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I want to ask about rage disorders? I can't just grasp the feeling of being perpetually angry.


It’s not so much perpetually angry, but I feel raw and emotional and the best way to get anyone to leave you alone is to start yelling and slamming things. I get ragey when I feel isolated from help and surrounded by people demanding things from me. I don’t know if that is typical, but it is more of a fear response that translates to aggression. Heightened senses, loss of control of movements, uncontrollable shouting.


I don’t have a rage disorder, but I have rage episodes due to my BPD. I absolutely agree with it being a fear response. I get extremely angry when I get uncomfortable, and for me that manifests in being snappy, shouting, and just this feeling of anger bubbling up inside of me.


I have rage episodes due to my PTSD and I experience perpetual underlying anger. You can imagine it like a warm ball in your stomach and when you get stressed or feel cornered your skin feels too tight and you start snapping at people and/or destroying things because you can’t help yourself (also agree with the fact that starting to yell/slam things is a fast way to get people away from you). I don’t know how it feels for other humans but when you feel okay the ‘anger/warm ball’ is like an energy source that helps you get through the day until something sets you off.

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For me, the overwhelming anger that came with PTSD was set off any time events were out of my control. My control = safe. Out of control = threat = anger because I couldn’t take control (usually because someone was blocking me or placing themselves in authority). This made me a terrible employee.


Mine kinda goes along the: that warm tight feeling in your stomach you get when you’re angry and want to lash out, but at anything, at complete random. Snappy and stormy. But if it’s something I’m predisposed to get angry at then its REALLY angry. Like need for physical violence or just letting my mouth spill every terrible thing i can think of to get the person to repent or back off. Anything to make that disgusting feeling in your stomach go away


I get this when I’m manic sometimes, PARTICULARLY if it’s “that time of the month”. I think it’s also related to anxiety a bit (which spikes around that time as well) but I have to remind myself to not verbally murder anyone who annoys me. I don’t get it as much when I’m depressed though.

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Azazel: * looking serious at Nina* I need confess something to you.

Nina: What happened?

Azazel : * looking straight at Nina eyes* I have feelings for you.

Nina : * turning red and excited * Oh… Azazel…I…

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Azazel: *catching Nina cheeks with both hands * I think you are annoying.

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Hey everyone , I know episode 23 was hard to everybody. So, I finished my second long headcanon( or short fanfic, you decide) trying to think in another way for all snb vs history line. I hope you enjoy it

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The name is : “Because he’s a demon ”

Lying beneath the moon, the silvery strands gleamed messy with the wind. The Celestial body seemed to distribute to that night the same melancholy of that night.

That fateful and almost forgotten night, lost for so long ago. Glancing at the silent witness, he heaved his arm. Fingers, black and scaly, stretched out, searching in vain for an answer, invisible to the eye.

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He closed his eyes. He could still see her when he did it on such nights. The silver light brought him to his troubled memories the face of his first and only lover. Anger burned him inside.

He clenched his fist as if he could catch her, still with his eyes closed.

What would she say if she saw him as she was today? Would she still love him? Or would she tremble with fear like all the humans who crossed her path?

“What does it matter now?” He shouted to himself.

After all, it had happened so long … So much that he thought he had forgotten. So why did that restlessness sweep him inside? Why did it happen when he approached that chatty, irritating girl?

No … it could not be true. He would not let it become true. He could not bear to lose anyone else.

-Lose ?! He repeated the word as if doubting that he had uttered it himself. He was, though unconsciously thinking precisely of what he thought he would never feel again.

He thought of running away, dropping everything he set out to do, everyone he set out to save. No, he could not.

Maybe the solution was to make her go away, make her hate him, and never want to see him again. Yes, that was it. It was what he needed to do. He was determined. There was no time to think about useless things. Things he’d promised himself to bury along with her.

He stood up with determination, opening his big black wings. After all, thinking about it was not a bad idea.

He flew to the ends of the city, where he hoped to find her near the zombie girl and Mugaro.

He landed on an empty patio. The lights and voices were concentrated in the large kitchen in the back.

He took a deep breath and braced himself to make her hate him. It could not be so difficult. It was a demon at last.

They were busy preparing dinner. She was cutting vegetables in a grotesque way. Honestly, what did she see in her ?! She did not know how to respond, but she knew that her lively and out-of-the-way humming made him lose heart every second. It needed to be fast or it would be too late.

