AHEAD OF THE PACK - model: Rafael Perez, Salieu Jalloh, Minkah Davdison, Jae Yoo, Austin Scoggin - photographer: Bruno Staub - grooming: Thomas Dunkin - WSJ Magazine Mens

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do u know any latino/hispanic male models?

Rafael Perez.  Pablo Morais. Jonathan Marquez.  William Prazeres . Daniel Pimentel. Anthony Gallo. Daniel Ocumarez. Christian Monzon.  Pablo Contreras. Junior Carrasqiullos. Cesar Chiang. Eduardo Calero. Luciano Acuna. William Oliveira. Anthony Guzman.  Rodrigo Braga. Jordan Torres. Silas Albuquerque. Rael Costa.  Santiago Peralta. Eduardo Calero. Rick Xavier. Andres Risso. Rene Rodriquez.  Will Lemay. Eric Ramos. Rob Perez. Gui Costa. Rick Xavier.  Willy Morales.  Ramon Pereira . Joshua Sarrazola. Philip Comprido Colin Brite .John Brite ‘ Jhanelle Castillo. Manuel Ramos. Miguel Iglesias. Rafael Ribeiro.  Frederico Lima. Luiz Waller. Maikel Castro. Patricio Quiñones. . Vin Martinez. Manuel Mendez. Devon Sp  Mike Garcia’ Frederico Lima. 


Barcelona based newspapers on Sunday [22/11/’15] the day after El Clásico: Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona (0-4) in Estadio Bernabéu. 

Mundo Deportivo: 

An enormous Barcelona humiliates Madrid, leaves them 6 points adrift and provokes a show of white handkerchiefs

Messi returns, Suárez shines, Neymar and Iniesta leave the Bernabéu with an ovation


Great game, goal-fest and humiliation for Madrid (0-4)

Suárez’s two goals, Neymar and Iniesta blows up the Bernabéu and puts Barcelona as the leader with a 6-point advantage

The Blanco fans gave a send-off to the team with handkerchiefs and shouts of “Florentino out!”


FOUR BARS (in Catalan colors)
Barça - with Messi on the bench - and showed Bernabéu a exhibition of power and superlatives goals from Suárez (2x), Neymar and Iniesta

Madrid based newspapers on the El Clásico defeat against Barcelona.


Madrid demolished by Barcelona
Benitez is angry with his players and shouts of Florentino resignation
Piqué searched openly for the fifth goal (of course they had to trash talk him)


Barça dances in Madrid between shouts of Florentino resign! 
Applause for Iniesta ten years after Ronaldinho 

(Note:Maybe a Spanish speaking person can tell me what Vaya Meneo means?)

Real Madrid as the Game Of Thrones characters

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Florentino Pérez as Tywin Lannister

You’ll hardly find a person in the Seven Kingdoms more hated than him (although Joffrey got really, really close). Thing is, he only thinks about money and power, and he would kill his own child for it, leave alone kill many commoners or even important people. The problem of such people is that often they get killed by one of their own…

Rafa Benítez as Cersei Lannister

Pretty much everyone in the Seven Kingdoms hates him almost as much as they hate Tywin (Florentino). Wants power but nobody actually takes him seriously.

Cristiano Ronaldo as Ser Loras Tyrell

Is rich as fuck, is an actual knight, performs like an actual knight, is loyal like an actual knight, but most of the Seven Kingdoms will always remember him for his looks and sexual relations/bromances than for his heroic deeds. Because Seven Kingdoms just want their drama.

Sergio Ramos as Robert Baratheon

Ned Stark’s (Iker’s) best friend, who likes to enjoy life. Basically sitting on the most important throne, which means he should be badass and doing heroic deeds, but most of the time when he does something, you can just facepalm.

Raphael Varane as Daenerys Targaryen

The mysterious beauty with the blood of the dragon running in his veins, ruthless, with a great sense of justice despite his young age. Great things are expected from him, like sitting on the Iron Throne for example, but he takes long to get there. Let’s hope the Throne still stands when he gets there because with Florentino, you never know…

Isco as Margaery Tyrell

Smart as hell and pretty on top, will give you puppy eyes until you fall for him, and then take what he wants. Don’t marry him if you want to stay alive, though, because people around him tend to drop like flies…

James Rodríguez as Tommen Baratheon

Is hella cute and desperately in love with Margaery (Isco). Although not born a leader, him being on the throne actually isn’t the worst thing that could happen to the land.

Luka Modrić as Sansa Stark

Looks like a helpless little bird, and used to be a helpless little bird. Life wasn’t gentle with him, but now he’s learned to play the game of thrones - he’s from Winterfell and you can’t frighten him.

Gareth Bale as Khal Drogo

Believes that hair is what matters in a warrior, which is why he lets it grow. Not afraid of anyone, but sometimes falls in stupid traps. People expected much more from him because of his reputation and it’s hard to live up to legends.

Keylor Navas as Jorah Mormont

At first, nobody knew if they should like him or hate him, because nobody knew what his intentions were. He probably never knew himself what his intentions were. It’s kind of hard if you live in a world where allegiance to the wrong club/person could kill you… But he’s earned the trust eventually.

Toni Kroos as Robb Stark

A loving son, sibling, husband. You’d give this guy your daughter and certainly you’d give him a throne, but the problem is, those who play fair usually don’t win.

Karim Benzema as Bronn

Skilled swordsman, very dangerous in combat. Worked his way up himself instead of being born into a privileged family. Sometimes gets outshined by other knights but nobody would really want to cross his path.

Nacho Fernández as Myrcella Baratheon

Most of the times he just sits there, being pretty. Could probably do a lot more, but it’s not like Tywin and Cersei let him.

Kiko Casilla as Rickon Stark

“Hello, I’m Kiko, I have no idea how I got here or what I am supposed to do, I just hope to make it out alive.”

Marcelo as Osha

The one with wild hair. Is having none of your shit and is tough enough to survive the winter that is coming. Also great at protecting people.

Pepe as Gregor Cleagane

Kills everything that gets in his way and is unapollogetic afterwards. Better say your prayers if he crosses your path (because actually you crossed his). 

Álvaro Arbeloa as Petyr Baelish

Oh man, don’t even get me started on this one. If you want a knife in your back, befriend this guy, otherwise stay the fuck away from him. Don’t believe me? Ask Iker.

Notable former members

Iker Casillas as Ned Stark

The ultimate good guy in the story. Loves his family, his family love him, his people love him, has immense moral values… which is why he is killed by the Lannisters (aka Florentino & co.) before the story even starts for real.

Álvaro Morata as Jon Snow

Back in Winterfell (RM), he knew nothing. He may still not know nothing, but at least he’s loved in the Night’s Watch (Juve) and feels useful there. Looks like a puppy but fights like a dire wolf.

Asier Illarramendi as Theon Greyjoy

Spent quite some time at Winterfell, but never became a true member of the family. Wanted to be loved, but respected as well, and he just never really got enough of the two.

José Mourinho as Joffrey Baratheon

The personification of evil.

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