Today, suicide bombers attacked Medina. Since Medina is considered the second holiest city in Islam, apologists were quick to use the standard, “this has nothing to do with Islam” argument. They then claimed how, they are the victims because one their holy cities had been attacked, even though the only people killed were security forces, who are seen as infidels by ISIS because of who they work for and who trains them. However, they left out a very important fact. The attack did not take place at the main mosque where Muhammad is buried, but at the Shi'a pilgrimage site near the gravesite where Muhammad’s family is buried. This site is regarded as one of the holiest sites by Shi'a Muslims and visited regularly by Shi'as. This attack clearly targeted Shi'as, as it almost always does, because even many so called moderate Muslims consider the Shi'a as infidels. However, apologists will once again be in denial and lie about how this had nothing to do with Islam, and there’s no way these terrorists could have been Muslims because they just killed Muslims. The very same murdered Muslims were nothing but “filthy Rafida” (derogatory term used by Sunni Muslims, especially Wahhabis, to refer to Shi'a Muslims) the day before.