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StarRae. Starfire is touchy-feely, and Raven usually hates physical contact, except when the one touching her is Starfire. These two are my 2nd OTP and there's just not enough good fics about them.

Starfire eyed the people in the mall with an insatiable curiosity. She examined them the way a curious artist studied their muse. 

“Star, you do realize people know you’re staring at them, right?” Raven sighed next to her.

After the boys had opted to stay in and marathon a videogame for the next twenty-four hours, Starfire had somehow managed to get Raven to agree on a girls only adventure. 

To the shopping mall. 

Had it not been for the annoyance of her other team members, the empath may have declined, but after twenty minutes of listening to them argue over what to do next in the game, each one inspired by their own ego, Raven had figured she could use some space from her male counterparts. 

“Is it rude? I am merely observing,” Starfire answered.

Raven nodded once. “Some people don’t like it, yeah. They might find it offensive.”

Starfire stared at another couple that walked by them, and then at a group of young, teenage girls giggling with their arms linked.

 Without warning, Starfire’s fingers found Raven’s, and she laced them through hers in an attempt to mimic the other couples around them.

Raven’s first instinct was to recoil at the unwelcomed touch, but one look at Starfire’s crestfallen features, and she hesitated. “What are you doing, Star?” she hissed, a crimson blush colouring her otherwise pale cheeks.

“Friends hold hands, do they not? It’s a sign of affection on Earth. I am merely showing you affection, friend Raven,” Starfire explained nonchalantly.

Raven tried to calm her quick beating heart, fully conscious of the looks the two girls were receiving in such a crowded space. 

“You can’t just - you don’t just…there’s implications that…,” Raven stumbled over her words, unable to correctly phrase what it was she wanted to convey to the alien princess while still sparing her feelings.

“Do you wish for me to let go?” Starfire pouted. “I know you do not like it when friend Beast Boy hugs you, nor do you participate in the group hugs after a successful battle. Is the hand holding…too much, as well?” 

As if reading her thoughts, Starfire dropped her hand away, averting her gaze to the ground. “I apologize. I did not mean to make you feel…uncomfortable.”

Raven could have sworn she heard someone say that they made a cute couple, but decided she had more pressing matters to attend to at the moment. 

As Starfire started to walk away, shoulders slumped and head low, Raven rolled her eyes and sighed deeply, knowing that what she was about to do would forever change the way the young, alien beauty would view their relationship. She chased after her and wound her fingers with hers again, doing her best not to stare at the surprise that coloured the girl’s youthful features. “Raven…?”

“Tell anyone about this and I’ll never come out to the mall again,” she muttered under her breath.

A bright smile then erupted on Starfire’s face, and she hung on a little bit tighter. “I will not! Does this mean…hugging is acceptable, too?”

“Only from you, Star. Only from you…”

Sorry this took long! Been…distracted and busy and. Yeah. Hope it’s good? :)

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