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Awhile ago I saw @portentous-offerings make a post about how Marinette’s parents would react if they found out she was ladybug in response to an anon question, and she said something about her parents sending food with her on patrols to share with Chat Noir and it made me think about how touched he would be if parents who’ve never even met him were looking out for him when he barely even has one parent on his side at home. 

God, aksjgasg, Ao3 is a bitch ok xD

HERE IT IS!!!!! God, it feels so good to be posting this! @aniscribbles and I have been so hyped about this you have no idea, like apsfjgafh…. Anyways, it’s here, in its glory, our love child: The Rift. 

This is a Dragon Age Inquisition AU, and it’s tagged as both fandoms, but the characters, for the most part, will be Voltron. Some of the original DA:I characters may make cameos, but we will get there when we get there. ;D

Summary: After the Conclave blew up in everyone’s face, the whole world went to shit. Lance didn’t know what to make of it, but there was no way he would join the Inquisition to become their tool. Sure, he could close the rifts now, by some miracle - accident in his humble opinion - and he was doing his best to close them on his own. Trouble was, they were getting worse as time went on. After being tossed by a shade, he was seriously reconsidering doing this by himself. Needless to say, he got lucky that a cute Seeker came to his rescue after getting caught in a dragon’s nest; the only problem was that cute Seeker was trying his damnedest to recruit him into the Inquisition.

Word Count: 2456


Chapters: [1]

Art: [1]

Lance clapped the dirt off his hands as he straightened up. He was almost done collecting all of the elfroot he would need to replenish his potion stores. After taking on the last rift, he had depleted most of it. Those demons were the nastiest things he has ever had to deal with in a long time, ever since getting the Mark. That had been a painful experience.

He crept along the cliff face, keeping an eye out for more elfroot. If he was lucky he would stumble upon sprouts of royal elfroot. That specific plant was a more potent species, and the potions he could create from it made his life a lot easier when he was dealing with a nasty rift. Like the one the other day. Lance was still pretty sore from being tossed around by a shade. At least he knew what healing magic he could glean from his mother’s grimoire before the sky opened and he was left alone. That had been about five years ago. There had been a call for all mages of any representation, whether it be a circle mage or an apostate like himself and his mother to attend a meeting with the chantry.

And boy, that went really well.

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Mad Jack and Inner Jack?

So I keep seeing posts that this fella here, Mad Jack:

Is the same being as what we’ve been collectively referring to as Inner Jack:

Now I’ve tried to find any actual confirmations for this and came up short, but once the theory was brought to my attention I gotta admit the pieces are there, and they do add up.

So for some context, Mad Jack was a physical manifestation of Jack’s anger and frustration brought into existence by Aku. The point was that if none of his bounty hunters could kill Jack, then maybe Jack himself could. Naturally Jack won out in the end, but he did so not through continuing to fight a pointless battle, but by finding peace with himself and coming to terms with his rage.

Quite interesting in this whole ordeal is that Jack quite literally absorbed Mad Jack into himself. A physical form could not be sustained if Jack himself refused to give into his negative emotions.

Now this was all the way back in Season 1, and we haven’t seen Mad Jack since… But just because you conquer your anger once doesn’t mean it won’t creep back up again.

Case in point:

Now, it’s quite clear that whether or not Mad Jack and Inner Jack are the same being, this is where they manifested. Right after Aku destroyed the last time portal, destroying and and all hope the samurai had of getting back home. The teeth are especially notable here, because we’ll be seeing them again later.

Of course, right after this is where Jack loses control of himself and slaughters the innocent goats Aku had cursed. Jack is noticeably horrified when he snaps out of it, and since the sword is a holy weapon it nopes the fuck out of there and falls down a chasm and presumably back into the realm of the gods.

Therefore causing Jack to lose that last bit of hope he didn’t even know he still had, and he spends the next 50 years wandering around with no purpose in life. His restored rage is already causing problems for him.

So fast forward through those lost 50 years, to Season 5, and the first time we’re introduced to Inner Jack is during the initial battle with the Daughters of Aku, when Jack is hiding under the carcass of a beetle drone.

