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As a request, RavenXStarfire, and they find each other in the ruins of the city after a massive earthquake after thinking the other was dead.

really sorry this took so long to get out here

but hey, i hope you enjoy! 

Why had they decided to split up?

Why, oh, why had they decided to split up? 

Starfire asked herself this question again and again, each time the words becoming harsher within her head until it had twisted into something grotesque and ugly. It sounded like a grim, ironic question that someone would ask you just before they ripped apart your heart and the last shreds of your sanity.

“RAVEN!” Starfire yelled out again.

Her voice filled the air around, but she knew that she was going to get no response. Such was her fate. She felt on the verge of tears, judging by the burning in the backs of her eyes, and she did nothing to stop them.

Starfire had always been emotional, but right now her emotions had been completely wrecked.

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