Raffle for 30 followers

You know what, I’m not gonna wait until Friday to do this XD


1st prize: full body with full background, 1-2 characters. 1 winner

2nd prize: full body with simple background, 1-2 characters. 2 winners

3rd prize: half body with full background, 1 character. 3 winners

4th prize: half body with simple background, 1 character. 4 winners

Biggest fan prize: anything you want, abiding by the request rules. The person who reblogs this the most times (besides me lol)



No gore

Send a ref please

1 Like = 1 entry, 1 reblog is one entry, you can have up to 6 entries but reblog as much as you want!

You must be following me to enter, but new followers are welcome! I will be checking.



Thank you guys for participating! I’m sorry if you didn’t get picked!

First place(lineless drawing full/ half body): @yoshinator5000 @napstayore

Second place(half body drawing): @hachikato @rubbishbin–trash

Third place (line art full/half body): @maple-surple @time-traveling-feline

Fourth place (colored sketch): @colliewolf @natisuttertrash

Please respond in 2 days(message me!). I will have to pick someone else to fill you in if you don’t respond.

It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this xD 

So I just wanna rest a bit from drawing art raffle(don’t get mad please >-<)

I accept: Off (fangames included), pixel horror games, Umineko no Naku Koro ni(and Higurashi too), Touhou Project, Elsword and OCs ^-^

You can do it too if you want ^-^ 

I should’ve spent more time on this┐(‘~`;)┌

The Howling Chimeras Spring Celebration

What: A celebration of the one-year anniversary of our free company’s founding (originally under the name ‘The Golden Swarm.’)

When: April 14th 2017, from 10 to midnight EDT.

Where: Balmung server, Mist W12 #16.

Dress: Something pretty for Spring - flowers are highly encouraged! No armor or weapons, please. (Uniforms are okay.)

Like our All Saints’ Wake party, this event will be open to any Balmung players who wish to attend! This time, we’ll have a dance floor open to go with the music, and we’ve got a raffle with some fun prizes planned - more on that later.

Come drink, dance, and enjoy the company garden with us!


This is a brass casting of an antique tsuba (a guard on a Japanese sword, more specifically probably a wakizashi), the photos showing the front and back since they are not identical.  My boyfriend won a set of three in a raffle at our blacksmithing event we went to this past weekend and this is my favorite.  We need to finish cleaning it, polishing the brass, removing the few imperfections from when the casting was made, and then it will be ready to either display or mount.  Personally, I’m hoping Sean will make me a wakizashi that I can mount it on.

La dvd estoy indecisa xd 

si esto llega a 20 CORAZONES O LIKES hago el art raffle :’v

no cometeré el mismo error de antes, la otra vez hice algo parecido y a la ganadora kefuerizecofcofxd le hice un dibujo muy feo :’’v