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Reproductive choices positivity

I wish you a pleasant childfree life if you do not want children.
I wish you a pleasant parenting life if you want children.

I wish you an unfailing and safe for your health contraception if you use some.
I wish you an easy time getting pregnant if you want to be.
I wish you an competent and respectful physician if you want to sterilize yourself.

In the case of an unplanned pregnancy, i wish you supportive relationships that will support you and any decision you make.
I wish you easy access to abortion and a safe and comfortable procedure if you decide to end the pregnancy.
I wish you three healthy, painless, and enjoyable trimesters and an easy birth if you chose to keep it going.
I wish you a quick and simple administrative process if you wish to give the resulting baby up for adoption.

I wish you quick success if you have trouble conceiving.
I wish you a simple and successful adoption process if you wish to adopt.

I wish you affordable and safe medical procedures and easy administrative quests and good insurances or universal care system and a supportive and healthy environnement.

Spread the positivity. Support people and their decisions. Wish them the best. Feel the love. Share nice words and nice thoughts and congratulations and encouragements.

Context: Our Drow sprung a trap on his own and got closed in by a magical wall, and is being surrounded by phantom warriors. Mog our half-orc decides to help.

Mog OOC: So Mog knows that this section of wall is unbreakable?

DM: Yes.

Mog: Mog attacks wall with demon war hammer.

(Rolls Nat 20)

DM: …well Gelzen (the drow) suddenly out of the wall comes a raging orc. Dust covers the floor and Mog is now in the room.

Bat-Aunt: Part 7

Prompt: How Bruce Wayne’s life changes when a little sister is thrown into the mix

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

“You look stunning.”

    You glance in the mirror at the man behind you. It’s pure stubbornness that keeps you from scowling. Turning around slowly, you give Thomas Elliot a small smile. “Thank you Thomas.”

    When he takes a step closer you take a step back. You see the frustration in his eyes at the move, but it’s quickly gone. “I was hoping to steal a dance.”

    “I haven’t even made my entrance yet Thomas. There are many things I have to do, before I even think about dancing.”

    “Of course. And do you have anyone to escort you in. There’s quite a few men waiting for you to arrive, and I’d be happy to help keep them at bay.”

    You wanted to laugh at that. You knew about the single men waiting for you. The eligible bachelors determined to get the step up in life that came with marrying into the Wayne family. Thomas might as well have been their leader. “I’m quite capable of defending myself.”

    Before you can blink Thomas Elliot is in your personal space, his hand gripping your upper arm painfully. You don’t let the pain show, you refuse to give him the satisfaction. His voice lowers to a whisper, “Now, Y/N don’t be that way. This game we’ve been playing was fun, but it has run its course.”

    You glare at him before spitting out, “This is no game. I have no interest in you, and I never will. Now let go of my arm before I call security. Then you’ll be in the papers for something very different than you had hoped.”

    The look on his face was terrifying, “Make me.”


    The addition of the new voice was welcome. And as Thomas Elliot was pulled off of you and shoved away, you could only grin at the familiar head of dark hair. The look on your nephew’s face was priceless. It was all anger, but he still looked adorable. He was dressed in his own tux, and his hair was slicked back with some of Bruce’s hair product.

    You’d watched as he and Bruce had gotten ready, as he had begged your brother to let him shave. And Bruce had been insistent that he wasn’t ready. The fact that Dick was ten years old supported that.

    “Well if it isn’t the adopted circus freak.”

    Rage filled you at the words, but before you could surge forward Richard came back with, “I might be a circus freak, but at least I know the meaning of the word ‘no.’ Even better, I know how to take a hint.” Thomas took a step forward, and Richard widened his stance, ready to take the doctor on. You knew Richard would win.

    “Well, what’s going on here?”

    You smile at the sight before you. Barry Allen had always been very casual. His line of work seemed to demand it. But standing there, dressed in a tux, you couldn’t help but be somewhat impressed, and a little flustered.

