rage history

Louis already has someone who...

“is there for him”

“is one of the most genuinely caring people in his life”

“is a stable…influence in his life whom he trusts”

“genuinely cares about him as a friend” 

Existentialism started from the premise of meaninglessness, and then executed a brilliant judo move: it declared that precisely because humanity is deserted by God and values are not inscribed in the natural order of things, human beings are responsible for making their own meanings.
—  Todd Gitlin, The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage

“Stuck early on with a series of lusty, libido-stoking poses as Jake La Motta’s (De Niro) smitten child bride turned infuriated ex-wife, Cathy Moriarty evades the heavy possibility of becoming an empty-headed sex doll with a performance that’s self-effacingly loose and lived in. Scorsese & Co. don’t afford her any Sharon Stone-in-Casino-sized tantrums or Bracco-level crack-ups, but Moriarty manages to make her Vickie La Motta into something much more impressive than an overwhelming scene-stealer: a woman of surprising, subdued intelligence and quietly calculated defiance. Her sly, sphinx-like silence in a hotel room row between brothers Jake and Joey (Joe Pesci) is more interesting to watch than the brotherly blow-up itself.” — Matthew Eng

Martin Scorsese’s 10 Best Female Performances, including birthday queen Cathy Moriarty in Raging Bull

(Source: TribecaFilm.com)

Humans are Space Orcs: Berserkers

So I have researched a fair amount of Viking history and I came up with a concept. In human history battle rage has been a useful tool in any form of combat. You choose fight instead of flight and you become stronger, faster, and almost immune to pain. No group mastered this better then the legendary Berserker. They used drugs and rituals to make themself fall into a battle rage of epic proportions. They were so fearsome. viscous, and unsettling that they were actually outlawed. Now imagine they made a comeback.


I was on Glunoff 4 when the humans were attacked. The colony was standard for humans, 1200 human souls, most devoted to taming the area near their colony site to raise crops and livestock. There was also a standard human security force of 75. I was there serving as the ambassador to Tromidal 5, my home world which had claim of this system. The humans had asked us to allow them to put a colony on Glunoff 4 so they could have a resupply point between Sol 3 and a mining operation nearer to the galactic center.

The humans had done a remarkable job taming the wilds of this world. Their colony was almost ready to begin building their orbital elevator when the Valran [see species reference material] arrived.

The humans only warning came when they lost contact with their orbital station. Within a minute the orbital charges began raining down from the sky. The charges hit many of the buildings killing dozens of people. Everything was chaos when the first ships landed. The Valran emerged from their ships and began killing and grabbing people dragging them back to their ships. The Remaining security force and civilians put up a good fight, killing a good number of the Valrans but it wasn’t enough. The Valran dropped a holoprojector as they departed. The message was simple, choose 50 people to be given as slaves as well as 5000 kilos of produce. Otherwise they will take everyone and sell them as slaves.

I panicked but the humans became… strange. They knew we were outmatched, outnumbered, and outgunned. After they finished with their head count there were only 903 alive, 162 dead, and 135 missing. The injured were treated with an almost mechanical efficiency. I was checked over by the physician and she told me that there was no way they were going to give up anyone. The next day they held a town meeting. I came along to see if the rest of the humans seemed to agree with the doctor. At first the people were afraid of what may happen, but within an hour they had all convinced themselves that fighting back was the only way. They immediately began asking me to give them any information I had to offer about the Valrans. I obliged them but I also told them that there have been few standing armies that have been able to compete with the Valran’s ferocity. To this the “Mayor” [Tina Chao] gave me the most wicked grin and said, “Never underestimate the ferocity of a cornered animal.”

Within days the Humans were already cannibalizing anything they could use to make weapons, armor, and traps. With this they also started training in hand to hand combat. They trained to use knives, swords, machetes, shivs, clubs, and those who could shoot were given firearms. Those who couldn’t fight were given support rolls. There was one group though that was far stranger.

The doctor was working very closely with a group of 20 people. These people were receiving the same training as the others but the doctor was also giving them what seemed to be some kind of stimulant before they trained. Within a few weeks they were not aloud to train with the other people because they were too violent. They would disappear off into the wilderness for days or weeks at a time hunting the indigenous animals, mostly predators. They would come back wearing the pelts of their kills and their behavior always seemed that much wilder.

When the Valran returned they were met by a group of 50 people standing next to large crates. The Valrans opened their landing craft and began to swarm around the people. When a sharp whistle echoed across the area the crates exploded open revealing the “Berserkers” [See human history for reference]. They came out of the crates in a screaming, roaring, fury. They fell upon the Valrans and began to dismantle them.

