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So what do think or usum so far? is it worth getting if you've played ordinary sun & moon?

eh, I’m not TOO far into it so it’s not T H A T different to sun at the moment, it’s more of a yellow/crystal/emerald/platinum kind of second game i.e. essentially the same plot, with some big changes (pertaining to end game and legendaries), but mostly small and subtle differences -  as opposed to a BW2 type of second games, which were distinct sequels with an entirely different story, even down to the starting town. I definitely prefer the latter as a type of second game, it’s so much more exciting and fun, especially seeing as you have usually played the games that came before very recently and they are still fresh in your head, and you get a lot of deja vu as a result. However, I’m still having a good time, Alola is a fun region packed with lots of little side questy things and stuff to find, and I also really like some of the new features like the mantine surfing and pokemon interaction.

 One of my major complaints is one that also applied to SUMO, and has been increasing as the generations get on - there is a RIDICULOUS amount of railroading plot wise. There is like pretty much something in every route and town that stops you from exploring somewhere unless you continue with the main plot. This excessive railroading really sticks out to me as I have just been playing through Gold, which as a comparison gives you so much freedom - at a certain point you can visit towns and do gyms and major plot thingies and explore places pretty much in the order you want to, aside from a few blockages (such as rage candy bar man). That freedom to explore and figure and puzzle stuff out  -  to find out what you need to do next to continue on your own is severely lacking in later gens. There should also be an option to opt out of endless tutorials and stuff too. 

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Do you have any masterposts for learning arabic?

I can’t find any but I can make you one!

The first thing to decide is whether you want to learn standard/classical Arabic or a colloquial dialect. Unless your interest is confined to one particular country, the safest option is to learn a version of the classical language known as Modern Standard Arabic. This is what is used in books, newspapers, radio and television news programmes, political speeches, etc. (Al-Bab)

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Young guzma entering the Johto region bug catching contest

*whispers* for you big sis

“I’m getting that kiss, and you can go straight to hell!” Plumeria growled. She nestled into her black parka, dammit Johto was so cold! She didn’t understand how even though you looked cute, you were content with overall shorts and a t-shirt.

“Oh yeah?” Guzma said through chattering teeth. He fared no better in an old long sleeve and sweats torn at the knees. “Well ya better get used to the taste of shit ‘cause tha’s what your gonna be eatin’ when I’m the one whose kissin’ on her, ya dingus!”

Plumeria and Guzma had to be careful to speak no more than above a whisper, engaged in a battle of wits. After all your mother didn’t believe that twelve year olds should be speaking in such rough language. Especially when you, the youngest of the bunch at eleven, were still so impressionable. The two kids didn’t want to ruin their chances of accompanying you and your mother on another trip to the Johto region for summer, especially when it was a chance retreat from Alola and what waited for the two of them at home.

They stood in a line with a Pokémon each and 20 Park Balls, Plumeria waved and blew you a kiss while Guzma winked and tried to look as manly as a twelve year old could. You sat on a park bench with your mother, knees covered in bruises and band aids from your little mishap the hour before. You’d taken quite a tumble off a dirt ledge, emerging a bloody crying mess from the ordeal while your mother, Guzma, and Plumeria tried to console you. When not even a Rage Candy Bar could cheer you up, it was Guzma who announced that he would make it all better by catching you the rarest bug at the Catching Contest. Plumeria refused to be one upped by a boy, especially when it came to attaining the affection and admiration of the one she cared for the most. The kissing thing came later when Plumeria insisted that you would be so overflowing with joy, that you would bravely kiss her on the lips.

“Like she’d kiss your ugly mug!” Guzma had said, “She’d rather kiss me, ‘cause I’m so good at catchin’ bugs!”

So here Plumeria stood with her Salandit, insisting that the type advantage would ensure her victory.

“Your ass is grass nerd!” Plumeria yelled when the judge gave the signal. She nearly tripped Guzma in her mad scramble in the tall grass. He didn’t bite, but instead turned to you and waved.

“Don’t worry cutie!” Guzma reassured you, “Imma catch you the biggest, bestest bug ever!”

