You’re so dumb for being the last person to leave my party but wanting to stay longer
You’re so sweet for always talking to your family about me
You’re so gross for saying “I love you”
I love how you always rub my back when you hug me and I hate how you touch- or at least try to hold- my hand

But you’re my special friend so you’re ok
I guess

“I’m glad you liked your gift! It describes you kinda because you’re a gift to me…and my family of course” - Israel
(Get away from me omfg)

Ah. This is someone I’ve wanted to do a story on since I was about 19. On the surface, it’s a simple “reclaim a lost throne” quest, but I think I’ve come up with enough differences to make it compelling, if not unique.

Raemen Wayfarer is the last heir to a lost kingdom … a birthright he is in no hurry to claim, despite taking a sacred vow to do so. Pictured with him are: nearly a half dozen tomahawk weapons he learned to fight with during a previous war, his cavalry bow, the Kingmaker sword, and his loyal steed, Fleet.

His story takes over more and more of the planned trilogy, but that’s just because, well … kingdoms, war, politics, history. These things happen. Heck, he’s barely the main character of the first book.


Despite being 2 hours late to the dance…Last night was pretty fun
(Except being dragged to the dance floor omg)

I hate being such a wallflower like I really wanted to dance but I don’t know how to dance you feel? I saw everyone having fun and I’m like wanna have fun too but I couldn’t bc I didn’t know what to do ??

Anyways, I was proud of myself because not only was this the first dance I’ve ever been to but I actually got the courage to get out of my shell for once and talk to new people

What really made my night was that people were shocked to see me because this was like the first time they got to see me dressed nice and my hair all up and nice and my friends were all complimenting me and it made me feel happy ya know? Like this was probably the first time I’ve ever felt pretty


Too bad we didn’t get to talk much bc other girls/people wanted to talk to himand stuff BUT we got to take really fun pictures and I can’t wait for the photographer to send the pictures out!!

“You did amazing! I’m so proud of you! You did great up there! We will see each other again, ok? I love you so much Carmen. *muffle muffle muffle*”

I wish I could’ve heard that last part but I didn’t because your face was buried into my shoulder

But thank you, that meant a lot. It made me feel a little bit better because as the days are getting closer to graduation, I would get scared and sad that this would’ve probably been the last time I got to see you because I was thinking about what you said yesterday about after graduation, we all were going our separate ways.
But your words tonight gave me an assurance that we won’t drift away and that we WILL keep seeing each other

Thanks again Israel. For everything.
See you tomorrow.

Love you.


I wish it was Thursday again. It was honestly one of the best days I’ve ever had in such a long time.

I went to my friend’s friend house to hang out and there were other people there and it was really fun tbh bc pool and food and stuff
I guess you could say it was sort of like a party but it was all cool like my stupid friend was swimming with his friends and idk he was just being stupid and he’s so dumb with his wet hair that later got messy and even more stupid when it got dry and he’s just dumb in general smh
But then it got nighttime and we all kind of just sat down to talk around a bonfire with blankets wrapped around us and it was so nice and peaceful
Afterwards we went back inside and got more food and my friend picked up his friend’s guitar and started playing music and his friends played other instruments and we all started singing some songs until 11 and then we all went home
None of us wanted to leave until we had to remember it was thursday and we had to go to school the next day sadly…

I was a little mad at my dad for not letting my friend drive me home because he really wanted to give me a ride but my dad didn’t want him to so I just had to stay a little longer
I was like dang…we could’ve talked more stuff but it’s whatever
So he just hugged me and idk it was just a special hug like it was a long one and I hate myself because I’m not used to these kinds of things so I kind of just stiffen up at first and by the time I realize what’s going on or like I’m going hug him back he lets go and it’s like
no don’t leave come back

But yeah idk
It was an amazing day/night and I hope we could hang out again or just have another day like that

Ps. Israel, you’re dumb ok?