    Barry’s posture was relaxed, just like it always was, but you could see the fire burning just behind his eyes. Carefully he positioned himself in front of Richard, and taking the hint, your nephew slowly walked backwards, until he was standing right in front of you. Calmly, you wrap an arm around his shoulder.

    “And who are you?”

    The smile never leaves Barry’s face, “Barry Allen. Y/N’s boyfriend.”

    You want to laugh as the meaning behind the words sink in, the look on Thomas’ face almost seals the deal. Instead you glance down at your nephew, who’s staring at you with big eyes. You wink at him.

    “How long has this been going on?”

    Barry glances back at you, “About nine months, right?”

    You shrug, “Give or take a few weeks.”

    He smiles before turning back to Thomas, “As you can see, I have this covered.”

    The rage and Thomas’ eyes, has you pushing Richard behind you, “And what do you, common of the earth scum, have to offer her?”

    You scoff and answer for him, “Love? Laughter? Affection? Hell of a kisser.”

    Barry smiles at you and in that second of distraction Thomas charges him. You watch with a smile as Barry dodges and then puts him on his ass. As if out of nowhere, security shows up and hauls Thomas to his feet. That’s when your brother appears, “You’ve overstayed your welcome Thomas.”    

You watch the doctor sputter, “Bruce, I was just trying to …”

“Force yourself on my sister. Understood. Which is why you are now banned from all Wayne Gala events and Wayne owned buildings. Go near my sister again, and I’ll pull out a restraining order.”

You watch as a yelling Thomas Elliot is hauled out of the building, before turning your attention to Bruce. He and Barry are in the middle of a staredown, when finally he breaks the silence and asks, “My sister?”

Barry smiles, “Yep.”

Bruce looks around him at you, “You’re not going to let me kill him, are you?”

You move forward and wrap your arms around Barry, “I love him Bruce.”

Your brother sighs, “And you couldn’t tell me this why?”

Barry’s hand covers yours, “I don’t know if you know this, but you have a habit of hovering and being just a tad over protective.”

Bruce sighs, “She’s my little sister Allen. She’s a grown ass woman who’s never had a problem making her own decisions. She’s stubborn as hell, and vicious when it comes to protecting those she cares about. And you … well you’re like a bunny. You break her heart, and she’ll chew you up and spit you out herself.”

You smile at your brother before going over and hugging him. “Thank you.”

He kisses your forehead, “Nothing to thank me for. You’ve always had good taste. Speaking of which I need to borrow you for a minute.”

You look back at Barry, who’s dealing with a narrowed eyed Richard, and nod. “We’ve got to be quick. Richard looks ready to interrogate.”

Bruce winks at you, “Exactly the point.”

You follow Bruce down the hall and into his bedroom. You take a seat on the bed as he rummages through his chest of drawers. A minute later he appears in front of you with a velvet box. More than a bit curious, you take it and open it. You stare at the contents before your fingers ghost over the strand of pearls inside. “These are … were …”

Bruce nods, “They’re mom’s pearls. Dad gave them to her, they were one of her most prized possessions. Seems only right, that you should have them.”

You glance at him, “Are you sure?”

He nods, “My neck is too thick to wear them.”

You laugh as he helps you put them on. Once they’re around your neck you walk back to the spot where Barry and Richard are waiting. Your nephew seems a little puzzled over something, but Barry simply smiles at you. Extending his arm he asks, “You ready?”

You nod, “Always.”

Good Morning|M| Oneshot

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Pairing: Readerx Jimin

Genre: Fluffy Smut, Smutty Fluff? PWP, slight dom/sub, switch Jimin 

Words: 3,889 

A/n: So I had a dream of something like this and let me tell you, Best. Dream. Ever. That is all. I hope you enjoy cute, sexy, Jimin my loves. 

