Halló, this is Iceland.

Because humans are very small and not very strong, they invented “rafmagn”. It means “electricity”, but do not be confused. It is not a city.

They use rafmagn to help them do many things.

For example, they use it to light up their streets at night so they do not have to see the stars and feel small.

They also use it to feed their inter-nets, and to talk to their friends on a sími, and to make pönk rokk, and something called a búgalú. 

Many humans think rafmagn just comes out of their walls by itself. This is not true. Before the rafmagn can come out of their walls, they first have to make it. They do this with a big machine that can turn waterfalls into rafmagn.

But even though not many humans really understand rafmagn (or even notice it), I have noticed that they all become very angry when their rafmagn stops coming out of their walls.

Bless bless,
- Iceland