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Masterlist of Studyblrs

Hey guys! I have compiled a list of studyblrs and organized them both by year and major (if they’re in university or college). The studyblrs with * by the urls are the ones that I currently follow!

As you can see, this  list has gotten quite long  and for those who don’t know i go to school in Canada meaning I don’t understand how grades work in the UK or other countries so when it comes time that i post this masterlist and I put you in the wrong year please feel free to message me and ill change it to the proper year asap!!

If you reblogged the post with the information and I did not add you, I apologize but I lost track sometimes where I was in the lists and might have skipped you.

Feel free to add what year you are or what you’re studying in the reblogs or tags!! Follow those who are in the same year as you or studying the same subject, or follow anyone if you’re looking for new people to follow.

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