Before you could respond he took off with Wimpod, trusting in his instincts that had lead him to capturing his partner Wimpod.

“You have such wonderful friends sweetie.” Your mother said. She smiled at the two children hunting through the grass, too far away for her to hear the obscenities they were screaming at one another. You still hurt a little too much to talk, but you nodded in agreement and smiled.

“I think we’ll have to invite them more often.” She laughed when she saw Guzma struggling with a Pinsir that seemed keen on having Wimpod for lunch. “I don’t think they’ve ever been outside of Alola. And I’ve heard rumors about their parents… I think it’s good for them to come places with us like this.”

“Yes.” You agreed. “I want them to come all the time.”

You nursed your wounds quietly, and you became excited when the whistle sounded once more signifying the contest had ended. The judging process was done where contestants stood, so you could not see the results, but when Plumeria and Guzma returned you assumed the worst with their crestfallen faces.

“Twenty minutes of my life wasted and all I caught was this stinkin’ Weedle!” Plumeria cried.

“Least you caught one that can evolve into somethin’ cool!” Guzma yelled, “All I got was this Kricketot! A lousy Kricketot ‘cause a Pinsir tried to eat Wimpod!”

They both approached you with Pokeballs in hand.

“I’m sorry.” They said in unison. “I’m really sorry.”

You took both Pokeballs in hand, tears having dried up some but now springing forward afresh at the kindness of your two friends.

“Thank you!” you whimpered, standing weakly to first kiss Plumeria, and then Guzma on the cheeks.

“I love my new friends.” You said quietly, cuddling the Pokeballs to your cheek. “I’ll cherish them forever.”

Normally the two would have resumed their argument anew to determine what your kisses meant. But for now, Guzma and Plumeria sat one on either side of you, wrapping their arms around you and basking in the radiance of your affections.

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OMG! The cheating one!! You need to do the reverse! The guys discovering Candy cheat on them. God bless them!!

Mmmmm angsty lil anon of course, I’m glad you asked. These headcanons will have different scenarios, which are listed under the names just for angst reasons…enjoy! 

(Texting the s/o)

  • Candy would’ve probably left her phone out and Nath would wanna leave some picture of he and White on it…until there’s a text notification. 
  • I wish I could be with you tonight :((” He would pause for a moment. He’d read it over and over again.
  • Wouldn’t believe it, thinks it’s a joke. 
  • Texts back; “ikr…I wish I could kiss you now and be with you all night..” and anxiously waits for a reply.
  • Honestly ?? Can’t believe that Candy would do something like this.
  • Paces around, he tries to think differently, but he KNOWS something is up.
  • Boiling inside with rage, prays that it’s not real - it can’t be.
  • Reply would be “Me too..” - right then and there, he’d SNAP.
  • Wondered in the back of his mind, if this is what Castiel felt like.
  • If he was living with Candy, he’s packing his stuff and waiting for her.
  • If she was living with him, he’d pack her stuff FOR her.
  • As soon as she comes and tries to kiss him, he moves away. HE doesn’t even wanna TOUCH her.
  • Would be very angry, not even the slightest bit of upset - he’s just feels betrayed.
  • Yells, yells, and yells. Even swears and brings up all of their memories.
  • Takes her phone and smashes it, he has EVERY right to be angry.
  • Candy shouldn’t pull the ‘it’s not what it looks like card’ it’s EVERYTHING that it looks like.
  • Actually gets teary eyed ?? Not a single sad tear, tears of rage - really.
  • Gives Candy her bag and yells at her to leave.
  • So pissed ?? There’s no single WORD that could describe his rage.
  • If he’s living with Candy, he leaves out the door himself, the only thing he left was just shattered glass.
  • If Candy called him, he wouldn’t answer. He doesn’t want to hear her.
  • If Candy came to his door, he’d ignore it. She doesn’t exist anymore.
  • Can’t sleep either, has dreams about how he didn’t see the signs..
  • Wishes he could turn back time and see it coming before then.
  • Questioned everything that happened in the past and how he didn’t notice.
  • Cried at the end of the day, just in his bed - crying sad tears.
  • “I can’t believe you did this…to us.“ 

