous man. And it’s not because he carries a case full of magical creatures who would definitely kill anyone who hurt their ‘mommy’.

No, that’s not it.

It’s because Newt has brought the most terrifying and powerful aurors to their knees. They’re happily wrapped around his beautiful and elegant finger and would gladly follow him to the ends of the earth.

And he’s even more dangerous because he has no idea.

He has no idea Theseus Scamander hexed every single one of the boys who used to bully him; they ended up crying in a corner unable to point at the wizard who attacked them. Nor he knows the reason why Hogwarts became the most peaceful, friendly environment was because he was Theseus’ little and beloved brother and they were all terrified of him.

That’s why all MACUSA trembled with fear when they saw Theseus (a day after the events in New York) walking down the hallway like a man possessed, searching and demanding for his baby brother.

His furious footsteps still echo the building, reminding everyone of that horrendous date. He walked past many horrified aurors, trying to hide as best as they could, avoiding the demonic look on his face.

But when he reached Tina’s office, when his eyes met those shinny kind ones, when he recognized the freckles that seemed to dance like stars in the night sky every time the magizoologist smiled, his expression softened, his eyes were filled with relieved tears.

“'Seus’! What are you doing here?” Newt asked, puzzled but happy.

Theseus Scamander did not answer that question, he just took his brother in his arms and cried with his head over his shoulder while a confused Newt started to caress his hair, trying to offer comfort.

“I heard what happened with Grindelwald,” Theseus said after a while.

Tina shivered when she heard the hatred in the older Scamander’s voice when he pronounced the name of the dark wizard.

“Are you okay?” Theseus asked.

“I’m fine,” Newt assured but that didn’t stop his brother’s eyes from roaming over his body looking for any kind of scratch or wound.

“Tell me everything,” Theseus sat on Tina’s sofa and took his brother’s hand to make him sit next to him.

Over the British auror’s shoulder Tina stared at Newt and mouthed ‘No’ because she knew that was a terrible idea but her friend wasn’t even looking at her.

So Newt told him. And Theseus’ rage increased.

There wasn’t any other wizard who hated Grindelwald like Theseus did that day.

Except maybe Percival Graves.

Director Graves was rescued few days after the New York incident. It took weeks for him to recover completely and when he was back at MACUSA the first thing he requested was to meet the man who helped his aurors to find him.

Then he saw those green eyes that couldn’t look at him for more than two seconds and saw the shy smile and the freckles covered by a beautiful blush that spread over his cheeks and down his neck. He stared at Newt for a couple of seconds before realizing he was trapped.

He was completely gone.

And boy was he worse than Theseus.

Percival took every opportunity he had to stare at Newt like a man starving. He followed the magizoologist like a shadow and invented the most ridiculous and stupid excuses to touch him.

Theseus wasn’t pleased when he found out. In fact, all MACUSA was waiting for a fight between the two of them, but Newt, their precious sweetheart, talked them out of it.

And Newt still has no idea. He doesn’t know he can get every permit he wants just by smiling kindly at the Director of Magical Security. He has no idea he’s above the law because Percival Graves is willing to twist and bend the rules (the same rules he once claimed he liked so much) just for a kiss, a touch, anything Newt wants to give.

Newt doesn’t know, but sometimes they all wonder, even Tina does it every now and then. She wonders if there is a small part of him that is aware of the power he has. If there’s a part of him that consciously does it on purpose. If he gives them the exact amount of love and kindness and little touches so they keep crawling to him for more.

No, Newt wouldn’t do that. He’s innocent and pure and so precious.

Or maybe Tina is turning into one of them… Maybe she’s biased too.

They say Newt Scamander would be a more efficient and powerful dark lord that Grindelwald would ever be.

Because Newt is an expert taming magical creatures. All kinds of them. Even wizards.

But while Grindelwald seeks control by making them afraid, Newt tames his wizards with love and kindness.

Because fear is a paralytic. But love… Love is a much more vicious motivator.

Thank Merlin Newt is not like that. Thank Merlin he has no idea.

But rumors like that travel fast, especially if they’re accompanied by a river of dead bodies.

By the time the words reach Grindelwald’s ears half of his followers have perished. And those who remain tell him the ones responsible are two skilled wizards. One from America and another from England.

So he notices. In fact, everybody does.

But they have no evidence, no proof. And who would believe that the war hero, Theseus Scamander, and the Director of Magical Security, Percival Graves, the most powerful and capable auror of America had been hunting down dark wizards and killing them in the spot?

