Horrible Histories - RAF Pilots Song

I love HH so much.

OK, this is a slightly pointless post, but I have to tell someone!

At school, my best friend (and fellow Horrible Historian) and I high-five each other quite often, and now our high-five has turned into something like this:

No, seriously. We actually sing “Polish and Czech” when we high-five now!

Inevitably we always break out singing the rest of the song after high-fiving :D


Ich sterbe grade :D Warum ist deutsches fernsehen nicht so cool?


can’t stop watching this.

RAF foils four terrorist attacks by cracking pop song code

The conversation included boasts that a song would climb up the charts a veiled reference to increases in jihadi recruits once the attacks had been launched.
It is believed that at least one of the airlines involved had already been placed on a UK aviation watchlist.
GETTY London was one of the terrorist’s targetsLast night a senior intelligence source said: The areas we believed these attacks might take place were given extra surveillance.
The voices of both pilots were found to be clean after being passed through a database of potential terrorists.
Suspicions were raised and the recordings sent to GCHQ in Cheltenham, where analysts took seven hours to decode the transmissions.