raffi cavoukian

Raffi - a good guy

Many people know of Raffi as the guy who wrote all of those catchy kids songs. He is much more than that.

Raffi Cavoukian was born in Cairo, Egypt to Armenian Parents. His family immigrated to Canada in the mid 1950s. He was an aspiring folk musician who got asked to play for a school in Toronto. The kids loved his music and his career as a children’s entertainer took off. Since then he has released 20 albums.

In addition to music, Raffi is an activist for environmental causes and children’s rights. He is firmly against advertising to children and turned down a truckload of money for the rights to a Baby Beluga movie.

Raffi has been honoured with The Order of Canada, The Order of British Columbia, 3 honourary university degrees, and the Fred Rogers Integrity Award. When you win an award with Fred Rogers name on it, you know you are legit.

Well done Raffi, thanks for being a good guy.


It’s pretty cool to say that I’ve had the same hero since I was 2.

Raffi is just the greatest guy.