The Valrans were stunned and slow to respond, but when they did they swarmed down on the berserkers like a wave. This just seemed to make the Berserkers try harder. Also at this time the humans armed with firearms began picking off the Valrans around the outside. Then the other humans appeared out of the are around the Valrans. It was a slaughter.

When the humans had finished with the Valrans who landed they began bringing the fission batteries used to power their settlement and the mining tools. They loaded them into the ships and began rewiring them. I asked Mayor Chao what they were doing and she responded, “They are going to destroy their ship in orbit.”

“But you will need pilots… who… who will do that?” To this question the remaining 9 berserkers stepped toward the ships. “Why are you the ones going? Tyler, you are leaving your wife?”

Tyler, whose eyes are bloodshot and wide with fury, takes a few moments to respond, as if speech seems difficult to formulate, “I… I am to angry to stay. My daughter is gone because of them and I want… no I need to make them suffer.”

With that they all boarded the vessels and flew off into orbit. within a few minutes there were bright flashes. Those on the ground watched in silence for some time before everyone eventually walked away to do other tasks, like take care of the dead. The Valran were thrown in a pile and burned while the humans were given individual funeral pyres.

Help arrived in the form of a resupply ship three months later. By that time most of the humans had returned to their normal selves, except many of the humans didn’t sleep much anymore.

2ps as High School Teachers

2p!America: History Teacher

  • Okay but first off, this dude is like Alfred with Science, He LOVES History
  • Especially U.S. History but he still loves all of history around the world
  • He’s not a big fan of the textbooks
  • Which he believes are wrong and when one thing is wrong he throws a fit
  • His class is next to James’s English Class
  • So James and his students hear Al’s rage about History books being wrong
  • Al’s class loves these fits. They find it hilarious
  • James, however, does not.

2p!Canada: English Teacher

  • His class is next to Al’s
  • He will hear Al rage about the textbooks while in the middle of teaching his class
  • Suddenly he has to stop when he hears a thump against the wall
  • He knows Allan threw the damn book
  • So now he has to leave his class and go calm Al down and remind him that Damaging property and cussing out the textbook is gonna get him fired
  • James also corrects Al Grammar
  • Which Further just angers Al who calls him a Grammar Nazi

2p!England: Foods Teacher/Home Ec

  • Sweetest Teacher ever
  • Unless you are really REALLY Bad
  • Shares what his class bakes with the other teachers plus the Principle
  • He’s known for an “Incident” that happened a few years back but all the students then have graduated since, so now only the faculty know what happened back then
  • No one likes to talk about it
  • Poor Kid should have been more careful than to anger Ollie

2p!France: French Teacher

  • Often gets personal treats from Oliver. All the students of them both ship it
  • Why the hell are you taking his class?
  • He’s more like a college professor, honestly?
  • He doesn’t care if you skip or not as long as you get the work done
  • Very laid back and lets his students listen to their music
  • Does care for his students but they should know how to be responsible

2p!China: Study Hall Teacher

  • Everyone loves him
  • Everyone knows he smokes weed
  • He’s dealt Weed to a kid before
  • Possibly dealt other drugs as well
  • Loves to let his class have small parties
  • Still makes sure they do their work though
  • Helps them if they need any help
  • Is seriously Chill and practically friends with the student body

2p!Russia: Principle

  • Wonders how his life came to this
  • Has tried to kick out Flavio so many times but he keeps coming back
  • Eventually he gave up
  • Also gave up on threatening Allan every time Allan threw a tantrum over the History Books
  • He’s really tired of this school
  • Natasha is a secretary in the office
  • Kat is the vice principle
  • Someone please give this man a break

2p!Italy: Art Teacher

  • Passionate about Art
  • He encourages his students with their art
  • Locks the door to his classroom so Flavio can’t get in
  • one student always unlocks the damn door
  • Lutz comes in during his free periods just to annoy Luciano 
  • Luciano has come so close to stabbing Lutz with a paintbrush
  • try him fucker
  • He’ll use your blood as paint

2p!Germany: Gym Teacher

  • Loves his job
  • Surprisingly Lazy when he wants to be
  • Loves his students
  • Usually has fun games planned for each day
  • Actually does have favorite students
  • Klaus picked out the gym uniforms
  • Lutz may have tried to get something more inappropriate
  • Klaus would not allow it
  • He’s a good teacher for the most part