And my he makes quite a splash doesn’t he? Wreathed in sharp shadows, he exists only to torment and taunt Jack over his mistakes, even going so far as to suggest seppuku as “the only honorable thing left to do.” Whatever his origins, whether or not it’s just Jack hallucinating his most repressed thoughts, it’s evident that Inner Jack does not have his best intentions in mind.

However it’s episodes 3 and 4 of Season 5 that offer the most prominent foreshadowing for the potential reveal later on in the season.

Look at it, that’s only a face a mother could love. Brought on by Jack’s deteriorated state after being heavily wounded the previous episode, the Inner Jack here is twisted and filled with obvious malice. A product of his delirious mind, the hallucination mocks Jack over taking his first actual human life, “Real flesh and blood.” But the clue here is just how demented Inner Jack looks in this appearance.

In episode 4, Inner Jack is looking the calmest and most normal he ever has, reflecting Jack’s recovered state of mind and the benefit of actually having someone to talk to… Even if it is a brainwashed assassin raised to kill him. But there are a few things to note from this appearance. First, Inner Jack outright advocates for abandoning Ashi to a painful demise inside of the beast they’re both trapped in. Despite his more cordial demeanor and calmer appearance, Inner Jack still never has Jack’s best interests in mind.

Second, Inner Jack actually notices Ashi’s been taken by one of the creatures living inside the giant beast before even Jack himself does. Inner Jack is the one to alert Jack to Ashi’s disappearance.

That casts an interesting light over just what Inner Jack actually is. By this point we’d all been assuming Inner Jack was just a hallucination, a sign of how far gone Jack is after all this time. True, it’s possible that Inner Jack noticing was simply Jack’s own way of noticing Ashi was gone but… It does imply some degree of independence of Inner Jack’s part.

That he might not be just a hallucination.

Inner Jack takes a break for a few episodes, but his reappearance in episode 7 is where the pieces all start coming together in regards to his connection with Mad Jack.

Jack goes on a spiritual quest to reclaim his lost sword, and he comes across a monk who tells him to make tea. Once finished, Jack gives the monk the tea, who’s response to to claim the tea is terrible. That Jack is unbalanced. This is where Inner Jack manifests completely, and looking the most like Mad Jack he ever has.

A red color scheme, the color of rage and anger. Teeth like daggers, and drawn as this twisted, monstrous thing… This is the point where Inner Jack drops all pretenses, and starts acting exactly like Mad Jack. Right down to the voice. Screaming against the injustices of the world. That the monk is deceiving them. That he’s the only reason the two of them have survived this long. 

It gets to the point that Inner Jack actually hits Jack, and it’s a strike that lands and causes Jack to go tumbling through some panels. That’s no mere hallucination, even taking into account the spiritual journey Jack is on at that moment.

But perhaps the most damning thing? That Inner Jack yells at Jack, and calls him a fool. Just like Mad Jack.

It’s never explicitly stated, but the implications are there.

Inner Jack and Mad Jack share far too many similarities for it to be just mere coincidence. Though the latter was initially manifested by Aku’s magic, it’s important to note that he was explicitly part of Jack from the very beginning. His anger. His frustration. He may have been kept under control for the time being, but it’s always possible to lose control and give into one’s darker emotions.

Then it’s just a matter of confronting them and refusing to give in.


*Warning: This fic features a grabby barfly with 19th century views of women.*

     You smelt him before you felt his rough hands clamp tightly around your waist.

     You’d barely taken two steps into the filthy canteen before the reality of where you were truly sunk in.

     You looked around with a sinking feeling at the men who watched you – all the men –and the other women in the bar, you being the only one of which who didn’t have yellow stained teeth and sores around your mouth.

     This wasn’t a movie. There were no heroic loners to stand up to the man, no unnaturally attractive people for they time they were living in – you and your current company excluded. This was the cold reality of humanity’s past.

     Women weren’t treated as equals. Human life was thrown away over frivolous disputes or the preservation of honor. The romanticized version fed to us by Hollywood just didn’t hold up.

     So when you were yanked back against a reeking, dirt-covered man’s chest, you had to reign in the genuine fear that surged through you, had to force yourself to keep a level head.

