anonymous asked:

Who are some of your favorite people on tumblr?

Gwen: She’s so nice and funny and inspiring. she really likes cats and peanut butter and she’s fun to talk to. She’s a kick ass runner and a hard worker. We were meant to be best friends.

Megan: I lose and find Megan’s blog all the time. She makes me feel better. She’s really sweet and natural freaking amazing at running. I’d be her best friend if she lived by me. 

Rae: Okay well first off she’s my soul twin. We have the exact same sense of humor. She’s hilarious. But seriously if you don’t know Rae you should because she’s AMAZING. She’s literally running across america to raise money for kids without shoes. 

Jules: Her blog just really inspires me. It’s a GREAT recovery blog. She’s very helpful and friendly and I look up to her. 

Lexi: She struggles with an e.d. but she’s seriously flawless freaking stunning. Her blog is very inspiring and optimistic. She is very kind hearted and friendly. 

Emma: She was my first friend on tumblr. She’s AWESOME. She’s really creative and fun and easy to talk to and just all around awesome. I will meet her some day.

Kayla: I’m slightly obsessed with Kayla’s blog. Like honestly her yoga  is CRAZY good. She’s so eccentric and awesome. I admire her so much. I wish I was her friend and we talked more because she’s awesome. 

Abby: She’s got the most inspiring blog of all the blogs I know. She’s the best person I know and my hero.