I love how Rose Tyler is always introducing herself to people, trying to get to know them, especially if they’re people that others look down on–like Raffalo and Gwyneth. She even inquires as to whether Ood get paid, something the Doctor doesn’t think about until he encounters the Ood again with Donna. Rose taught me that ordinary people become extraordinary when they–to the best of their ability–rise to the challenges that come their way.

Mickey Smith taught me that the person I am today doesn’t mean I have to be that person tomorrow, that I can grow and be my own person, that self-respect tends to grow more respect from other people. It might be tough getting there (and maybe take a trip or two between universes), but it’s worth it.

Jackie Tyler taught me that sticking by your loved ones is the most important thing, even if they’ve died (Pete) or if you don’t understand their choices (Rose). Pete Tyler taught me that parents have an impact on their children, whether through presence or absence. Both Jackie and Pete taught me that sometimes love exists beyond death and parallel universes.

Jack Harkness taught me that sometimes I get punished for doing the right thing and that, despite that, I should keep trying to do the right thing.

Martha Jones taught me that I need to do what’s best for me, not what’s best for other people, that I shouldn’t take shit from people just because I want their good opinion, that other people’s opinions don’t matter nearly as much as I thought they did.

Donna Noble taught me that ‘a temp from Chiswyck’ can save the universe, that self-confidence comes from within, that sometimes even family can be toxic.

Wilfred Mott taught me to never stop looking at the stars and wondering and believing.

Amy Pond taught me that I have the ability to change my own future, that I can belong even if I’m different, that my beliefs are important even if no one else believes me, that people exist in my life who will come through for me, and that choosing to live my life a particular way doesn’t mean I’m settling.

Rory Williams taught me that the people I love deserve my unwavering loyalty, even if their methods of communicating their emotions to me aren’t necessarily the most endearing all the time, that to hold beliefs doesn’t equate to not questioning them, that being practical is not a bad personality trait.

River Song taught me that I can thrive even in the most dire of circumstances, that I can somehow make lemonade when all I’ve been given are lemon rinds and a bucket, that revealing spoilers is bad form, and that I can make my own choices, no matter what my childhood(s) was like.

Craig Owens taught me that there are people worth sticking around for and that friends help each other out, even if the problems are fucking terrifying.

The Doctor taught me that the little things, like meeting someone on a 'street corner, two in the morning, getting a taxi home’ are important, that even the scariest looking creatures or things are brilliant and fascinating, and that there isn’t anybody who isn’t important in some way. Also, that sometimes you’ve just got to say “What the hell” and go on adventures, that sometimes the best intentions lead to dark places, and that, sometimes, while doing good, bad will follow, that my actions can have unforeseen consequences.

Clara Oswald taught me that loving literature and loving stories isn’t a bad thing, that being responsible isn’t a bad personality trait, that, despite my sacrifices for and on the behalf of others, I have to also think of myself or I’ll get lost in the process, that being afraid of losing control isn’t just something I do.

Jabe, Gwyneth, and Astrid teach me that sometimes, doing the right thing can mean the ultimate sacrifice. Rita taught me that my beliefs are part of what makes me me (although that might not be useful in a labyrinth). Charles Dickens taught me that there might be things beyond my present understanding and that I should be open to learning new things. John Smith taught me that, sometimes, it hurts to fall in love and then choose to be brave for something larger than oneself. The TARDIS taught me that even the people I love most probably won’t follow my directions.:)