No one. They don’t want to. Some of them even feel safe and grateful.

But Grindelwald is not angry, at least not with Newt. He sees the potential the man has and wants to use it for himself.

So he kidnaps the magizoologist and realises too late that’s the worst mistake he’s ever made.

Because suddenly a Nundu appears out of nowhere and growls at him before running back to Newt and watching over him like a mom with her pup. Then the two aurors appear in front of him and even though he’s powerful he doesn’t stand a chance because they’re skilled enough, but they’re also filled with rage and vengeance so he bends in pain; the spells like thunders almost piercing him…

But the pain stops; the petrificus totalus keeping him in place.

And Grindelwald just stares, because it’s the only thing he can do. And watches fascinated as Percival Graves and Theseus Scamander get on their knees before Newt and cry out of relief and love and then the thin magizoologist hugs them and strokes their faces and they both lean in his touch and close their eyes like they’re starving for it.

Newt kisses Percival and caresses Theseus hair one more time before they both rise from the ground.

Grindelwald realises he can move when Newt is a few inches from him. The aurors are at his side like devoted shadows.

Newt smirks at him, there’s still some of that marvelous kindness in his eyes.

“On your knees,” he orders.

And for the first time Grindelwald does as he’s told. Not because Newt is the only thing standing between him and a painful death by those shadows of his. He doesn’t do it 'cause his body is already bending in half.

He does it because there’s a beautiful smile on Newt’s face, because his eyes shine so bright and he can almost feel the warmth that’s coming from Newt’s body and wants part of it.

He’s shocked when he realises he’s willing to find his end if it comes from him. He’s willing to follow a command if it’s him who says it.

Then he gets it. And Grindelwald smiles back at Newt.

A dangerous man indeed.

hi i will riot tomorrow if we don’t get a kiss!

lyoth737  asked:

So, you interpreted Ink's vials as colors associated with a certain emotion like Red = Rage as well? How would you interprete the other colors' emotions? ^^ (And do you think interpreting the colors similar to soul colors like Yellow = Justice would also work? They would be much more complex to show for sure... and there's an additional color (wasn't it pink?) that wasn't featured in the game...)

Like, I’m not Ink’s creator, but I like the idea of the colours each corresponding to a range of emotions. If ‘eight colours = eight emotions’ then it would be enough only for tiniest speck of the emotional variety people are capable of. And while Ink, clearly, doesn’t have the whole spectrum, it definitely seems like he has more than only eight.

And I didn’t take red to mean ‘rage’ specifically. I just figured that, since green is canonically shown as mellow and positive and creative, then red would work well for rougher and destructive emotions.

I don’t have any set ideas for other colours though, but I don’t wanna make a direct connection between UT traits and Ink’s emotions. The two are a pretty different concept, after all.

It was then that Itward appeared before the two skeleton children - seeing the horrors inflicted upon their young bodies filled him with rage and the desire to save them from this fate.

He promised to take them away from the misguided Dr Gaster, whom seemed unable to try and stop the other. Itward stared down at the other, yellow cat like eyes burned in rage. The guilt and remorse rolling off the other did not satify the taller being -  but the doctor was in no state to stop them, Itward picked the children up and began his journey though the realities with his new, young companions.

‘You cannot come with us…not yet.’ Was all Itward said, not even tilting his hat to the other as he made his leave. 1-S did not look back, but 2-P did - like the other was waiting for the doctor to follow them into the portal.

But the Doctor shook his head and turned away from the monsters he grew… technically his children. The sparking of ozone was the only thing that told of the others departure…

Leaving the doctor, in the not quite empty lab - the tall shadowy figure of Remor curled his claw around the trembling doctors shoulder. Remor grinned  down at the other.

‘You’ll never be worthy to even join them…’ Remor taunted, before he left the other to his despair.

Now this is either really happening or the smol skele’s are a little drugged from their last beating…IT’S REAL AND THEY’RE GOING TO HAVE A CRAZY, FUN ADVENTURE THOUGH ALL THE REALITIES!

I love the handplates au comic, makes me sad but i love it - if you haven’t heard of it please check it out :)

Handplates au @zarla-s


also who would win, Itward or W.D Gaster?

