In Latin America, 32 million people could escape poverty if this capital, hidden in tax havens, were subject to income tax that corresponds to it. All this not only generates corruption, but also deepens inequality and social differences. The fight against tax havens should transcend all ideology. It is time to move from speeches to action.
—  Rafael Correa, President, Ecuador

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requested by anonymous: WHEE HELLO I hope you’re having a super fantastic day!!! Could I possibly please request a fluffy overload one where reader x Sonny are married & work in SVU together (how they met) and just had a baby, and it be where they ask Barba to be the godfather WOWOW I want to fling myself in the burning sun just thinking about it this ruins me (also sending v much love to u)

word count: 496

warnings: none

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Rafael had never truly seen Carisi nervous.

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“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just really crack a smile for me?” for Barba!

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just really crack a smile for me?”
(This suits Rafi so well it’s ridiculous)

“Woah there, I’m not armed.” You joked as you entered Rafael’s office, jumping to the right just in time to avoid the pencil he had thrown. You could see the fatigue wash over his face as he looked up at you despite his attempt at an eye roll. He had been working for seven hours straight on this case and so far you hadn’t gotten him to take a break, even a short one to eat something. You sighed when you didn’t get a response and crossed the room with determination, snatching the case file out your boss’s hand. “You can have it back after you eat this.” He eyed the bag of Chinese takeout and then looked back up at you, that famous eyebrow raising slightly.

For a moment you wondered if you could hold your ground, especially when he looked at you like that, but you cleared your throat and forced yourself to stare back at him confidently. Then it happened. Ever so slightly his lips turned up into a smile. You felt butterflies swirl in your stomach a smile growing when he reached for the bag and started getting ready to eat. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” Rafael choked back a laugh and leaned back in his chair. “Thank you.”