Without another second’s hesitation, he took her shoulder from behind and turned her to face him.

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She spun on an impulse, crimson orbs finding the lilacs.

The surprise became a timid smile, replaced by the shame of close contact. Absolutely sincere, disconcerting and yet so beautiful.

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- Azazel? What happened? Are you alright? Questions rained from her lips, one after the other.

He realized he had not moved or even spoken. In fact, she no longer knew what she had planned to say. He had lost himself inside her eyes.

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The courage to make her go away had left him the instant their eyes met. It did not matter anymore.

He just knew he could not let her go. Though selfish he wanted that feeling for himself. It was a demon at last.

And since he could not be selfless in order to save her from himself, at least he would save his pride, after all curious faces would pile up, curious with the scene.

He withdrew his hand from her shoulder, which by now was a reflection of a ripe tomato. It would not be good if she were a dragon at that moment.

He returned his usual proud face, turned around, and left as if nothing had happened, leaving a confused Nina behind and a burst of malicious laughter from the drunken God and his stranger duck .

He knew that letting her stay would mean blood and fire. But if there was to be fire, it would burn too. Heat was not a problem. After all, he was a demon.

Natza Drabble - Essence of Erza (Part 1)
  • Gray: *chokes on his own bile as he regroups with Natsu and Erza* F-F-Flamebrain...? Wh-What happened?
  • Natsu: Hey, Ice Prick~! Great news! We found that artifact thing~
  • Gray: ...
  • Natsu: The bad news... well... Erza sort of broke it.
  • Erza #01: *wearing a blood-red version of the Heart Kreuz Armor, glares at Natsu acidly* WE broke it?! YOU wouldn't hand the damn thing over, idiot! You're damn lucky *I* dropped it!!! *promptly smashes the Pyro's head into the tree they're sitting under*
  • Natsu: o.O Lucky... right... *shakes head to stop making the world spin* You act all pissy, Rage-chan, but you know you can't stay mad at me~
  • Erza #01: *cheeks flare up the tiniest amount* Sh-Shut up... b-baka...
  • Gray: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! There are FIVE friggin' Erza's!!!!!
  • Natsu: *deadpan expression* Yeah, that's pretty much what the thing did when it broke into five parts, Slush Bucket. These are like the five core parts of Erza~. This is Rage-chan~ *clubbed over the head with a sledge hammer*
  • Rage: *glares right into Gray's very soul* WHAT?! Pummeling this idiot is very therapeutic! Do you have a problem...?
  • Gray: NO, MA'AM!
  • Natsu: *rubs his head as he stands back up, dusts off his pants*
  • Erza #02: *wearing a lavender version of the Heart Kreuz Armor, bends down to help Natsu up, looking very concerned* Are you alright...?
  • Natsu: *grin* I'm fine, um... which one were you again? ^^;
  • Erza #02: *looks away with a fierce blush* ...... I'm... Passion. I suppose.
  • Natsu: Passion-chan is one of the friendliest ones~. She likes to stick close to me, and keeps getting red in the face, even though she's not sick.
  • Gray: **I'm guessing that means she's got Erza's "romance" and "lust", too...**
  • Erza #03: Hiii, Gray! *a very bubbly Erza with bright pink Heart Kreuz Armor waves from up in the tree they're sitting under*
  • Natsu: And that's Happy-chan~
  • Happy: She's not me, Aye!
  • Joy: If it makes it easier, just call me Joy~. ^___^
  • Gray: O...kay...
  • Natsu: Then you got Brave-chan over here~ *gestures to an Erza wearing Heart Kreuz Armor with a camouflage pattern on it, who's doing a rapid series of high kicks, not really caring that her skirt is riding up*
  • Brave: Did you encounter any trouble?! We should take down any and all threats with extreme prejudice...!
  • Gray: ^^; She's... spunky...
  • Natsu: And last... you got... um... which one were you again?
  • Erza #05: *lazily sitting under the adjacent side of the tree, wearing orange Heart Kreuz Armor* *siiigh* I guess I might be sloth... or whatever... Natshu, can we head back home already? There's no strawberry cake here. >__>
  • Gray: ... *points at the orange-clad Erza* Sloth. *points to the camouflage-clad Erza* Brave. *points to the bubbly pink one* Joy. *points to the red-clad one and shudders* R-Rage... *points to the purple-clad one that's draped over Natsu* And... Passion. Okaaay... I think I can keep it straight... *pause* We are so fucked.
  • Rage: *pounds Gray flat with a massive blunt weapon* QUIT YOUR WHINING AND HELP US GET BACK TO NORMAL!
  • Natsu: *in lieu of his rival* Yeah... we're probably going to have to talk to Gramps about it... I don't think it's as simple as putting the crystal-thing back together. Already tried that. :P
  • Rage: ... *stomps Natsu flat, too* And WHOSE fault was THAT?!
  • Passion: Can't you be nicer to Natsu?! T_T
  • Brave: He's fine~! He can take an ass-kicking!
  • Joy: I like how warm and fuzzy he makes me feel! ^___^
  • Sloth: Eh... he's not so bad... I guess... Natshu, can you carry me home?
  • Gray: *staring deadpan up at the sky* How the hell... is there not a "Timid" core part of Erza...? I could deal with that one.
  • Natsu: I think between you, me, and Jellal, Timid pretty much became extinct. Just sayin'. :P
  • Gray: >__<
  • Rage: ... *pounds them each thrice more for good measure*

