An old Pomak man “reading” my travel guide “Pomak villages in Thrace”. He doesn’t speak a lick of greek, as he only speaks his native language,Pomak and Turkish. Pomaks’ language issue is a major controversy debate in Greece especially the last decade. On the table there is basmas, the finest tobbaco on earth,grown only in regions in northern Greece,which I was offered for free. (And the double greek coffee as well!) This photo was taken at Ragada village, Rodopi,Greece.

This small Christian Orthodox Church used to serve policemen’s beliefs in the police station that once used to operate in the Muslim Pomak village of Ragada in Rodopi regional unit,Greece. Now the small station doesn’t exist but this church stands apart along with the other two mosques in the village. This co existence has always been a very interesting aspect of the daily life in Thrace.