rage candy

“You came from Johto? My favorite snack in the world is from your region. It’s something-candy-something, I can’t remember what exactly it’s called…”

“Oh! The Rage Candy Bar?”

“Yeah, that’s it! It’s supposed to be your version of Lava Cookies. But I’ll take those bars any day because they taste so much better! The way they just melt in your mouth…mmm, I’ll never get sick of them. Shame they’re so hard to come by here in Hoenn. You wouldn’t happent o have one with you right now, do you?”

“Well, as a matter of fact…”

“You’re kidding. Holy cow! How much do you want for it?”

“No, no, take it! We have a whole box full of it back home. They’re my dad’s favorite, too, so we made sure we brought a lot over during the move.”

“Hey, thanks so much! You’re officially my favorite person ever. You said you were interviewing people, right? Dude, you can ask me enough questions to write my biography if you have more of these to spare.”

Grog / Travis Willingham Standoff!

Pre-painting sketch that will, sadly, probably never be more than just that. I just don’t have the time. But I do plan on at least sketching out the rest of the CR cast =)

Pokémon Leaks

So earlier today, pictures surfaced about the new started and trainers. Looks real (if you don’t read Japanese) Unfortunately those are fake because if you know japanese, the grammer is horrible. 

Serebii actually posted the real leaks on their website.  Volcanion’s distribution details have been released. “ Volcanion will be distributed in Japan as the pre-booking ticket distribution for the movie, Volcanion & The Ingenius Magearna. It will run from April 16th via a Serial Code distributed with the movie ticket, with pre-booking running from April 16th through July 15th. It comes at Level 70 with the moves Steam Eruption, Overheat, Hydro Pump and Mist and comes holding a Rage Candy Bar”

@pettyartist ok so for ur rocket thing: 

my family occasionally cosplays as rocket grunts [x]

we had 7 [and a half] in our group this year (blue-hair’s son went as one of our slowpokes lol)

idk how much detail you need for your comic or if you’re working on like a big crowd-shot where everyone will be far away, but i will say that you can certainly feel free to change our outfits to suit your purposes! aside from the liberties we took (i.e. my briefcase and trench coat) our costumes aren’t canon mainly because it is tough to find gray accessories, particularly for large women such as myself. black accessories are in higher supply and are much easier to match.

our shtick is that we attend conventions for recruitment purposes–we run around handing out rage candy bars and pinback buttons and tell people to consider joining :)

smaller details: most of the ladies are wearing slowpoke-tail earrings, and we have specific belt pokeballs and larger prop pokeballs. green-hair, purple-hair, and blondie are all sporting “rocket-in-training” badges. also my briefcase is filled with slowpoke tails and rage candy bars–even though we aren’t admins and are still ranked really low, white-hair (me) and blue-hair are the two main recruiters for our group, and we like to imply that i’m from the “mahogany town division” and blue-hair is azalea.

so yeah if you choose to include us and want to canonize the outfits, our most defining features would be our hair and our partner pokemon, which are as follows:

green hair (male) - venonat

purple (female) - rattata

blue (female) - weezing

red (male) - arbok

blonde (female) - raticate

white (female) - crobat

pink (male) - zubat

(even though everyone has at least 1 belt pokeball, we never bothered to plan out the rest of our teams)