I want to congratulate Andy for his attitude all the time and because he is having a great career. Don’t put pressure on him because I think he is a great champion and he is going to win a lot of grand slams in my opinion.

— Rafael Nadal (Post match interview - 2010 World Tour Finals: SF vs Andy Murray)

I am waiting the message of Dani (Vallverdu, Murray’s hitting partner) to practice. That’s the real thing,” Nadal told us laughing.

“I talked to him in Abu Dhabi last week, and I talked to him yesterday before he left. But he didn’t know yet the days that he’s practicing, that he’s playing in Kooyong. So I’m waiting his message to confirm what day we are going to practice.”

“No, seriously, I don’t see the competition that crazy way, no? I have a good relationship with Andy, and I’m always happy to practice with the good people and good players.

—  Rafael Nadal ~
It was emotional when Andy won the Olympics, as he deserved something like this. Then he won his first US Open,” Nadal said. “A long time ago, I said he would win a Grand Slam and finally he did, so I’m happy. I know how much he fought to be there. When somebody deserves something, I’m emotional.
—  Nadal
I really thought Andy would win the US Open because tennis owed him something. That was my feeling, The Olympics was a big change and with the calm of winning that gold medal at home, you go to a grand slam final and you feel that Andy, before the match, believed he was the favourite. If you really believe in yourself, it doesn’t matter if you were leading by two sets to love and the opponent comes back. I really felt Andy would win.
—  Rafa Nadal on Andy Murray