Ok, but hear me out. Beast boy and Raven doing the bf does gf’s make up. And Beast boy is very very excited, even more than Raven. (Psst im going to make a comic about this. Just hope i won’t procras way too much)

Meet Tanisha and Liam Honeycutt

Tanisha and Liam met in high school. He was a freshman and she was a sophomore. It was love at first sight, even though Tanisha was in the middle of one of the worst anxiety attacks of her life. Liam sat on the stairs with her, rubbing her back and holding her hand as she tried to piece things back together. They both ended up with a week of detention for being caught in the halls without a hall pass. They spent the time washing chalkboards and getting to know one another, bonding over their love of music, food and Iron Man. When Tanisha left for college, Liam was crushed, he was certain that he’d never see her again although she called everyday, twice a day and three times on Sundays.

Once Liam graduated, he joined Tanisha in San Myshuno. They got married during winter break during a ski trip to Windenburg. Three months before Tanisha graduated from San Myshuno College of the Fine and Performing Arts, she found out that she was pregnant. Tanisha’s pregnancy was rough and the quads, Rocco, Raevin, Romeo and Raenn, were born nine weeks premature. Sadly, due to complications during delivery, Tanisha was told that she would never be able to conceive again. This news devastated her, because although they’d just had four beautiful children, she wanted a larger family. Liam, although happy with the family they had, grieved heavily with his wife. After nearly 14 weeks in the neonatal ICU, Liam and Tanisha were able to take the quads home.

Since the birth of the quads seven years ago, Liam graduated college and currently works as a computer engineer while Tanisha is a stay at home mom and artist with a successful online art gallery. They are currently discussing the option of adoption as Tanisha misses the pitter patter of little feet running echoing through their apartment.