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Happy 24th birthday Rafael “Rafinha”Alcântara do Nascimento [12/02/1993]

“I always imagined myself as a goalkeeper. But for my height it was impossible ! Even though I’m almost two meters tall, eh!? No, I’m joking, but I would love to be! I’d love to be! If I was that tall I would like to be a goalkeeper. In fact, last year after training I stayed behind a bit and people shot at me. I remember the goalkeeper’s kits from when I was younger. The goalkeeping kits, damn! Those colours, the gloves… Everything seemed incredible.”


Happy birthday Rafael “Rafinha” Alcântara do Nascimento ! [12.02.1993]

“ I’m feeling confident – I’m in one of the biggest teams in the world and the most important thing is that I am learning from my teammates and continuing to grow. I’ve always been a midfielder, but I’ve even ended up playing at left back at Barça – the most important thing is to be playing, it doesn’t matter what position”. 

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“And then Ney told me to wipe my hands if I ever high-fived Ronaldo,” Rafa explained.

“You’re terrible!” His wife laughed as they entered their shared apartment.

“How am I terrible?” He sniggered, dropping his gym bag by the door.

“Boy, I swear if you don’t turn around and pick up that sweat infested shit of a bag off my floor.” She laughed, turning around to glare at her boyfriend.

“Sheesh.” Rafa exclaimed, hands up in a surrendering motion.

Rafinha understood one of his wife’s many pet peeves included a cluttered den, so naturally, leaving his stuff around to clutter the place up was also on the list. Sometimes he’d wonder if his beau had some kind of OCD that had yet to be discovered, but he knew he couldn’t bring this topic to the surface for he might get a joking punch to the crotch.

“Meu amor, have you went to doctor yet?” He questioned, picking the ‘sweat infested bag’ off the hard-wood flooring of the room.

“Yeah,” she frowned looking at him.

He knew that face all too well. It was the ‘sorry, I’m not pregnant face’ his wife always made.

“Not again.” Rafa sighed, beginning to place his uniform into the wash for practice he had planned the next day.

“Again.” Y/N heaved a sigh. “I’m sorry.”

Looking at his wives face only saddened this second-generation Alcântara more. Him and his wife had been trying for a baby all too long, and she’d recently been having signs of pregnancy, but now their hopes were destroyed. They were happily married and felt like they were ready for the extra responsibility of conceiving a child.

(These adults also enjoyed the process in which they tried for a baby with, also.) “Maybe next time.” Rafael offered a forced smile.

“Yeah,” she agreed. “What do you want for dinner, osi?” For some reason his wife insisted on calling him by his childhood nickname.

“How about tamales? I haven’t had them in a while?” Rafinha asked, smiling his big, hopeful grin. “Only if you help me.” Y/N offered, batting her eyelashes in a pleading way.

To make tamales was a tedious job to try and complete in the night hours, so of course Mrs. Alcântara didn’t want to the job alone. Rafa knew this meant taking part in the infamous (and much dreaded,) Alcântara-tamale-assembly line. It was a simple work line indeed. First, Y/N would grab the pre-dried corn-husks (with the masa already inside) and spread the red chile sauce inside before handing it to him so he could place the chicken inside & diced tomatoes before placing them in the steamer. It was a quick (and laborious) dish Jonathan dos Santos had once taught them that was usually fun and always brought the child out in the both of them.

After preparing the corn-husks, Y/N began spreading the masa onto the insides as Rafa stirred the chicken he’d just quickly made. “So, tell me more about practice,” she asked, passing the corn-husk over so he could apply the shredded chicken. 

 “If was fun. Dani, Neymar and I hung out afterwards,” Rafa explained, laughing at the thought of the jokes and banter they had after the practice. 

“What did you guys talk about.” Y/N may have seemed noisy or clingy, but Rafa knew she was just asking out of pure curiosity. 

 “We were just teasing Ney about the girl he had over the other night.” He answered, placing the prepared tamale into the steamer. 

“Not again!” She groaned. 

 Y/N knew Neymar was struggling ever since the breakup of him and his ex and his past nights usually included meaningless one-night stands. She tried convincing Rafa to help his friend out, but he swore his friend knew what he was doing. 

“Yes, again.” She couldn’t help but be disappointed in the answer he gave her. “Come on, Rafa, I know you know some girl to go on a blind date with him.” 

 “I do, but I don’t think he’s her type.” Rafa answered honestly. 

 “Neymar ain’t got no type!” She exclaimed, applying more masa onto the remaining husks. 

“Yes, he does.” Rafa laughed. “You don’t hang out with him everyday for hours on end.” 

“True that.” She agreed. “But come on help him out. Por favor, osi.” 

“I’ll help him if you promise never to call me that again.” He grumbled. 

 “I promise, osi.” Y/N teased before hurrying up the stairs to their shared bedroom. 

 “So you’re just going to just leave me here with all these tamales!” Rafinha yelled from the dining room. 

“Si, Rafael!” She yelled back. 

“This is what I get for marrying a Latina,” Rafa thought. “What’s wrong with white girls?” 


“I see you cooked me dinner.” Y/N inquired as she entered the set dining room. 

“You left me no choice,” Rafinha replied sarcastically as he brought the plate of fresh tamales unto the table.

“Anyways, sit, sit, babe.” He added pulling out a chair for his wife. 

 Sending him a questioning look, Y/N complied and sat into the seat. “What’s with all of this?” Around the table were all kinds of assortments of flowers and candles. 

“This is something I call, romantic.” Rafa replied adding an accent to his words.  

“Wow, wow, I’m impressed. Who knew Rafael Alcântara do Nascimento had this in him?” She teased reaching across the table to pinch his cheeks. 

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t get used to it.” Rafinha scoffed, trying to hide his crimson cheeks by turning the opposite direction. 

“Oh I will get used to it.” Y/N smirked, sipping a cup filled with icy water. 

“And why is that?” Rafa questioned. 

“Because you’ll need to learn how to cook for tres.” She laughed, pointing three of her fingers to add emphasis to her statement. 

“You’re a bitch ass liar!” Rafinha exclaimed standing from his seat. 

“I wish I was.” Y/N laughed, taking a small piece of chicken from her plate into her mouth. 

“You can have all the tamales you want, amor.” Rafinha chuckled, reaching across the table to kiss his wife before standing from the dinner table. 

“Where are you going?” Mrs. Alcântara questioned as her husband began to leave the room. 

“I have to call my brother and tell him the good news.” He explained excitedly. 

As Rafa left the room, Y/N began to finish her cooked meal. “Oh and for the record,” Rafinha added, popping his head into the room, “next time throw away the results,” he winked. 


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