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I want to ask about rage disorders? I can't just grasp the feeling of being perpetually angry.


It’s not so much perpetually angry, but I feel raw and emotional and the best way to get anyone to leave you alone is to start yelling and slamming things. I get ragey when I feel isolated from help and surrounded by people demanding things from me. I don’t know if that is typical, but it is more of a fear response that translates to aggression. Heightened senses, loss of control of movements, uncontrollable shouting.


I don’t have a rage disorder, but I have rage episodes due to my BPD. I absolutely agree with it being a fear response. I get extremely angry when I get uncomfortable, and for me that manifests in being snappy, shouting, and just this feeling of anger bubbling up inside of me.


I have rage episodes due to my PTSD and I experience perpetual underlying anger. You can imagine it like a warm ball in your stomach and when you get stressed or feel cornered your skin feels too tight and you start snapping at people and/or destroying things because you can’t help yourself (also agree with the fact that starting to yell/slam things is a fast way to get people away from you). I don’t know how it feels for other humans but when you feel okay the ‘anger/warm ball’ is like an energy source that helps you get through the day until something sets you off.

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For me, the overwhelming anger that came with PTSD was set off any time events were out of my control. My control = safe. Out of control = threat = anger because I couldn’t take control (usually because someone was blocking me or placing themselves in authority). This made me a terrible employee.


Mine kinda goes along the: that warm tight feeling in your stomach you get when you’re angry and want to lash out, but at anything, at complete random. Snappy and stormy. But if it’s something I’m predisposed to get angry at then its REALLY angry. Like need for physical violence or just letting my mouth spill every terrible thing i can think of to get the person to repent or back off. Anything to make that disgusting feeling in your stomach go away


I get this when I’m manic sometimes, PARTICULARLY if it’s “that time of the month”. I think it’s also related to anxiety a bit (which spikes around that time as well) but I have to remind myself to not verbally murder anyone who annoys me. I don’t get it as much when I’m depressed though.

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Amidst the light atmosphere of their DOUBLE date (  Atem’s hand curved around Yugi’s , whilst Haga hovered closer to Ryuzaki  ), all had been well and even ENJOYABLE as the four exchanged their thoughts upon common and uncommon interests between. Atem had grown quieter over the length of time, though now patient and humbled gaze flicked towards their SURROUNDINGS for just a moment.

          HOWEVER …

Without warning, the unwarranted name ASSAULTED his ears and the rest of his being SHUDDERED with the unexpected DISPLEASURE that pricked his flesh from it.  Naturally, every FIBER of his dignified body turned to identify the source.  Faster than his mind could register the caller as the insect duelist, Atem SNAPPED an irritable glare directly towards the daring speaker.

          AH … ? ❞ 

Annoyance ran THICK in the hanging response he delivered, waiting for the challenger to TRY again.

“Iwa-chan, please close the window,” Iwaizumi barely flinches, not acknowledging Oikawa’s request. The man moves across the room and Iwaizumi has to hold his hand when he feels Oikawa’s finger around his tight fist. 

Iwaizumi kills him with a tough gaze, not letting go of the rifle. Oikawa’s smile is unnerving. “Please? There’s nothing in the forest haunting us down now. Come inside,” and Oikawa drags him in, because that’s what Oikawa does. Drag people as he pleases, because his word and his will are the only things that matter.

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When people go onto pics/videos/posts about Dino and call him ugly

When people call Dino useless

 “Well wait until Dino becomes older!! Hopefully he’ll become handsome; I mean tons of other idols were ugly before but then they became sexy!!” 

When people tell Dino they don’t care/to put on another member when he goes on Twitter

When people say they’re counting down the days until he becomes of age so that they can “finally write out their fantasies”

When people include every other member except Dino in something

When people genuinely appreciate Lee Chan 


haha. Let the nerd rage commence.


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