I drew a miraculous ladybug parody of a scene from gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun. lol, The way mari likes and adrien and he’s totally clueless about it reminds me of the 2 from this manga a bit

my friend promised me a drabble if I drew this so let’s see what happens  (◕‿◕✿)

First Glimpse

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader fic where the reader is pregnant (Spencer knows) and she gives birth while he’s in jail. The first time he sees his daughter is in court. @coveofmemories


As you looked down at the baby in your arms sleeping peacefully, your little Jennifer Grace, she couldn’t look more in contrast to how you felt. Each deep breath and cuddle closer to your breast leaving you breathless. You had no one to watch her, so today would be the first day her father would see her.

“Push, Y/N,” JJ screamed. You couldn’t do it anymore. She was in a bad position. You were so tired. Spencer wasn’t here. It wasn’t fair. Why couldn’t Spencer be here? What had you done in life to deserve your husband being in jail as you were giving birth to his child? “You can do this!”

“I can’t, JJ,” you cried. Your body was weak and your mind was weaker. With a huff, your head fell back into the hospital bed and you started to cry again. The fire that was raging through your body was like no other you’d ever felt, but it did not begin to compare to the fires in your brain and your heart. This was supposed to be one of the best days of your life - and instead of being here with your husband at your side, welcoming the baby you’d always wanted into the world, your best friend had to take his place.

JJ couldn’t even begin to imagine how you felt, but the only thing that mattered to her right now was getting the little girl inside you into the world. She grabbed the sides of your face and tilted it toward her. “You can do this,” she said calmly, placing a kiss on your forehead. “I know you’re wishing that Spencer could be here and I’m sorry he can’t, but he would want you to take a deep breath, focus, and push. Your baby is almost here.”

Again, you lifted your head up off the pillow and bore down with all of your might, screaming as the searing pain coursed through you. As thoughts of Spencer played through your mind, your bore down, blocking out every nightmare in your life to focus on the baby. And with two more pushes there she was. 

Since Spencer had been transferred to prison, you’d cried enough tears for five lifetimes, but as the little, crying, bloody mess of a baby, your little girl, was placed on your chest, those tears turned to something else. A little piece of Spencer was with you.

“JJ,” you said. “I can’t do this. I can’t bring her in there. Spencer’s never seen her before. This can’t be how this moment happens.”

Both of you had debated whether or not to bring your month old daughter into the courtroom, but she claimed that he’d rather see you with the baby in tow, rather than not see either of you - and you’d agreed, but now you were having second thoughts. “It’s not fair that this is the first time he gets to see his baby. What if seeing us backfires? And it puts him in an even worse place than he is now? Jage, I don’t think he can handle that. He’s barely holding it together as it is.”

Your voice had started to waver in pitch, and little Jennifer had stirred in your arms. With everything else that was going on, all you wanted to do was keep her asleep. If she woke up and started crying, especially right now, you wouldn’t be able to control yourself. “You’re his anchor in the world,” she responded. “He needs to see you.”

With another deep breath, you placed your hand lightly on your daughter’s body and made your way into the courtroom, sitting at JJ’s side while you waited for Spencer to be brought into the room and arraigned. 

The second he entered, guards at his back and cuffs at his front, it felt as if all air was sucked from your body. He’d picked you out in milliseconds, eyes falling to the bundle in your arms. “She’s beautiful,” he mouthed. “Name?” You hadn’t told him, wanting to tell him in person. You just hadn’t pictured her being with you.

“Jennifer,” you mouthed back, pointing to JJ. As he was escorted to the table, where he would sit next to his lawyer, Fiona, he stared at your daughter, trying to memorize every shade of color that spoke to him from her tiny body. He’d stopped in his tracks and had been forced into his seat by the guards, immediately turning around to look at her again. 

For a few moments, the judge remained out of your sight, so Spencer turned and leaned his head on the separation between you, saying nothing and just looking at the two of you. “She’s starting to look in the mirror,” you said softly, looking down at her tiny little lips. She was starting to enjoy her own facial expressions. That was the first time in months you’d seen Spencer smile, but it was quickly washed away when the judge was whisked into the chamber. It took everything in him to turn around to face her, but Fiona forced him to. 

Everything was tuned out as the arraignment wore on. He was an FBI agent. He’d been framed. So there really was no reason for the judge to deny him bail. The seconds dragged into infinities. Why was she denying him bail? “No,” you breathed, the tears stinging your eyes and quickly falling from your face onto your daughter’s blanket. “No, please.” Your voice picked up and you stared at the judge, begging for her to give Spencer bail. “Please, he hasn’t seen his daughter since she was born. I’m begging you…please let my husband see his baby.”