     You suppressed a gag as the man’s foul-smelling breath snaked around your senses, his meaty fingers digging into your corset-clad waist. You took a steadying breath and started to spin. Then your elbow was colliding with the man’s chin before he even had a chance to speak, stumbling back further as Dean shoved his chest and pulled you behind him.

     “Back the hell up, asshole!” Dean barked.

     You had no doubt that the men in this hell hole were used to needing nothing more than brute strength to get girls to submit to their desires, and knew that they would have no idea what to with a woman – or anyone, for that matter – who actually knew how to fight, but still…

     You latched onto Dean’s arm and allowed him to lead you back to the bar, allowed the men eyeing you with no attempt at subtlety to know that if they even so much as looked at you the wrong way they would find themselves on the wrong end of the stranger’s pistol.

     “You okay?” Dean asked as gently as he could manage, rage still clearly coloring his voice even if it wasn’t aimed at you.

     You smiled and nodded, reassuring both Dean and the brother coming up behind him with no small amount of worry in his features. “Yeah, I’m alright.” You squeezed the eldest Winchester’s hand. “Thank you.”

     You could take anyone here, there was no doubt in your mind, but you weren’t arrogant enough to let your stung pride get in the way of excepting help from someone who cared about you.

     Better safe than sorry, right?

*These gifs are not mine, both the gifs are from Google Images*

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When looking into your eyes I want to be able to see the reflection of all the places you’ve been when you speak of them. I want to see the mountains you climbed and the sea of trees you walked through. I want to feel the intensity of the waves when you talk about the ocean and feel the warmth creep up on me when you talk about the sun. I want to gaze upon your face and see shooting stars across your eyes while you’re lost looking at the moon. I don’t want to witness just the good, I want to see the bad too, because that is also part of you. I want to see the shadows loom over you when you get angry. See your eyes turn deep in color with rage when your battling the demons inside your head and see them soften when you are feeling sad. I want to see the tears fall from your eyes and be the one to wipe those drops away. I want to hear your voice rise when you are passionate about a subject that hits you right in the heart. I want to see all of you, all the twist and all the turns.. I want to see everything that makes you who you are.

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ficlet: rainbow hues

She wonders if color would be so important, if they hadn’t all become friends this way. She wonders if she’d see them in such vivid hues, if they hadn’t become Rangers. She can’t imagine it any other way.

Color just makes so much sense.

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i’ve always wondered what it would be like to live inside the self titled album. how does color seep into a world that’s so devoid of it? sometimes i feel like the only color in my whole world is the hurricane of color raging behind my eyes.

if i find a way to calm the storm, i can paint a world of black and white.

but a hurricane is so easy to drown in.

Loving him was Red. Burning Red.

Prompt: Soulmate AU. Both you and your soulmate are born color blind until you meet each other.

Pairing: Reader x Jason Todd/Red Hood

Warning: Angst, tragedy, death, blood.

Author’s note: I’m secretly the biggest Taylor Swift fan ever so I casually slipped in some lyrics. But not enough to consider this a songfic. Sorry, not sorry that this fic is so long. I thought about making this a two-part series but changed my mind at the last minute. Needless to say, I may have gotten carried away. On a totally unrelated note, I’m from Canada so writing this fic felt extremely weird since we spell the words “color” and “gray” differently. That being said, get your tissue box ready and prepare to have your heart torn out of your chest in the most gruesome way imaginable.

The idea of having a soulmate has always been very abstract to you. Though the notion of soulmates has been explained to you time and time again, you never seemed to be able to grasp the concept.

Perhaps it’s because it’s merely impossible to describe color to a color-blind person. Since it’s literally impossible to imagine a color; when your parents and teachers told you about such an obscure concept you were unable to truly understand. Sure, the theory behind it all made sense. In your physics class, you had learned all about the different wavelengths. Heck, you had even gotten a perfect score on your exam!

Maybe your lack of comprehension regarding the matter derived from the fact that soulmates were extremely rare. Only select few were lucky enough to marry their soulmates. The odds were stacked against you. Even your physics teacher couldn’t see colors. The very person to teach you about the principles behind this spectacular phenomenon had never experienced it. Ergo, how could you possibly be expected to fully understand?

