raes mom

its sunday again.

i know it can be terrifying not knowing what is coming around the corner this week but whatever it is i believe you can overcome it.

i believe in you. you are strong and you are still here. you have made it through every single day this year so far. no matter how hard. you are still here. you have struggled. you have cried. you haven’t given up.

you are still here and i am so proud of you.

stay alive.

you are worth it.

Pls stay with me here, but after the potential revelations for the new Wendig novelization that Rae Sloane was young Hux’s mentor, all I can think about is Teen!Armitage getting leave from the FO academy, completely ignoring Brendol, and going straight to Sloane like:

*tosses spare keys on space sidetable* *throws backpack on floor* *kicks boots off* *opens space fridge* & yells into the next room: “RAE HOLY SHIT YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHO FUCKING DIED IN THE LAST TRAINING EXERCISE”

anonymous asked:

Tiny Armitage accidentally calls Sloane "Mom" once. Everyone involved is mortified.

He’s too young to drink caf, but he looks like he could kill for some. There are dark half-rings under those light eyes, and his natural pallor seems to have heightened. The blue holoscreen casts a net over his face; he’s looking at star charts again, studying them. 

Sloane clears her throat. “Armitage. I shall require that terminal.”

Just a faint grunt in response at first, and she realizes he’s not just sleepy, he’s half-asleep. Before she can speak again, he seems to jolt awake, posture straightening. But she’s not sure if he heard her the first time. 

“Go on to bed,” she tells him, charitably. 

A faint mumble in response as he slides from the chair. “Night, Mum.”

Sloane feels a chill, blood draining from her cheeks. The boy jerks as well, eyes widening, and he stares at her as a cornered animal might. His lower lip trembles, twisting. Is he angry? Distraught? His eyes glisten brighter. Then he drops his gaze to the floor and hurries past, arms straight at his sides, like a proper soldier.