rael stone


We now have complete confirmation that Thanos is after the six infinity gems (as if it wasn’t obvious already). Although we don’t know the locations of all six gems, we do know the locations of at least four.

THE TESSERACT: First showing up in Captain America: The First Avenger, this gem (if used correctly, grants the ability to transport to any location in the universe. The tesseract also played an important role in the Avengers movie in which Loki used it to return to earth in an attempt to rule the world. The gem is currently in the hands of Asgard.

AETHER: A red liquid capable of granting immense strength and power, this gem first showed up in Thor: The Dark World where it was sought out by Malekith. His plans were foiled by Thor and Jane Foster (who absorbed the power of the aether at a few points of the movie). It is now being held at the Collector’s Museum which appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy.

THE ORB: A purple gem which is a power source capable of obliterating entire planets. Thanos sent out Ronin to retrieve this gem in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. When Ronin discovered that the object he was searching for was an infinity gem, Ronin betrayed Thanos and plan to use the orb for his own causes. In the end, the GotG were able to band together to use the orb power and kill Ronin. It is now in the hands of Nova Prime Irani Rael.

THE MIND STONE: If you’ve seen Age of Ultron, you would have seen that Loki’s staff (given to him by Thanos) was holding an infinity gem the whole time. You would know that Ultron tried to use it to create a new body for himself, and you would know that Thor brought the body to life and created a new Avenger named Vision. Vision has all the powers of the mind gem and more. He also can hold Mjolnir which was previously only useable by Thor. Vision has the gem on his forehead and I can’t wait to see him fight Thanos.

So now we know the locations of four of the stones. Where are the other two? So far, we don’t know. But we do know that will make their appearance sometime in the future (hopefully before Avengers: Infinity comes out).

Also, can we expect a meeting between the Avenger and the Guardians. So far, everything points to hell yeah! So hopefully Marvel Studios brings us what we want and doesn’t screw us over.