Despite your dearest efforts, having never known a life that wasn’t black, white and a million shades of gray, picturing the world in color simply couldn’t be done. You’d stay up late at night trying to visualize what it would be like to acquire this magnificent gift. Whenever you came across a lucky star or a birthday candle your wish would be to one day meet your soul mate. You dearly wanted to have that fairytale ending. All you ever dreamed about was to be the exception to the rule.

However, you never envisioned what the cruel universe had planned for you.

After graduating high school, you decided to move to Gotham city. Your parents weren’t in favor of their only child moving across the country to the crime capital of the world. However, you had been offered a full scholarship from the Gotham University in the program of your choosing. Your parents understood that this wasn’t an offer you could refuse. It was the opportunity of a lifetime.

You moved over to the big city during summer break. You had found yourself a small apartment a few blocks away from campus and walking distance from the grocery store. It wasn’t anything fancy but it was all you needed.

That summer you began to experience something rather strange.

It all begun at the farmer’s market, one Sunday afternoon. You were out buying some fresh vegetables when you accidently bumped into a stranger in the crowd. Suddenly, you could’ve sworn that the tomato in your hand shifted from a dark gray color to a dull red for a split second. But in the blink of an eye, the tint had faded.

You weren’t sure what had just happened, you didn’t even realize that the somber blackish red pigment was a color. Since this was your very first time ever encountering it. You probably would’ve even known what to call the color had you been aware of its brief appearance.  

The next time you came upon this strange sensation was a few weeks later at the library. You were reading your favorite book in the back corner of the old establishment, to avoid getting disturbed. Coincidently, that very same day Jason found himself at the library reading the same book in the adjacent aisle. Neither one of you noticed the presence of the other, since the large book shelved divided you. But it was close enough for your senses to grow faintly stronger.

You didn’t notice the effects that Jason’s mere presence had on you until a few hours later. You were at a coffee shop when you abruptly saw something odd in the corner of your eye. You swiftly turned around and immediately noticed that the restaurant’s logo had unfamiliar tone. The logo that you were staring at was the same color as the tomato that you had held in your hands a few weeks prior. A red so dark it could’ve easily been mistaken for black. The only difference was that this time it lasted a few minutes which gave you time to inspect it closely.

There was no mistaken, you knew exactly what you had seen this time. Naturally, you began to ask yourself a million questions. “Is it really happening? Who is he? Where is he? When will our paths cross again? Will they ever cross again? Where will they cross? Is he also freaking out?” Your brain was racing at the speed of light. All this excitement and intrigue made it impossible for you to fall asleep. Your mind kept playing out various scenarios of your enchanting encounter with this mystery man. You couldn’t help but wonder how it would all unravel. The only thing that you knew with absolute certainty was that your knight in shining armor was in Gotham.

The following day, you went out with a few colleagues for some drinks after a long hard week.

Since it was Friday, yourself and your coworkers stayed at the bar until last call, having a few too many drinks. The bar was located a few blocks away from your apartment ergo, you decided to walk home to avoid having to pay for a cab.

On your way home, you opted for the shortcut. To avoid lurking around the small dark alley, you picked up your pace. But it was no use. Waiting for you in the shadows was a group of lowlifes ready to ambush their prey.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” said the first shadow, eyeing you like a predator about to pounce. “Scream and I’ll cut your throat, bitch.” He threatened.

You felt shivers running down your spine leaving you paralyzed. “P-p-p-please.” You whimpered in absolute terror.

“Relax baby doll, we won’t hurt you. I promise, it’s just a game. Don’t you want to play?” Added the second creep.

By the time you realized that you had made a terrible mistake, the thugs had you surrounded. It was too late to escape and you knew it.

“I would love to play.” Echoed a voice from a nearby rooftop. “But I’m warning you, you’re going to lose.”

In a matter of seconds, the men were disarmed and knocked out by the fabled Red Hood. “Are you alright?” The red hood questioned slowly approaching you. “I can escort you back home if you’d like.”

“I-I’m just shaken up.” You replied. “I’m [Y/N], thank you for saving me.”