Greetings! Rage-chan Chapter 8 will begin on August 14th, 2017. If you need a refresher of Rena and company’s misadventures or are new to the series, check out the comic chapters listed below along with some special one-off pages and strips!

Regular Comics
Chapter 1
- Rena goes to a flea market in search of retro games and is given a special bracelet that allows her to transform. (7/10/15 - 7/30/15)

Chapter 2
- Beeatrice’s TV time is interrupted when Rena is frantic to try her newly acquired game console…complete with a suspicious game cart. (7/31/15 - 8/20/15)

Chapter 3
- The shady looking game cartridge has a ghost inside! Rena transforms into the magical girl Rage-chan to fight off the angry apparition. (8/20/15 - 9/30/15)

Chapter 4
- A few months after the cart incident passed, life is back to normal. Rena and her friend Emma bum around town. (10/12/15 - 1 /4/16)

Chapter 5
- Rena and Emma are confronted by the eccentric but deadly succubus Aphros, who brought a few of Death-Hell’s robots to cause trouble with. (1/18/16 - 5/25/16)

Chapter 6 - After destroying some of Death-Hell’s creations, Rena and Aphros go one-on-one. Many blows and innuendo are exchanged. (6/3/16 - 3/11/17)

Chapter 7 - Rena, Emma, Bee (and Aphros) recover from a long battle to watch Z-grade VHS schlock. (3/20/17 - 7/25/17)

Special Comics
Pilot Strips - A few early Rage-chan strips produced in late 2013.

Halloween 2015 - Bee and Rena get prepared for the trick-or-treaters.

Thanksgiving 2015
- Rena and Bee discover the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Christmas 2015
- Rena finds something under the tree…what did she get?

Valentines 2016 - Bee has prepared a little surprise for Rena.

Honey Pot - Rena and Emma wonder what Bee is up to.

25 Facts - Because who doesn’t like filler?

1st Anniversary - Rena gives some inspirational advice.

Rena vs. 2016 - Rena and Bee discuss the “worst year ever.”

Valentines 2017 - More Valentine’s Day mischief, now with 100% more Aphros.

April Fools 2017 - Rage-chan became a gamer garbage comic!?

Easter 2017 - Bee challenges Rena to an easter egg hunt.

DGAD 2017 - Aphros celebrates Demon Girl Appreciation Day.

Back Alley Deals - Rena find a hentai trading partner.

4th of July 2017 - The obligatory beach episode!

2nd Anniversary - A pixel sprite comic!

200 Followers - Bee celebrates a milestone.

When people go onto pics/videos/posts about Dino and call him ugly

When people call Dino useless

 “Well wait until Dino becomes older!! Hopefully he’ll become handsome; I mean tons of other idols were ugly before but then they became sexy!!” 

When people tell Dino they don’t care/to put on another member when he goes on Twitter

When people say they’re counting down the days until he becomes of age so that they can “finally write out their fantasies”

When people include every other member except Dino in something

When people genuinely appreciate Lee Chan 


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