(Walks in on Candy and s/o)

  • Stops in his damn tracks so quick, holding a little box behind his back.
  • Watches them…watches her and him make at it…just like they do.
  • Would honestly try to control his breathing, he’s slowly losing it.
  • As soon as one of them notices him, he busts in the door and swears every word he knows. 
  • You little motherf-cker…“ 
  • Voice would be getting high with all of that yelling and Candy THOUGHT she saw an angry Castiel.
  • Would honestly lunge at the s/o in their bed and try to snatch him up, s/o eventually slips away.
  • Demon almost bit s/o on the way out and barked at him.
  • Yells at Candy, doesn’t even give her time to even speak.
  • Points at her a lot, he’s just so mad. 
  • Planned to propose to her that night…guess not anymore.
  • This man probably invented new swear words in the process.
  • Candy could try to defend herself all she wants but so much as SEEING that is enough proof. 
  • If Candy is living with him, he’d tell her she had 2 minutes to get her belongs and “get the f-ck out of my home…and out of my life.”
  • If he’s living with Candy, no need to tell him to leave, he leaves after the greatest argument.
  • Cries angry tears on his nightly walk, smokes a lot.
  • So stressed he wants to just ball himself up and be left alone.
  • Can’t sleep, he can’t sleep without those dreams about s/o and her in the bed.
  • Looks so dead…he’s worn out, he can’t even trust anyone anymore. First Deborah, now Candy. 
  • Tells Lysander, who also cuts off contact with Candy. Don’t screw up with his best friend like this.
  • Lysander would be around him more often, trying to console him.
  • Doesn’t give Candy any dirty looks. He gives her no looks, she’s just nothing.
  • Would probably hint to Nathaniel what had happened, Nath would actually have some sort of sympathy for him.
  • Stays home often, especially after school.
  • He’d give the ring away, simple as that. As simple as she threw him away.
  • “Dammit…You can’t even love anyone anymore.”

(Answers Phone Call from s/o)

  • Wouldn’t recognize the number, but answered it since Candy’s showering. 
  • Stays quiet on the other line, you could never be too careful. 
  • Candy?” He would freeze for a second, that doesn’t sound like ANY guy back at the school.
  • Would answer back with a “You have the wrong number”, just to see what would happen.
  • S/o would explain it’s not the wrong number and to “This is F/N, dude… just give the phone to my girlfriend”.
  • Voice starts to get a little hostile. “Excuse you, but this is her boyfriend, Lysander.“ 
  • S/o would be quiet alongside Lysander, they’ve been two timed. 
  • Stomach would drop, he feels sick to think about what she’s done and how many times she’s lied to them both.
  • Starts to get a little lightheaded.
  • S/o would apologize and he’d hang up, forget the s/o - Candy is who he needs to talk to. 
  • Waits for Candy to get out of the shower as he sits on the bed and waits for her.
  • Goes all through her cellphone find texts, messages, pictures…everything he hasn’t seen.
  • Candy would see him and ask ”what’s wrong“ and Lysander would silently be scrolling through that phone.
  • Candy must be extremely pale just watching him do that.
  • Would deal with the situation as maturely as he can as much as he wants to cry.
  • Shows a ‘friendly’ looking picture of the s/o and her. If she lies, he shows an intimate one.
  • If she tells the truth, he’d figure this. That’s when the water boils over.
  • Looks heartbroken as if she bit his heart and spit it out. 
  • Starts rambling about their relationship how much they loved each other, he’d make Candy feel like trash.
  • Candy could try to kiss him, he’d block it with his fingers or stepping to the side.
  • Tells Castiel on HER phone RIGHT IN FRONT of her, he believes it - Lysander isn’t the one to lie.
  • If Candy lives with him, he points at the door and tells her to ”Get your stuff and leave, NOW.
  • If he lives with Candy, well damn - he’d talk to Castiel, pack his things, and leave. 
  • Meets up with Castiel and pours his heart out, he feels empty, he feels stabbed, he just feels…hurt.
  • Tries not to cry but is on the verge to, Castiel would pat his back and give him a warm side hug.
  • Ignores Candy, full-time, as if it’s a job. 
  • Actually cried…Castiel was shocked, gave him a long side hug right there - cried on his shoulder.
  • “I don’t understand…how someone you love can hurt you as if…you’re no one to them.”