There’s a storm outside, you can feel it before you even open your eyes. The wind is whistling a fast paced tune, rattling the windows and seeping through each crack in the house. The cold winds itself around you, but you are safe. The bed is a warm cavern, layered in mismatched piles of blankets and pillows. When you do open your eyes you see the room bathed in a chill white light streaming from the window. Somehow you are surprised even though the weather channel had warned your town about the upcoming snowstorm way in advance. A small, pure, part of you wants to scramble out of bed and look out the window like you did when you were still a kid in school. If there was a lot, a spark of relief and joy would surge through you, excited at the prospect of staying home and playing later after a few more hours of sleep. However, the bitter chill of a winter morning stinks your cheeks and the heavy arm over your side keeps you still. Still, a gentle smile graces your lips at the weight the lays securely around your body. Without looking, you place your hand on the hand on your stomach and wake the butterflies that live there and have lived there even before the first snow fall. Smoothly, to keep from waking him you turn in your place.

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a beauty unfathomable

pairing: jaehyun x reader
genre: fluff
word count: 1.205
about: a collection of moments in which jaehyun finds you to be the most beautiful girl in the world.

“beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” — kahlil gibran

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anonymous asked:

My I ask why do you always paint Hope to be bad? I mean I understand Rage gets a bad rep but Hope isn't dellutional or is it weak! I just want to understand why you say these things. Yes Rage is good and better and strong and faulty but Hope players are not dellutional weaklings that can't except things 😯 please do tell me why you believe so negtivly about Hope it can't be that bad of an aspect.

the only reason I feel the need to showcase where Hope can be bad and where Rage can be good is because overwhelmingly in fandom I see people who really believe that Hope can’t be bad, or Rage can’t be good, they get stereotyped in a very bad way where one is truly pure and one is truly evil 

or even if they can be good or bad, it’s a rarely if ever at all, when it’s really not, for both Rage and Hope they can be good or bad 50/50, equally. but nobody really sees that

so whenever people bring it up I focus on the other side, because I feel like the places where Hope is obviously good and Rage is obviously bad has been done to death, I dont really have anything new to add and also because I want to try to balance out this black and white view for these aspects

the thing you should focus on here is that both Aspects are equally Good and Bad, but because people have trouble seeing the not so obvious connections of RageGood and HopeBad, that’s usually the one I end up explaining

talking where Hope is Good and Rage is Bad I feel like is much more obvious, and needs less explaining/focus

❝ Do you want to go to my place? ❞ Part2

Plot: You and Heechul get drunk at a members party and kiss(part 1) Months later you fall pregnant and do not tell him, but he find out (part 2)

Pairing: Heechul x Reader

Words count: 2,9k+

Genre: Angst, drama with slight fluff

For anon , I hope you like it ^^


Part 1

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

The front door opened a sloppy kisses could be heard, along with the clumsy actions of removing shoes. You had thrown your purse somewhere in the darkness, not that you cared at that moment. Heechul has his tongue in your mouth as he shut the door and pressed you up against it. Launching yourself up, you wrapped your legs around his waist as your dress rode up slightly. He supported you with his hands as he carried you to what you assumed was his bedroom. He kicked the door close and threw you on the bed. Clothing was quickly thrown off, as he was on top of you. His lips explored your body as your nails racked his back. He nibbled on your lower lip as you moaned, gaining him access to your hot cavern. Their tongues fought for dominance before falling into an erotic dance. Leaving your lips, he kissed the corner of your mouth then jawline with him reattaching to your neck. Sucking and biting at the crook of your neck which earned him a sensual moan as he created his artwork in his drunken state.

Kissing the hickey one last time, he kissed down your chest and through your channel, down your stomach and landed between your legs. You bit down on your lower lip as Heechul kissed your inner thigh which sent electric shocks down her spin. Your head was spinning from the alcohol that ran rampant through your system, but that just urged this action on.

Intimate moans echoed around the room with the accompaniment of the sound of flesh against flesh. With ever thrust he made, you match it with a moan which just turned him on even more causing him to move faster. He was neither rough nor hard but still fast in his thrusts. His movement were strong yet passionate as your bodies rocked together with lips attached at any given moment. The duvet was draped around Heechul’s waist as you both went at it. Time passed as you both spent your intimate moment together. After a few rounds around the room, they finally settled in bed, breathless, sweaty and completely dazed from the alcohol.


