A few small sketches of a character for one my storylines.

So I present you with: Rae (Raetia)


Also a note, she’s very foul-mouthed when she gets hurt.

Ex: cutting a something, then she cuts herself.


The new avatar. Her name is Raetia (ray-sha) and she was born an earthbender. She lives in a small town in the earth republic and works in her parents tea shop.

If you’d like me to write her whole story message me, I just want to know someone would read it:) she is an original character and I have team avatar created also if you’d like to see, thanks guys:D


Soundtrack Saturday: Rush, ‘Bravado’

The theme song of Cohort 8, Century 2, Squad 6. I originally picked it for Soldier of Raetia, but it fits in even better with The Heirs of Fortune. Some people think this song is depressing, but I think it’s the opposite - I’ve always found it hopeful and uplifting. Plus it’s lovely to sing.

and if love remains
though everything is lost
we will pay the price
but we will not count the cost


Soundtrack Saturday: Big Country, “Wonderland”

My first Soundtrack Saturday post has to be this track - my #1 Valerian song, forever and ever amen. It fits better in HoF, but it’s on the SoR playlist too.

i am an honest man
i need the love of you
i am a working man
i feel the winter too