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@harnaamkaur and I are tired of your shitty gender roles. We shot this series for @theparallelmag to challenge what people are “allowed to do.” She has a beard due to a medical condition. She loves it and kills it! As for me, I just want to wear a skirt sometimes cuz I think it can look dope! The fact we socially relegate these fashion and styling attributes to certain genders just seems so frivolous and dangerous when you consider how aggressive people get when their confronted with these things that don’t fit into their understanding of how the world works. At the end of the day, just be yourself and love yourself and don’t judge others who are living that way. Think outside the parameters that we are lead to believe are absolute and see the world as it is! Much love to all of you!
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long time no see! life has been crazy! i’m going to make a real conscious effort to keep a much better schedule for updating this moving forward! my sincerest apologies!

Here are a few shots from my last trip to London! I got to do a lil shoot with Thomas Farthing with the homie ryan davies-hall! as you can see we smashed it!

Shot by Dani Dovie-Dotse.

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hi!! on that post you made where centi, jasper, bismuth and others need fo be bubbled or healed which i completely agree with!! but you also said ame should get a new outfit and i was wonderingn why u think that?

I am a fashionista! Clothing is a powerful visual performance, or could be if you have the abilities to do so, to tell the outer world what you are all about!

Amethyst’s entire writing and development -which has been her self-esteem- has been tied to how she presents hersel.

Her appearance was the subject in “Reformed”.
She took too little time for her regeneration and looked so messy it was akin to her cracked gem shenanigans and her shapeshift gags.
She perceived herself not fitting the CGs taste, the aesop being to love one for who they are and not change for others. Ironically Pearl pointed out fixing asymmetry pleased her, which goes against said message. (The show acts as if Pearl’s opinions on fashion and dancing are a truth Amethyst rebels against.)

Jasper triggered an actual low self-esteem arc for Amethyst where she regenerated in her current form.
The outfit is a ragged rush-job, given little thought and the best she could do in as little time as possible to save Connie and Steven. But she was unneeded.
Although Stevonnie requested apology from Jasper, unfused Steven and Connie did not reach out and console Amethyst. Nobody talks with her over what happened, nobody points out she looks like a mess (what Garnet did before) and Steven makes her problems about himself.

Amethyst has yet to achieve a victory. They never caught the Slinker, she wasn’t given a Sardonyx “revenge” (unlike Pearl, like heck, Sard got to Amy TWICE), defeating Jasper was given to Peridot and she failed tricking the Rubies cus Doc was too gay for a fantasy.
The Famethyst was merely confirming where the earth gems are but we were not allowed to see Amethyst’s “moment” like we were allowed to see for Garnet and several for Pearl. It does not suffice. We did not see it.

This outfit is a symbol of neglect.
Both in-narrative as outside-narrative.

I assumed after her “sis” comment to Jasper, Jasper’s relevance to the Ruby Squad and Amethyst being appreciated by this Ruby Squad (for what it’s worth) it would create an…obvious flow of circumstances…but they shoot those wishing stars back into the night sky??
Still, they are likely coming back and Jasper is likely coming back as well, so I can still hold on unless they just randomly erase her relevance.

To bring Amethyst’s entire arc to a satisfying end she deserves a moment of her own; one of power and glory. One where she is loved for who she is unconditionally. To regenerate into a form that befits this mindset, she would require to be poofed under circumstances that are safe. Something where she is allowed to take time and really think it through. Or perhaps she knows exactly what she wants from the get go.

Let that rock burst out of the curtains of the changing room and let that rock rock a look that makes me burst into tears.