(Sees Candy’s other social media account with s/o)

  • Was being the geek he is, searching up his friends names online to see if he could find them or not. Then, he did Candy’s - just for fun…and he found her.
  • Found her on another site he’s never heard of, he clicks it.
  • ….Wait what the hell is this?” Very confused at first, seriously, what is this site??
  • If Alexy’s home, he calls him into his room. If not, he texts him what he’s found and sends a link.
  • Keeps looking through the selfies, videos, and then he sees s/o. “Out here with my sugar boo <3” They were kissing.
  • Nearly screamed for a moment there - that is REAL
  • Heart starts to beat very fast…in anger and in disbelief, he’s just - overwhelmed.
  • Searches through EVERYTHING, he doesn’t care if it’s a selfie of herself or her girlfriends - he’s looking at everything.
  • Saves some files on his phone with his USB cord…gets very upset, actually.
  • If Alexy is by his side, he’s just as shocked, but more upset than he is angry.
  • If Alexy is gone, he’s on his way now.
  • On the verge of wanting to yell and cry. 
  • Alexy would pack her stuff, no need to ask him, she’s getting dropped just like she dropped Armin for another man.
  • Thought that this could NEVER happen…he was just so in love with her and he THOUGHT she was too.
  • Wonders what went wrong, where did she meet him, how did she lie - overthinks everything, which he rarely ever does.
  • Don’t even START about Candy walking in on him, it’s gonna be a lot of yelling.
  • Is actually very scary when he yells since he doesn’t do it much, it’s similar to a jump scare.
  • Swears a whole damn lot if she walks in. She would be terrified, for sure. 
  • Alexy wouldn’t try to help her, only thing he’d do is pass Candy her bag of belongings. 
  • If Candy tries to lie again, that door would be slammed by Alexy.
  • Very heartbroken…not like in the games…it’s like getting punched in the heart and having it taped back.
  • Starts ranting, complaining, and Alexy is just sad listening to his brother - TWIN brother, upset like this.
  • Then after the end of his ranting, he’d probably just be THAT upset to the point he’d just bury his face in his hands, from sniffling about it all … to weeping.
  • Alexy would hug him, forget man hugs - this is his brother and he needs help.
  • Never wants to see her again.
  • “Of course she doesn’t love me….of fucking course she doesn’t.”  

(Notified by best friend, about Candy and s/o)

  • Planned on taking her to a fancy dinner that night, had the restaurant, suit, everything. Even a little gift.
  • Before he left to call Candy at home, he’d receive a call from Alexy.
  • Wouldn’t answer it, he’s gotta get ready for his date.
  • Alexy would call again, in which he wouldn’t answer as he gets his shirt on.
  • Eventually annoyed by the calls, he picks up the call.
  • Super annoyed by the way but picks up on the sake of trying not to have such a high phone bill.
  • Alexy wouldn’t even say “Hey Kentin” he’d straight up blabber?? “Wait hold on - slow down Alexy…
  • Giving an ”UGH“ noise, Alexy hangs up and Kentin looks confused af at his phone - then he gets a text.
  • "You should look at this..” now this is rare since Alexy uses an emoji and less periods every time he sends a text.
  • It would be a picture of Candy and some other guy…he doesn’t know.
  • Thinks it’s a horrible joke and starts spamming Alexy with a “Alexy, this isn’t funny”
  • Alexy swears it’s true and sends in a video instead. “OML I’M NOT KIDDING LOOK!!
  • It’d be them kissing this time…he pauses. He just freezes
  • Dropped his phone and quickly picked it back up to stare at it.
  • No words, no nothing - it’s like his soul left. Sits on his bed to repeat the video over…and over again.
  • Wants to honestly punch something - anything, but he also wants to cry. 
  • Heartbroken, like anyone else would be…
  • If Candy lives with him, he’s packing her crap and setting it outside with a note of “Have a nice life - your ex, Kentin”.
  • If he’s living with Candy he’s THROWING his stuff into his bags and leaving as quick as he can. Doesn’t want to confront or see her, just go away.
  • If he runs into Candy, that’s it - he’s yelling, he’s swearing, he’s going OFF.
  • Candy can get scared or mad all she wants, he has a right to be yelling over something LIKE THIS.
  • Calls Alexy if he can come over. Obviously he needs to vent really bad right now.
  • Alexy would comfort him and Armin would try to find anything else from her social media accounts. 
  • Would get teary eyed but wouldn’t cry, he can’t cry for a snake like her.
  • “…She didn’t love me…she didn’t love me this whole time.”