Again, she banged the gavel. “Bail is denied. Defendant is remanded until trial in three months.” Quickly, you handed Jennifer to her godmother and namesake and ran to Spencer, enveloping him in your embrace before the guards took him away again. You were screamed at to let go, but you couldn’t and had to be tugged away.

“Focus on her,” he said, as they started to take him away. He was trying to say everything he possibly could before the door closed you off from him again. “I’m going to come back to you both. I promise!”

You could’ve sworn you saw his tears hit the floor before the door slammed shut, leaving you grabbing onto the partition with one hand as JJ held your baby at your back. Everything felt so foreign. How were you supposed to reconcile the love for your child with the desperation for your husband’s release? What were you supposed to do?

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Do you think Severus loved Lily romantically? I always headcanon him as loving her (purely) not lust nor love because of his childhood, I could see him a little kid and there's this red-head with a compassionate heart, and he just can't help but love her because she reciprocated it. I'm a firm believer that there's types of love much more prominent than romantic. *I'm saying this because honestly, I'm sick & tired of people writing how Snape just wanted to screw Lily and what a perv he was.

As with most of my Severus headcanons, I sway all over the shop; I can go along with Severus loving Lily romantically, but no, it’s not my predominant reading of the series.

I can quite imagine that he liked the idea of having a relationship with her when he was 15 or so because she was one of the only people (not even girl!) who paid him any attention, or treated him kindly.  I can also quite imagine that he was in a heterosexual world, and like all other teenagers, he was dealing with raging hormones - and he felt a pressure to date a woman, and aspire to settle down and marry and have children.

…but I actually don’t see him as genuinely coveting a sexual relationship with Lily past the point that their friendship is over, and most certainly not once she started dating James.

Fandom wants to present him as the spurned lover, or a friendzoned loser but I don’t read him that way at all.  He is the spurned best friend, which is very very different.

I’m very fortunate in that I’ve had many great friendships through my life, and I’ve got friendships that have spanned decades.  But, like most others, I am old enough to have gone through some traumatic friendship breakups.

I had a friend from the age of 8, and we had a serious wobble around 15/16, and another serious wobble at 22, and we ended up breaking things off entirely at 23/24.  The thing I recall the most was a huge amount of pain at 15 or so (which is why we made friends again, but looking back logically, it was never the same - and the subsequent breakup was inevitable).

At 9 and 12 and 14, I loved that person and I am certain they loved me.  There was no sexual desire towards each other, no romantic feelings, no wish to marry.  We were friends - best friends - and we spent most of our days together.  It didn’t work out.  We went our own ways, and I dare say that we are much happier for it.  The person they became, and the person I now am…well, we’re not compatible at all.

Does that lack of sexual desire between us mean that we weren’t best friends?  That we didn’t love each other?  That we didn’t spend all of that time together?  Does it mean that because we’re now just people who knew each other that we wouldn’t step in if a maniac wanted to murder the other?  Would stepping in mean that we wanted to have sex with the other?

And bear in mind, we are two people who separated because of “reasons” - and not because we were against the backdrop of war, and one dropped the other when the second person didn’t want to be dropped.  (No judgement on Lily’s actions, just factual statement; Lily dropped Severus, Severus didn’t want her to.)

It is possible to read Severus as desiring Lily, and wanting to date and marry her.  It is equally possible to read Severus as merely being her old friend, and him being devastated at the idea that she would be murdered.  It is a rather extreme circumstance that he finds himself in.

Moreover, the ‘accepted’ hater argument that Snape was a friendzoned bro is a deliberate misreading of both the text, and the definition of the friendzone.

Love is a beautiful thing, and should not be kept to just your romantic partners.  I love my friends, and I love my family, and shock horror, I’ve even had sex with people without me loving them, or them loving me.

I think it’s a sad reflection that some people assume that love = sex.


They’re making… MORE Yuri on Ice perfume

These aren’t as expensive as the previous ANIMATE exclusive ones (assumedly because they don’t have little gemstones in the bottom), but they are larger (I believe), and they have pretty pictures on the sides+plus come with a special card of the brand new illustration created for them. They’re 5,093 yen a piece and come out on by June 7th. 

Sadly(???) the scents are not anxiety, extra, and rage like you’d imagine. Victor’s main scent is rose with hints of others. Yuuri’s is hyacinth and violet with hints of others. Yurio’s is lily and freesia with hints of others.