2p!Prussia: Librarian

  • Everyone knows him yet everyone has a hard time noticing him
  • He hears a lot of gossip from kids in the library
  • Will tell Flavio cause he begs
  • Viktor actually likes him
  • Cause he does his fucking job
  • Passive aggressive little shit though like with Andres and unlocking the door
  • Also with the grammar nazi thing, he’ll sometimes walk by as James and Al argue 
  • when the brothers get to that point they freeze
  • Outside the door
  • The cold, red stare of the Prussian warns
  • ‘Say another thing and it’s your lives you should worry about not your jobs’
  • Is nice to the students
  • Won’t take shit from the teachers/Faculty (Unless they are Viktor)

2p!Japan: Math Teacher

  • Everyone sees him as a mean/Terrible teacher
  • A lot of his students think he’s still hot though
  • Like damn boii
  • Xiao randomly busts in his class cause he gets bored
  • Kuro kicks him out
  • Literally
  • He’ll even barricade the door if he must
  • Just keep Xiao out
  • Anyways, he’s actually a pretty chill teacher.
  • Just study up and take notes

2p!Romano: Literally just goes to the school to gossip with everyone even the students. He’s not even a teacher.

  • He’s mainly there for his brother and Andres
  • Viktor has tried to keep him out of the school 
  • Flavio has ways though, honey
  • He’s down for rumors and gossip
  • Usually goes to Klaus for details because Klaus knows all of it
  • He’ll keep the PDA away from the student’s eyes. Only cause he knows Viktor will seriously kick him out if he’s seen kissing Andres
  • And Andres wouldn’t stop Viktor
  • So PDA in front of students is a no no

2p!Spain: Spanish Teacher

  • Really fucking lazy
  • Like…really
  • He knows the student’s don’t care much to learn his language
  • So he only teaches the kids who care to learn
  • Everyone else just goes to a different room like the library and do their own thing
  • Also tries to lock his class room door
  • Does not work
  • Klaus is the lil shit who unlocks the door for Flavio
  • Fuck you, Klaus
  • He’s actually a good teacher when he puts forth effort
  • But like I said
  • Only puts forth effort for students who put forth effort back

Lauryn Hill - Black Rage 

BLACK RAGE is founded on two-thirds a person
Rapings and beatings and suffering that worsens,
Black human packages tied up in strings.
BLACK RAGE can come from all these kinds of things
Black Rage is founded on blatant denial
Squeezing economics, subsistence survival,
Deafening silence and social control.
Black Rage is founded on wounds in the soul!

When the dogs bite
When the beatings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember all these kinds of things
and then I don’t fear so bad!

Black rage is founded: who fed us self-hatred

Lies and abuse, while we waited and waited

Spiritual treason, This grid and its cages

Black rage was founded on these kinds of things

Black rage is founded on draining and draining

Threatening your freedom,

To stop your complaining

Poisoning your water, While they say it’s raining

Then call you mad for complaining, complaining

Old time bureaucracy drugging the youth

Black rage is founded on blocking the truth,
Murder and crime, Compromise and distortion
Sacrifice, sacrifice who makes this fortune?

Greed, falsely called progress

Such human contortion,

Black rage is founded on these kinds of things

So when the dog bites
And the beatings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember all these kinds of things and then I don’t fear so bad

Free enterprise, is it myth or illusion?
Forcing you back into purposed confusion

Black human trafficking

or blood transfusion?

Black rage is founded on these kinds of things.

Victims of violence both psyche and body

Life out of context IS living unGodly

Politics, politics

Greed falsely called wealth

Black rage is founded on denial of self!

Black human packages tied and subsistence
Having to justify very existence

Try if you must, but you can’t have my soul

Black rage is made by unGodly control

So when the dog bites

And when the beatings

And I’m feeling so sad

I simply remember all these kinds of things

And then I don’t fear so bad

The San Francisco-Oakland (80) Bay Bridge, which the Green Day song title and Billie Joe Armstrong’s nickname for his wife, 80, come from.

The story goes that on the way home from Minnesota in the early 90s, where Billie first met Adrienne, he saw the 80 highway signs around the bridge and nicknamed her 80 because it sounded like Adie.

The band have also talked about the sight of the bridge reminding them they were almost home after gruelling tours and Billie of how his dad, who was a truck driver, had the same experience.


In honor of dookie’s 21st birthday i put together a woodstock post. Woodstock 1994 was not like the others…to say the least. It had been raining shortly before green day went on stage, when people started to get covered in mud they got pissed and started throwing mud at the stage. Billie Joe Armstrong decided to catch a piece of mud and eat it, making the audience go crazy. Security guards were quitting their jobs, people were hopping on stage, and Billie Joe’s own mother was pissed at how he was acting…at the end of the show, Mike Dirnt was mistook as a fan, and a security guard tackled him down to the ground knocking out a majority of his teeth. This performance went down in music history.