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Matt and mello head cannons? 0_0

+They’re kind of total opposites, and it’s a wonder they get along so well. Mello likes to blare his music, take up two seats on the subway, and sneer at strangers, whereas the thought of all three of those things makes Matt want to curl up into a ball of anxiety. Mello loves to have as much attention as possible diverted in his direction- likes to have people laughing at his jokes, complimenting him, etc, whereas most of if not all social interactions are play-by-plays of Matt’s worst nightmares. But they balance each other out: Mello talks to the cashier at the store and Matt calms him down after they tell him to “have a nice day, ma'am.”

+Not unlike their predecessor, their diets are terrible. Matt orders takeout for every meal (burgers, chinese, pizza, repeat) and Mello injests nothing but caffeine, rage, and candy. All of their plates are covered in dust.

+Neither one does the laundry. Their bed is surrounded by a three-foot pile of clothes. Their apartment stinks like the den of two fifteen-year-old boys without parental supervision.

+As the second and third in line to succeed L, they were both granted the opportunity to meet the detective face-to-face. Matt wasn’t impressed and, afterward, asked Roger if he had to do it again. Mello became obsessed with tracking L’s cases, thoroughly journaling each one of the detective’s solves, keeping an impeccable transcript of every interview, every brief conversation over a computer screen hidden behind a letter- Matt’s irritation with the enigma continued to grow until L’s sudden death. When he saw how the event had devastated Mello, he felt a bit guilty that he hadn’t been more supportive.

+Matt was totally capable of finding Mello once he left Wammy’s. A challenge, yes, but when you can hack into police databases- anything is possible. Once he realized what Mello was doing, however, he decided it was best not to get in his way as he was not cut from the same criminally-inclined cloth as the rest of Mello’s new friends. Leaving the couch for any reason is rarely worth it, especially when said reason involves stolen government missiles and being surrounded by a lot of big bulky dudes with Uzis at all hours of the day. Oh, and kidnapping KIRA’S SISTER.

+As tough as Mello acts, he’s a lightweight, and usually ends up passing out headfirst in Matt’s lap five shots in. Matt can drink for days and still drive like a NASCAR professional.

+During their time living together, most of Matt’s days began with him awakening at noon to find Mello nearly dead in front of a computer screen, eyes closed or practically-so, bitten nails digging crescents into his scar, and they have a ten-minute argument about why sleep is important, and then he drags Mello off to bed and lays with him playing his PSP all day instead of actually doing work. And they lived happily ever after until they died young. The end.

Halloween Confessions

One year, when my son and daughter were age three and five, I made them be dirty bags of garbage for Halloween. This is what happened.

It rained hard that year, and not just a little rain, no, this is Western Oregon. It was a pounding rain that could drive a small child to their knees. The kids woke up early that morning, put on their flimsy Power Ranger costumes, and rampaged through the house in a pre-sugar rush of epic proportions. Listening to the rain pounding the roof I was doubtful it would ease in time for them to go trick-or-treating. I was right.

