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“I traveled to many places with my wife, Trentini, before our fates brought us here. As dancer and bard, we traveled often to entertain people, and to explore new places. One place I quite enjoyed exploring was the new world. It was filled with exotic monsters not found back home. It was also very beautiful and strange, what with lush greenery on one side and stark whites and blues on the other, all divided by an island of bleak dirt.”

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“Another place I enjoyed was the Byalan Undersea Tunnel. I admit it was such a sight to see all that water and the ruins hidden beneath, although we couldn’t get far. The monsters there also made great meals!

"I heard that it was possible to delve deeper into the tunnels but we never had to chance to go, sadly.”

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“I’ll give you a third one, adventurer. And that would be a place found in an oversea town called Kunlun. When Trentini and I first arrived here, we were quite amazed at the beauty of it. What was amazing, however, was located deep inside a cave in the middle of this floating town. There were giant boards floating in what seemed to be the sky!

"It was as if giants lived in this place, playing this strange game, disappearing mysteriously when visitors arrive. Amazingly, the pieces were all movable! Although, they took quite the effort to move. We decided not to disturb the game too much. Plus, the place was infested with monsters. Such a mysterious place. I would love to travel the world once more.

"I hope you’re satisfied, adventurer. I’ll let you live for now, if only so I may lose myself in my reminiscing…”