rage brigade

okay but what was supposed to be the moral of this story?

that Emma only is the way she is because her tragedies broke her beyond repairs? that she is only brave and stubborn and a hero because she got her heart broken and her walls up? that being a princess is making her “weak” and unable to do the right thing? that she would rather bow and ask for mercy than to fight a villain?

what. the. every. lying. fuck.

I refuse to believe that any version of Emma would be like that. I refuse to believe that Emma needed to be an orphan, needed to be rejected by the Swans, and Ingrid, and Neal, to become who she is today. I refuse to believe the Savior prophecy shaped her to be a hero

and above all I refuse to believe this is a version of herself Emma wishes to be

I’m calling bullshit and I’m hella pissed