“It’s what I do best.” Said the masked vigilante arrogantly. “Now how about we get you home safely?” he then proceeded to wrap his arm around your shoulder for comfort.

As soon as your bodies made contact, the pair of you were hit with a jolt of pure raw energy. It was exhilarating, like fireworks! You felt your soul being kissed by a hint of magic. Colors bursting left and right. Like a euphoric symphony. It was undeniably love at first sight. It felt like finally coming up for a breath of fresh air after being dragged underwater. Neither one of you could say a word. Yet, somehow you both knew exactly what the other was feeling. While the rest of the world was black and white, you were in screaming color.

The walk home was enchanting. The raging colors were overwhelming. Not to mention that against all odds you had met your soulmate. You were in a trance. It all felt like a dream, the most exquisite dream you would ever have. You never wanted to wake up. For a moment, everything was perfect.

When you finally reached your doorstep, the silence broke. “Would you like to come in?” You offered hopefully.

“Of course. I would be delighted. Please, lead the way”

You fumbled for your keys still a little bit drunk, “Got them!” unlocked the door and waltz in, “Welcome to my humble abode!” you exclaimed.

“Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stay very long, duty calls. But I promise that I will make it up to you darling. How about tomorrow at 8 O’clock? I’ll pick you up?” Before you could answer, your masked vigilante had disappeared into the shadows.

If it weren’t for the alcohol in your system you wouldn’t’ve been able to fall asleep. The events that had just occurred were allot to process. You were awakened by the sound of the doorbell. You rushed down in hopes of being reunited with the mystery man but instead found a large bouquet of red roses, a beautifully golden wrapped box topped with a red bow and a note on your doorstep.

You frantically ran out in your pajamas in hopes of seeing whoever sent you these gifts but didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary outside aside from a wave of lyrical colors. After giving up the hopeless chase, you walked back into your apartment with the gifts.

You set the box on the counter and put roses on the dining room table to be properly displayed. Afterward, you sat down and carefully opened the delicate envelope. Inside, read a note that said:

Remember, 8 pm sharp. –XOXO

A smile grew wide upon your face as you gently set the note down and delicately unwrapped the beautiful golden box with the red bow. Inside, laid a gorgeous red silk dress along with a second note that said:

Thought I’d help you pick out something nice to wear on our first date. –XOXO

“Who is this guy?” You thought to yourself.

The rest of your day was spent attempting to find the perfect shoes and getting your: nails, hair, and makeup done. You were about to go on the most important date of your life. Naturally, you desperately wanted everything to be perfect. The butterflies accumulated in your stomach caused by a fusion of anxiousness and nervousness made you feel sick.

But all those feeling vanished, the moment the doorbell rang and you opened the door revealing a handsome blue-eyed gentleman. “Good evening Miss. [Y/L/N], you look stunning.”

“Good evening …”

“Todd, Jason Todd. But all my friends call me Jay.”

“Good evening Jay,” you say while blushing, “It’s so nice to finally meet the man behind the mask.”

“Are you ready?”


Jason then kindly escorts you to the limousine awaiting you at the end of your driveway. About 15 minutes later you arrived at your destination. An elegant restaurant located just outside the city lines.

Having recently moved to Gotham and not being familiar with Bruce Wayne’s long list of adopted kids you can’t help but ask Jason the most ridiculous question. “Did the Red Hood rob a bank in order to afford all these luxurious surprises?”

Jason chuckled and replied, “No, I’m Bruce Wayne’s adopted son. My father owns this restaurant along with numerous other small companies all operating under Wayne Enterprises.”

As the night progressed you feel more and more in love with this perfect stranger as you grew to know him better. He told you everything about himself. He told you about his family growing up followed by his adventures while living in the streets of Gotham. Then he told the stories about later being adopted by Bruce Wayne, taking over the robin mantle only to be brutally murdered by the Joker and resurrected by a madman. Jason even opened up about his rough time settling after being revived and his new-found alias. Despite having numerous questions, you simply listened to every word. You wanted to capture this moment. You wanted to remember all these wonderful yet tragic stories for years to come. You wanted to assure Jason that you would be there for him from now on. You wanted Jason to know that nothing bad would ever happen again because you’d be there this time by his side. You wanted to ensure him that he would never be alone again.