‘Are you feeling any better?’ Your friend Seunghee asked.

‘Nope!’ You ran straight to the bathroom to throw up for the nth time.

‘You sure you don’t have alcohol poisoning from the party?’ She asked.

‘Two weeks later?’ You asked with a raised brow, ‘Are you being for real?!’

Since the night with Heechul, you remember waking up and parting ways. There was no heart felt moments but just splitting. You really didn’t remember what transpired that evening, besides you sleeping with him. Now two weeks later you were suffering with nausea and you had no idea why. It wasn’t food poisoning, because you couldn’t stomach anything down and neither was it the flu. Draped across the toilet, you just felt like a mess. There was one other possible manner, but you didn’t even wanna think about it.

‘Some vitamin C tablets?’ You found yourself at a pharmacy with Seunghee.

You had ventured past the pregnancy test section and quickly grabbed it, ‘Ah yeah, mind going and grabbing some groceries and I will pay.’

‘Sure but-’


You had cut her off and purchased the test. Arriving home, you parted way with her and went to the bathroom. Doing it, you sat on the bathtub waiting for the results and you had lost all colour in your face. You were pregnant, and with Kim Heechul’s child. All rational thought was thrown out the window as you ran and hit dial on your phone. You paced up and down waiting for the person to pick up.

‘Hello?’ The person answered.

‘Hyerim-ah?’ You question in a panic.

‘What’s up, Y/N?’

‘Can you come over? It’s an emergency!’

Without having to argue, she hung up and was on the way to you. Being the girlfriend to Leeteuk, you didn’t want her really involved with you being sick, but now her best friend roll was going to be important. Arriving, you dragged her in the apartment and began to explain everything to her. She was polite in the manner of not interrupting, but once you were done, she exploded.

‘Are you going to tell him?’ She asked, hands in her hair.

‘No…’ You said softly.

‘Why not?’ Hyerim questioned, ‘Are you insane?! This is his child, Y/N!’

‘Born out of wedlock!’ You reasoned, ‘Plus he would never want the baby, he is an idol. He has a life that is already busy, and a baby wouldn’t make it better. Please don’t tell him, or Jungsu for that matter.’

Your best friend looked at your pleading face, ‘Fine but you will have tell him….eventually.’

And eventually was slowly approaching. You were now approaching your due date. Truth be told, many people didn’t even think you were pregnant, because the baby bump wasn’t as big as they normally would be. You were described as a ‘fit’ pregnancy. Since the last trimester arrived, Hyerim had been bothering you with telling Heechul. You hadn’t seen him or the boys since the incident. The singer had tired to keep in contact with you so much, since you were friends before this incident. Every try he made, you shut down.

‘How is Y/N?’ A sultry voice asked, ‘I miss her.’

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John Murphy: Happy Again


Summary: It’s unusually hot day, but reader refuses to take off her jacket, fearing they would see the bruises she got from her abusive boyfriend. That leads to her collapsing from the heat. Then she tells John how she got the bruises and he beats her boyfriend and comforts her, reassuring her she’ll be fine.

Word Count: 1223

Originally posted by mctatestilinski

“P-please,” I stuttered, streams of tears running down my cheeks as Tom gripped me by my arms so rough I was afraid he would break my bones. I was sure big bruises would cover that spots later, but now it was the least of my worries. I was afraid of what would come next.

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MBTI as murderers

ENTJ: they killed their victim so well and cleaned up all their tracks that no one could possibly trace it back to them

ESTJ: they planned their victim’s murder for years until there was no way something could go wrong

ENTP: they’ve had the murder in their heads for such a long time it drove them crazy and they ended up killing more people than they intended

ESTP: they axe-murderer who kills for fun, also at random. Practically impossible to narrow down because they just kill for thrill

ENFJ: killed someone they knew on accident in a spontaneous rage, then tried to cover their tracks, but turned themselves in eventually

ESFJ: the one who killed their cheating husband/wife, but everyone felt so bad for them that no one even suspected it was them that was the murderer 

ENFP: made the murder as dramatic as possible 

ESFP: they’d go on killing sprees when they feel like it, probably also a sniper so they wouldn’t have to interact with their victims at all

INTJ: they ingeniously made the murder so confusing, inside and out, that the police call it a suicide and the case is dropped… until the INTJ rises again. 

