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I was getting nothing done and thought I was going to fall asleep at work. Then I put this Earwolf Presents episode on by Jon Daly called Rafflecast with guest voices from Rob Huebel, Megan Amram, and Brandon Johnson. I got even less work done, but my laughter sure put me in a good mood!

Jon Daly’s Rafflecast: Building the Track Pt. 3

Prepare your earholes for Building The Track Pt. 3! Today’s guest on Rafflecast is none other than Howard Kremer aka Dragon Boy Suede. In 20 minutes they created the song “Shotgun Trukk (If Drive Was A TV Movie)”. It’s Howard/Jon, Son! Cyrus Gheremani on keys, Brett Morris on bass and production, Howard Kremer on a little guitar. Produced by Brett and Cyrus.


Earwolf Presents: Jon Daly’s Rafflecast 2

Jon Daly is back with a vengeance! Rafflecast is back and is bringing you more sketches, impressions, songs, and celebrity guests like Rob Huebel! Wake up from your NPR induced nap, tell those shock jocks to shut the fuck up, and spend an hour with the greatest innovator in the history of spoken word entertainment, Jon Daly!

Totally Laime: Ball Cauldron

If you were Googling and thought you’d found a podcast with golfer John Daly, you’re in for a surprise. A great one, because you’re getting Cracked Out’s own Jon Daly, the comedian and rapper whose characters you love! Jon gets honest with us about anti-depressants and plastic surgery, as well as his death defying college indiscretions. He will make you see Garden State and Lance Armstrong in a whole new light. Enjoy!