Thelma Schoonmaker, Martin Scorsese’s go-to editor since Raging Bull, was once asked how such a nice lady can stand to edit such violent movies.

Her response? “Ah, but they aren’t violent until I’ve edited them.”

Happy birthday to Thelma Schoonmaker, a film legend in her own right.

In honor of this editing god, learn eight invaluable lessons about the craft that Schoonmaker taught us during her Tribeca Master Class back in 2014.

The myth of the doomed outsider surfaced again, in fictional form, with Bonnie and Clyde and Easy Rider. Finally, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Janis Joplin, by dying young, famous, and drugged, certified once and for all that ritual sacrifices were necessary to placate the battered gods of order.
—  Todd Gitlin, The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage

Nirnaeth Arnoediad ~ The Battle of Unnumbered Tears [F.A. 472]

’(…) Some have said that even then the Eldar might have won the day, had all their hosts proved faithful. For the Orcs wavered, and their onslaught was stayed, and already some were turning to flight. But even as the vanguard of Maedhros came upon the Orcs, Morgoth loosed his last strength, and Angband was emptied. There came wolves, and wolfriders, and there came Balrogs, and dragons, and Glaurung father of dragons. The strength and terror of the Great Worm were now great indeed, and Elves and Men withered before him.’

#intense #insane


Hey guys. I have been thinking about write something to connect us to Aza in his past days as an angel. I hope you enjoy it. ^.^

When a God dies

A cold wind blew in the middle of that clear night. He watched the moon in the north, lying beneath a giant oak.

This one, reigned absolute in the skies, gleaming, as well as his hair, which so clear, looked like silver liquid.

Such a night was atypical in that season. At least it had been in the last 2000 years.

The wind howled sadly deep inside, making the fragile body beside him shrink and seek for heat. He found it beneath those large, white wings, the same ones that she waited to see on the horizon whenever he was forced to leave.She clung tightly to his arm as she touched him, still sleepy.

He smiled, almost without realizing it. He had never fully become accustomed to this human habit, but he practiced it without even realizing it. This and so many others who invaded him before he could realize it. Everything thanks to her. To those sweet and audacious eyes that broke his convictions. Before her, all she could get for humanity was neglect. He had been used to saw them like ants. He thought them foolish, weak, imperfect, and dependent on useless things. Yes, he thought human feelings useless.

To him, a god, what could be more imperfect? Ironically, such feelings flooded him like a wave after he knew her.

The contempt turned into curiosity for humans. Curiosity gave way to affection. And when he thought it was complete, came the one that would be the most revolutionary feeling, love. This, he discovered to be the overwhelming force that all the living would find at some point of existence. Such discoveries, however, were his greatest secret.

He was not allowed to love them or touch them. He nonetheless already enjoyed them both. He did not regret it.

She shifted again. He, distractedly staring at the starry sky, turned down as he realized he was being watched. He stood with the orbs that had so changed him. Cherishim and lilac in a declaration of mutual affection.

“I love you.” He said, this time without hesitation. He had tried in every way not to get involved, but he’d failed mediocrely. All roads led to her. And once they had each other, he knew he would not be at peace without she. To keep such feeling he would risk anything. Even if it meant becoming a fallen.

She looked deep into his eyes, knew what to stand beside her, a mere mortal, it would cost someone like him.

Her fingers moved around his neck, lightly touching his skin. Besides so delicate touch, it made him shudder. She knew that he was sensitive at this point and did not like to appear vulnerable. He knew that he would protest and took advantage of this breach to steal a kiss.

From surprised to completely embarrassed, he tried to hide his face. She then held him, with both hands. He deposited another kiss, this time deeper and more passionate and answered only;

- Me too.

He then rested his head on her lap, letting her caress. The warmth of her body and the sweet smell that made him fall asleep.

She slept with that smell and all she saw in her dreams was her face. I could still see him, even now. It was no more than a mere memory. Blotted out by the centuries.

He could still see her face, even if they had plucked out their eyes instead of his arm. It was there, projected forever in the depths of memory.

Sweet as honey, painful as the cut of the sword he had received from his friend and mentor, the same one who told him about humans and how they can change a God.

This was his punishment. Only by knowing what love was.

There, in the dark heart of the mountain he called a prison, he realized that it was not the love that had made him fall. He would make him reborn.

He could feel the change protruding, expanding out of himself. Black and shapeless, just like everything inside his heart. There the angel died and the demon was born .