ISTJ: someone told them they could never get away with murder and they did it just to prove them wrong

INTP: They stalked their victim with security cameras they put all over their house and then gave them a dose of poison in their beverage

ISTP: Did something weird to their car engine so it exploded in the middle of nowhere. No fingerprints. No evidence. Burned the victim alive.

INFJ: the one that lured their victim into a dark place where they shot them with a gun

ISFJ: Killed their victim by getting close to them, then at the most unexpected moment poisoned their food and watched them die for satisfaction

ISFP: The killer who led them into a forest that they knew like the back of their hand. Basically their victim was already dead before they stepped foot into the forest. 

INFP: Thought of the most creative, psychotic way to kill their victim and then pulled through, but realized what she/he did and then accepted the criminal in them & committed ten more murders.  

anonymous asked:

Rowan has a nightmare!

Rowan hummed with utter happiness.  The grass beneath him was soft, the sun above him was warm, and Lyria’s form, curled into his side, was like a balm to his soul.  Carding his fingers through her white blonde hair, Rowan pressed a soft kiss to the crown of her head.  She sighed, her warm breath caressing the skin of his neck.  A shiver of pleasure ran down his spine at the feeling.  Brushing her thumb against the thin cotton shirt stretched against Rowan’s chest, Lyria sat up so she could lean over Rowan.  

Rowan smiled up at her, wishing he could freeze time and keep them in this moment, just the way they were, forever.  He’’d give up anything to keep staring into her bright, light green eyes.  “I love you, Rowan,” she pressed her palm to his cheek before leaning down to kiss him.  Knowing Lyria’s nature–soft, shy–Rowan knew she meant for the kiss to be brief and chaste.  That was not his nature, though, so when she began to pull away, Rowan reached up and tangled his fingers into her long, wavy hair at the base of her neck and pulled her down for a proper kiss. Lyria didn’t hesitate to open her mouth to him, immediately submitting to his dominance.  Rowan groaned into her mouth, his hand twitching with the desire to pull on her hair.  Lyria didn’t like such roughness, though, and so he held himself back.  Something wet dropped onto his cheek, distracting Rowan enough to make him pull back.

You didn’t save me, Rowan.”  Lyria whispered, her eyes sad and full of tears.  Blood ran from her nose and ears in streams, flooding down onto Rowan’s face and down her chin and neck.  Rowan was frozen.  He couldn’t move.  He could only watch as more and more blood poured out of her.  “And you can’t save her.

Who?”  He rasped, barely able to form the word.  His brows furrowed.  He didn’t care about anyone else.  Just Lyria.  Only Lyria.  Lyria, his beautiful, kind mate, who he couldn’t help.  Couldn’t save.  He felt helpless and small, like a new born babe.  He couldn’t move, and he couldn’t look away.  But then Lyria began to change.  Her white blonde hair turned golden.  Her green eyes turned blue.  Scars appeared all over her skin, which began to tan and darken before his eyes.  Before he knew it, he was no longer looking at Lyria, he was looking at–

Aelin,” he whimpered, his heart constricted and his chest feeling as if it was caving in on himself.  He needed to move.  He needed to help her.  The blood hadn’t stopped.  It kept pouring from her nose and ears, and soon began to drip from her eyes, mixing in with her tears.  This couldn’t be happening, Rowan thought, not now.  Not after he’d just found her.  His mate, his life, his everything.  His hands shook with his effort to move them.  He needed to touch her, protect her, save her!  Then her scars opened and they, too, began to bleed.

