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I’m so behind on finishing requests, I apologise! My courses are wearing me out so much with the amount of essays I’ve had to do which were due in a couple of days. But I finally got this one done, even though I had trouble for what I had wanted for this one. 

Title: Dancing Queen

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: fluff, it doesn’t really have a story-line. 

Prompt: “Nice dancing there, now how about you dance your way to my bed?”

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LOVE HAS NO LABELS—Read an excerpt of Openly Straight and Honestly Ben!

If you are in search of a new love story to root for, look no further than Bill Konigsberg’s Openly Straight series. 

This heartfelt series follows two boys, Ben and Rafe, who struggle to find who they really are in the midst of falling for one another. 

In Openly Straight, we meet Rafe. Rafe is tired of being “The gay kid” who plays soccer. “The gay kid” who hangs with Claire Olivia. So he decides to reinvent himself without the label. Because he’s more than just that. He goes to a new school, where he finds himself among the jock crowd, and he loves it. But what happens when he falls in love with Ben, who doesn’t know about Rafe’s past? Can he give up a part of who he is, and still be himself?

Here’s a sneak peek of Openly Straight: Sneak Peek: Openly Straight by Bill Konigsberg (excerpt) by I Read YA on Scribd

In the sequel to Openly Straight, Honestly Ben, Rafe and Ben’s love story continues to unfold—only this time through Ben’s eyes. While trying to deal with the pressures that come with a new semester of school, Ben must also come to terms with his growing attraction to an intriguing new girl named Hannah and his undeniable love for Rafe. 

Here’s a sneak peek of Honestly Ben: Honestly Ben (Excerpt) by I Read YA on Scribd

Bill Konigsberg’s series beautifully captures the honest journey of self-discovery two boys take in a world defined by labels. Rafe and Ben’s love story will grab a hold of your heart and never let go.

Openly Straight is available in paperback now! It’s sequel, Honestly Ben, hits shelves March 28th!

so here i am again. obsessed with that hostage scene.

first, i would like to point out how nadine’s men followed rafe’s orders. their boss would have died if nathan hadn’t stopped sam. after the incident was over and they had the opportunity to shoot, nadine hadn’t given any order for them to not shoot. nadine WANTED them dead.

when rafe is laughing and having a good time about the whole situation like it was a joke. nadine is just staring at him with such a dirty look on her face… like “if you don’t hurry the fuck up i’m going to kill them and you”

knot is laughing along with rafe and only gets tight lipped as he sees his boss looking his way. orca smirks every now and then, but he’s mostly analysing the situation and staring at nadine.

nadine does have an all business nature about her work, but her mercenary business was crumbling to the ground and she wasn’t blind to that. when she’s beating on sam you can hear her telling sam how ‘this isn’t a game to her.’  i love how she develops throughout the game. her first interaction with the boys is very civil and professional: she’s not alone, she has several men with her to handle risks, she is very much in control of her men. later, she appears alone (when she yells at rafe for not allowing her men to be around, she goes in without them around, although this could be because most of them have died, still. she could have taken knot and orca, but they were with rafe, her right-hand was at rafe’s side...) because she went in alone, she ended up as a hostage, this humiliation would weigh heavy on her throughout the game.