By mid-afternoon I knew we needed to stay home and did my best to explain the situation to them in an understanding manner. All hell broke loose and overall hysteria ensued. Tears, recriminations, and begging took the place of their happy excitement. My daughter swore I would never be forgiven, and she carries her grudges with a death grip.

Finally, it became obvious neither logic nor parental authority would remedy the situation. We were going trick-or-treating. Their snow suits would keep them warm but not dry, rain coats would keep them dry but not warm. Desperate, I announced that they would be dirty bags of garbage or we weren’t going.

They refused to take off their Power Ranger costumes. So, snowsuits were placed over the costumes for warmth, then I cut and Duct taped large, heavy trash bags over the top and stuffed them with wadded up newspapers. A thick tinfoil hat pinned to their hoods acted as a final defense against the rain.

Off we went, into the raging storm, to gather candy I most certainly didn’t want them to eat.

The question everywhere we went was, “What are you two supposed to be?” My kids would mournfully reply that they were trash.    

They’re adults now, but they still remember that Halloween. I wonder if their future children will also be dirty bags of garbage.

Another year, when my daughter was seven, I made her be a pregnant farmer. This is what happened.

I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween, as I always limited the sugar intake of my children. Because I was unwilling to spend much time, money, or effort on costumes, my kids had to create their own. This task was quite often left until the last minute. My son solved the problem by wearing camouflage every year, but my daughter was far more particular.

That year, as the witching hour arrived, she still hadn’t settled on an idea and was tearing through the house in a raging panic. Her brother stood by the front door screaming at her to hurry. He was getting more frustrated by the minute. I tried to stay detached from the drama, as I wanted them to solve their own problems whenever possible.

Finally, I just couldn’t it take anymore.

I grabbed a long, patchwork skirt with an elastic waist that had made a mysterious appearance in our home, a straw hat, and a pair of rubber boots.

“You’re going to be a farmer,” I told her.

She seemed to accept the idea, but when I put the skirt on her tiny frame, it fell off and landed at her feet. It was too big. Another round of madness ensued.

Not knowing what else to do, I grabbed a pillow and stuffed it in the waist band. This held the skirt in place, but it left her with a huge bulge in the front.

“There,” I said. “You’re a pregnant farmer.”

“But, I don’t want to be pregnant,” she wailed.

“Well, you should have thought about that before you got yourself into this mess,” I replied.

She accepted the solution and off we went.

At that point in our lives, we were living in Holier-Than-Thou suburbia. The sight of my tiny, grumpy, pseudo-pregnant daughter waddling up and down the street gathering candy was an unusual sight to be sure.

“What are you supposed to be,” everyone asked.

“A pregnant farmer,” she cried, “but I don’t want to be pregnant.” Her expression was heartbreaking.

The sympathy she received resulted in extra-large handfuls of candy dutifully deposited into her sack. It didn’t take long before she caught on to her tragic backstory, and she quickly learned to exploit it. We had to come home twice so she could empty out her candy and return to her ruse.

And that’s the story of how my daughter was a pregnant farmer for Halloween.  

How to cheer up a sad Guzma (Reader x Guzma)

Inspired by a cute picture :) 

 Docile day at the shady house. Chilling on the bed with your phone in your hands, Guzma walked in, slouching more than usual with an unfamiliar facial expression. For once, he looked vulnerable with distress. 

“Guzma? Is…um…everything ok?” slowly rising from the bed, you approached Guzma, whose gaze never left the floor.

 “…….yeah….” You were shocked, his eyes filled with tears and his throat was quaking. Soon, his body was trembling as the tears rolled down his face. Your instincts of empathy kicked in and you embraced Guzma as much as you could. Rubbing his back with one hand and one at his head, you spoke soothingly,

 “Hey, it’s ok, shh breath…calm down.” Breaking the hug, he stood there, flustered and tear stained. Humiliated, he looked away.  

“I wanna be alone…just….get out.” You knew very well he was lying. You pondered, ‘what would i want someone to do for me if i was sad? Hmmm…..Ah!’

 Shall we go in steps? How to cheer up a sad person, Guzma Edition!