You can’t save me, Rowan,” she told him.  Her eyes, those brilliant blue eyes surrounded by a ringlet of gold, darkened and dimmed as her life began to fade.  She coughed, blood spurted out from her mouth and sprayed his face, but he didn’t even blink.  He breaths were choppy, short.  She couldn’t breath.  Looking up at him through her eyelids, Aelin tried to raise a hand and touch his face.  Rowan felt just the barest hint of her touch on his cheek before her hand fell away, her body too weak to support the movement.  

You can’t save me,” she said again.  She wheezed in one last breath before closing her eyes.  Tension seeped out of her body and she began to fall backwards, away from Rowan.  

No, Rowan thought, no no no no no–

“Aelin!”  Rowan shouted himself awake, bolting upright in his bed aboard the ship.  His green eyes glinted in the darkness as he looked around his cabin for the mate that was no longer by his side.  A cold sweat covered his body, and his muscles spasmed with aftershocks of his nightmare.  Memories flooded his mind.  Maeve kidnapping Aelin.  Meave disappearing with her aboard a ship.  Aelin sacrificing herself for the people she loved.  Realizing Aelin was his mate.  

Rowan growled, deep and low, not caring who he woke up.  He barred his fangs and tore apart anything and everything he could get his hands on in his rage.  Feathers covered the room from torn pillows.  Shards of wood were scattered across the floor.  The ship rocked sharply from side to side as his winds ravaged the skies outside.  Only when there was nothing left to destroy did rest.  His body suddenly gave out on him and he sat in the middle of his room, amidst his carnage.  He wished there was a village nearby he could destroy.  He wished Maeve were here so he could rip out her throat.  After several shaky breathes, however, he scolded himself.  Wishing wouldn’t help him–wouldn’t help Aelin.  He needed to keep his wits about him.  He needed to keep his sanity in tact.  So he repeated the only words of comfort he still had in his head over and over again.  The same words he’d repeated in his mind, like a mantra, ever since arriving on the beach that fateful day to find his wife gone.

He was Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius.

And he would get Aelin back.              

Dating Mafia!Taeyong

The second part to http://sebooty-lyfe.tumblr.com/post/149305747914/mafia-taeyong-au

•basically to sum it up for anyone who hasn’t read my other post, Mafia leader! Taeyong is a smol eomma that pretends he tough
•you’re Jisung’s noona who is like Taeyong’s girlfriend now I guess and a medical student
•they way he confessed was in the last post so check that out if you want to
•now onto the actual post
•basically Taeyong wears a lot of white dress shirts that are tucked in because he likes to keep it neat
•always has a backup black blazer or leather jacket in his office because he thinks he’s a bad ass
•you sometimes stealing the jacket when you visit because who in their right mind wouldn’t
•he’s not even mad bro
•like you look fucking adorable so he lets it go
•if it was one of the boys, they would have gotten smacked already
•bringing him food when he’s working is a must
•he’s always working and not taking care of himself since he’s busy taking care of the boys so guess who’s left with the job of taking care of him?
•that’s right, it’s you
•always has time for you unless there’s a deadline coming up
•then expect to hand feed him and watch him work
•if he’s not busy though…
•sitting on his lap when he’s eating
•Taeyong trying to be cute and feed you too but you already ate
•him pouting because he can’t feed you
•you giving up and letting him feed you even though you’re full
•the boys spying on you and taking pictures
•especially Jisung because he wants some blackmail on his favorite noona and hyung
•making sure you learn to protect yourself incase he’s not there
•but he’s like always there
•or leaves another boy with you and Jisung
•since you’re a medical student, you help everyone get healed up when there has been a fight or some shit
•you even have your own room for all the medical stuff because Taeyong wants the best for you and his members
•becoming the group’s 2nd eomma when Taeyong is busy
•taking care of the minis and making sure they go to school and not skip like they usually do
•he leaves the scolding to you because you’re better since your Jisung older sister and have a lot of experience scolding him
•when you got kidnapped he looked v v v calm
•and was like deadly silent
•even though he was bad shit crazy on the inside
•everyone was like ‘shit’s about to go down’
•and shit did go down
•you were saved in record time
•Taeyong has many many connections so it wasn’t that hard
•plus the guys who kidnapped you weren’t very smart to begin with if they decided to even touch you
•they didn’t even take the tracking device that Taeyong had on your phone
•when Taeyong found you he scanned you to make sure weren’t hurt
•Sniper!Taeil and Hansol already had most of the guys down
•and assassin!Winwin was already beating the shit out of whoever was left with the help of his partner Kun
•he saw a bruise on your face and did finally explode in rage
•made sure he covered your eyes with his jacket so you don’t see world war 3
•you don’t even try to move it after someone untied your hands and legs
•because when Taeyong is serious, you listen
•and he was scary
•but his jacket also smelled v v nice
•when he came back, his fist were bruised and there was some blood on his white shirt
•but you didn’t care because you instantly held onto him tightly because that was scary as fuck
•he doesn’t let go either
•the others that came with him mentally went ‘aw’
•but that didn’t last long since the cops were going to come soon
•but you guys stayed like that all night
•'never leave me again’
•kisses to where ever it hurt all night
•'I love you so much’
•'I love you too’
•even more kisses + cuddles

