Woke up early for today’s WOD. Basically because I wanted to be physically prepared for this. I love team workouts; you get a little more push because you don’t want to be the weakest link. Double unders aren’t a problem for me and squatting is my first love. Push presses or similar movements used to be my thing too but I kinda felt I lost a bit of my pushing strength today. At the 2nd round I couldn’t go more than 8 reps at 55lbs. :/ I was quite disappointed because I thought I could have done better. Because duhh, just look at Colcol, doing push presses at 115lbs without any signs of struggle. It seems he could do the workout by himself with better time! After the WOD, we watched a video of a similar workout from the Rouge Red vs Black Team and Jhesa and I realized what we were doing wrong. We lacked technique. Push Press is supposed to be a compound body movement and you’re supposed to be snappy when performing it to reduce stress from the shoulders. It should be when you dip, you have to prepare your whole body starting from your legs, tightening your core and then you push up, then return immediately to rack position to get momentum and explode up again. Jhesa and I were discussing that when we return to rack position, we lose the momentum by muscling out the movement, thus slowing down and putting more stress on our shoulders and arms.

So I guess I should work on this more. I wanted to do another WOD for the evening but I’ll be pulling out from my bazaar at Plazuela tonight so I won’t have enough rest to recover and will be losing all my gains instead. Must. Resist.