After dinner, he proposed yet another activity. “I know the perfect place but we have to hurry if we don’t want to miss it.”

Roughly five minutes later, you hoped out of the limousine and thanked Alfred once more. When you turned around your jaw dropped leaving you speechless. Jason had brought you to the most beautiful spot in the world. Just outside of the city was this lovely isolated piece of land. it was perfect. You could smell the fresh air, feel the gentle blades of grass brushing up against your legs, hear the birds singing a poetic melody and see mother nature’s majestic reflection in the still water.

That evening you witnessed your very first sunset. It was captivating. The way the colors danced together in the sky was mesmerizing. You were undeniably in love. Watching the sunset with Jason spontaneously became your favorite thing in the world. It felt like all your problems were lifted. Time stood still and all was quiet. No matter how terribly life in the big city treated Jason and yourself, when you would escape to this paradise you felt nothing but peace.

Jason and yourself would take a trip here every single day to watch the seemingly infinite horizon take away pain and replace it with pure ecstasy. Together, you would admire the flares of reds, oranges, pinks and yellows harmoniously waltz in the heavens.

Alas, Tragedy struck.

Without a warning, fate intervened and robbed you of you most prized procession. It mercilessly stole your one and only source of happiness. Fate was like a ruthless wind. A cruel cold blooded murderer. A violent storm, a force of nature not to be reckoned with. It barged in uninvited and left behind nothing but soul crushing agony.

One stormy night, while you were at home sleeping you heard your bedroom window crack open. However, this didn’t startle you, Jason routinely entered your apartment through the window after patrol. Thus, you didn’t open your eyes and stayed in bed to avoid being up for the remainder of the night. But this time was different. Jason’s body fumbled through the small crack and collapsed on your bedroom’s floor.

A loud thump woke you up from your semi-conscious state. “JASON!” you cried out.  “What in God’s name happened?” you inquired running over to his lifeless body. As soon as you reached him you immediately check his vital signs. Jason’s pulse was weak and his breath was shallow. “D-Don’t worry, everything will be okay. I-I’ll make everything better. J-just stay with me, Jay. Keep your eyes on me.” You frantically said.

“[Y/N], I love you.” Comforted Jason while gently whipping the tears streaming down your face simultaneously leaving an auburn streak on your cheek.

“No, no, no. Stay with me, baby. Don’t you dare leave me like this. I’m not ready to lose you, Jay. I love you.” You cried out while struggling to acquire help. Instinctively you began applying pressure to Jason’s gunshot wounds. But it was no use. A pool of blood had already formed itself. And Jason’s limp arm abruptly hit the ground splashing your face with blood.

Just like that, you knew. You knew he was gone. The love of your life had abandoned you. The thick crimson liquid stained the cold hardwood floor. The vermilion warm fluid ran down your arms. Jason’s blood left a scarlet trace all over both of your clothes. Red. Red was the very last color you would ever see. It burned itself into your mind. From that moment to the end of eternity you would be scared by the devil’s color.

It was ironic how red had once been your favorite color. Not only was it the first color you had ever scene. But it was Jason’s color. That entrancing ruby red used to remind you of the tomato from the farmer’s market, the logo from the coffee shop, the dress you wore on your first date and the roses that Jason had surprised you with. Cherry red, the color that once symbolized love had now become the color of demise.

A few hours later, when the sun rose you came to the terrible realization that you would never be able to go back to your special spot with Jason. The place where you could see the fire burning in the atmosphere. This broke your already shattered heart. Knowing that the sun would keep on rising and setting day in and day out but you would not be capable of admiring it was devastating.

Becoming color blind made you realize just how real everything was. That this wasn’t just some sort of nightmare. That Jason was gone forever. That you would never see your soulmate ever again. That Jason’s comforting voice was nothing more than a memory that would fade away with time. That his comforting touch wouldn’t be felt when you craved his warm embrace. That the smell of old books, leather, gunpowder, cigarettes and aged scotch would slowly vanish from the apartment you shared.

After Jason’s death, the world not only became black, white and a million shades of gray but it became somber. Your world became darker than ever. It was as if someone had turned the lights off.