Guardians of the Galaxy starters pt. 2

  • “They crumpled my pants up into a ball. That’s rude! They folded yours.”
  • “I ain’t waiting around for some humie with a death wish.”
  • “Companion, what were you retrieving?”
  • “You’re an imbecile.”
  • “Don’t touch that! It’s a bomb.”
  • “You just wanna suck up the fun out of everything.”
  • “If we’re gonna work together, you might wanna try trusting me a little bit.”
  • “How much do you trust me?”
  • “I’d trust you a lot more if you told me what this is.”
  • “We have an agreement, but I would never be partners with the likes of you.”
  • “I don’t need to remind you what happened to the last attendant that disappointed me, do I?”
  • “Now, let’s put more of this liquid into our bodies.”
  • “I’m a warrior and an assassin. I do not dance.”
  • “But then I fooled around and fell in love.”
  • “I know who you are, and I am not some starry-eyed waif here to succumb to your… Your pelvic sorcery!”
  • “That is not what is happening here.”
  • “Let’s see if you can laugh after a good five or six shots to your fricking face!”
  • “Suck it up for one more lousy night and you’re rich.”
  • “That’s exactly why you have no friends.”
  • “Blah, blah, blah. We’re all very fascinated, whitey, but we’d like to get paid.”
  • “What are you, some saint all of a sudden?”
  • “What has the galaxy ever done to you? Why would you want to save it?”
  • “You’re despicable. Dishonorable. Faithless!”
  • “I saw you out there. I don’t know what came over me, but I couldn’t let you die.”
  • “None of this would have happened if you hadn’t single handedly tried to take on a fricking army!”
  • “I was a fool. All the anger, all the rage, was just to cover my loss.”
  • “We’re going to rob the guy who just beat us senseless.”
  • “I have part of a plan.”
  • “What percentage of a plan do you have?”
  • “I wasn’t listening. I was thinking of something else.”
  • “That’s a fake laugh.”
  • “I look around at us. You know what I see? Losers.
  • “Usually life takes more than it gives, but not today.”
  • “I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die among my friends.”
  • “You are an honorable man. I will fight beside you.”
  • “Oh, what the hell. I don’t got that long a lifespan anyway.”
  • “We’re all standing up now. Bunch of jackasses standing in a circle.”
  • “This is a terrible plan.”
  • “I don’t believe anyone is 100% dick.”
  • “For the record, I advised against trusting you here.”
  • “They got my dick message!”
  • “When did you learn to do that?”
  • “I want you to know that I am grateful for your acceptance after my blunders.”
  • “Finger to the throat means death.”
  • “No, you can’t. You’ll die, you idiot.”
  • “Dance-off, bro. Me and you.”
  • “I’m distracting you, you big turd blossom.”
  • “I may be as pretty as an angel, but I sure as hell ain’t one.”
  • “So what should we do next? Something good? Something bad? A bit of both?”