1. Lay a blanket out 

 Your favorite blanket was on the floor next to his bed. Laying the blanket out, Guzma curiously watched you work. 

2. Pick up sad Guzma….Um…TRY to pick up sad Guzma. 

 Walking over to Guzma, you wrapped your arms around him. You huffed and grunted as you trued to lift him up. Annoyed, Guzma scoffed, 

 “What are you doing, I’m bigger than you. I said leave.” 

 His face said otherwise, he needed comfort. You guided him to the blanket instead. 

 3. Lay sad Guzma in blanket, if that don’t work, shove!  

You told him to lie down. “Aight Guz, get comfy.” He scorned, but he complied, only if it made you leave, which you weren’t. 

 4. Roll him up like Sushi

 “Hold this.” you gave him an edge of the blanket. He didn’t want to, he just gave up on your shenanigans. His face still bore tears as he face-planted the floor. That still didn’t stop you, you rolled him up and stopped once his face was facing the ceiling. 

 “I feel like sushi.” 

 “You are!” you attempted to make a funny, that so didn’t work. 

 5. Place sad Guzma on bed, couch, or comfy place 

 Lifting with your back, you tried to lift Guzma off the floor. Grunting and groaning, you barely picked him off the ground, dang he’s a healthy boy! He buried his head into the blanket in both depression and embarrassment, 

 “Just go…..I’m heavy…” 

 “No! You’re just a healthy boy!” Trying one more time, you growled in determination, only to lose your footing and fall. Time for help! 

Calling out your ride pokemon Machamp, he lifted the Sad Guzma roll off the floor with ease. Instructing Machamp you chirped, 

 "Good job Machamp! Set him down on the bed please.“ with an approving grunt, Machamp set Guzma down sitting upright. 

 6. Hug Guzma roll close, really close!

 Sitting down next to Guzma, you couldn’t help but feel awful. His appearance made your heart hurt: eyes dreary, looking defeated, tearstained cheeks with flustered heat on them. His eyes widened as he felt a tight grip on him, you held him close, snuggling into the embrace a bit. His eyes filled with hot tears, and his breathing hitched. You didn’t want to move, but his small whimpers and incoherent breaths had you hug him closer. Wiping away his tears you spoke softly, 

 "Its ok Guz, I’m here for you. Come on, let’s watch something." 

 7. Put on Guzma’s favorite movies 

 Revving up the laptop, you left the room for a moment, only to come back with bags of snacks and containers of drinks. Getting comfy on the bed with the stuff, you pondered, 

 "Whatcha wanna watch Guz?” He shrugged, not really caring at all. You continued to ponder, until a thought hit you! Typing in the laptop, ‘Pokemon 3 the movie’ As the movie started, a small growl was heard from Guzma’s stomach, he’s hungry! 

 8. Feed Guzma snacks! 

 You pulled out different snacks to eat: Malasadas, Tamato Chips, Rage Candy Bars and Pizza rolls. You proceeded to offer him some food, “….I’m stuck…” he grunted in protest as his arms were snug in the blanket. That didn’t stop you, you proceeded to feed him. Generously feeding him some malasadas, while wiping the crumbs off his face.

9. Make sure Guzma roll is well hydrated. Tears make ANYONE dehydrated.

Pouring a cold cup of water, you offered it to Guzma, who turned his head in protest,

“I don’t want water.” 

“Guz, drink some, you’ll get a headache if you don’t. Drink some then i’ll get you some Tapu Cocoa.” Now who could turn up such an offer? He greedily lapped up the water. Soon after, you gave him some warm Tapu Cocoa.

10. Happy Guzma Roll!

Halfway to the movie, Guzma’s eyes felt heavy with exhaustion. Leaning more into your side, he slowly fell asleep. Pausing the movie, you held the roll close, and dozed off yourself. Its been a long day for everyone…

Hope you all liked it! I loved writing it :3

Grog / Travis Willingham Standoff!

Pre-painting sketch that will, sadly, probably never be more than just that. I just don’t have the time. But I do plan on at least sketching out the rest of the CR cast =)