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Haikyuu fic recs!

(I’m really bad at descriptions but these are actually good even if I make them sound bad).

The A/B/O collection by @pkmnshippings Is amazing and I’ve read it many times.

Angel Is cute and full of people acknowledging how perfect Yamaguchi is.

The Abandoned House also has an ‘appreciate Yamaguchi’ aspect and it’s quite angsty (as in injury) but it has a happy ending so that’s good.

hq buddycop AUs The whole series is fantastic. 

You’d fit my lonely arms so perfectly Is really cute and funny and also has my favourite line in any fanfiction ever (the suga were going down joke).

cool teens don’t wear skinny jeans Is an amazing fic featuring awkward Daichi and cute kids (Hinata in this is especially adorable).

il mio ragazzo falso is a great pretending to be dating fic.

The Alpha Next Door Combines Levyaku and a/b/o (what more could you possibly need)!

Reasons Behind Tears Angsty but with a fluffy ending (feat sad yamaguchi).

Greasepaint About them putting on a pantomime and it’s really funny.

Close to the Chest Mainly about Yahaba (sort of like a life story thing starting from middle school) but has romance near the end.

Crumbling Foundations Very angsty (and long).

Only you Great trans Hinata (and Kenma) fic.

Limit A bit like a cross between SAO and The Hunger Games.

let’s keep this professional This is really cute.

Two suns in one sky Fluff and angst.

Don’t run on wet wood Angsty with a cute ending.

Against All Odds REALLY CUTE KIDS (also friendship between the captains).

Baby Talk More cute kids!

Food for the Heart This was actually the first haikyuu fanfiction I ever read and because I was new to the fandom I didn’t realise that it wasn’t kagehina until about half way through because I saw Tooru and the only name I knew in haikyuu was Tobio and I got them confused. (This is actually iwaoi…). 

(please tell if if I’ve linked the wrong thing or anything)…