My thinking

I love the Rag & Bone DIY Project. I think its a very strong idea to give models a camera and clothes and they go off them selfs to produce a mini campaign, It is very nice for us the audience as we get to see bit into their personal life, like where they hangout ect. It is very simple, and this is why I like it so much, not glam at all.

On the other hand, Up Close and Stylish is very glam. This is a Instagram account with huge following. The lady behind the account is unknown, but believed to be a Swedish socialite. I love the fact she hides her face, and of course all the clothing are gorgeous!! I like the way she takes 3 snaps from front, back and side, and puts them together.

For my fashion section I want to create something with bit of the DIY Project and Up Close and Stylish.