A New Age

A/N:I didn’t want this to be too long so I ended it. But the next part I’m so excited for! Also, I’m working on a Theo smut because Theo Fucking Raekon.

It had been a few weeks since Daylin and Stiles shared that night together. One night. That’s all. After that night nothing was the same for the two of them. Or even the pack, for that matter. In the weeks that followed, a lot happened. It changed the pack, it changed everything. This may seem a bit confusing, but let’s explain.

It all started two weeks, someone was taking the bodies of the failed chimera experiments. Stiles was unwillingly working with Theo to watch out for whoever it was. Theo and the Dread Doctors had stopped working together since that night Stiles and Theo rescued Daylin. It was that night they found out officer Jordan Parrish was some sort of harbinger of death. A hellhound of sorts. The next night, Lydia went missing. She was suppose to meet Daylin at her house to study, but never showed up. Worried, Daylin called Scott.

“Hello?” He answered after a few rings.

“Hey, Scott. You haven’t heard for Lydia have you?”

“No, nothing. Why?” He sounded concerned

“Well we were suppose to study, and I’ve been calling but-”

“Wait, I think she just texted me.” There was a pause and a few faint clicking noises. “Yeah. She said she’s found something in the library.” He informed her.

“Okay, pick me up on your way?” She asked him.

“No. Stiles and Theo are going to try and find Parrish. You keep me updated while I go see what she’s found.”

“But Scott I can help!” Daylin begged.

“Listen Daylin, Stiles and I aren’t exactly on speaking terms right now. I need a mediator. With Malia gone and Liam trying to keep Hayden alive, you’re all that’s left.” She huffed in irritation, but he didn’t leave space for her to protest. “Keep me updated.” He hung up the phone. Everyone treated Daylin like a child since she was last captured. She couldn’t stand it. She knew she could help, she wasn’t entirely sure how, but she was sure she could. She pulled out her phone to text Stiles and ask him what he’d found out. Before she hit the green button, her phone went off. The caller id read Stiles Stilinski.

“Stiles, hey, I was just about to call you. Is everything ok-” she was cut off by the sound of Theo’s voice.

“…the Dark Kitsuné. The beta with anger issues.” There was a wicked tone to his voice, and she had to listen hard because he was muffled slightly. Stiles must have his phone in his pocket, she thought.

“I came for Void Stiles. That’s the pack I want.” He yelled. It only took a moment for Daylin to realize what was happening. The words were all too familiar. She flashed back to the night Theo had kidnapped her. When he tried to convince her to join his pack. She continued to listen to him and Stiles talk.

“…You still have more blood on your hand than any of us.” Theo enticed.

“I’m about to get more.” Stiles threatened.

Theo laughed. “I’ll tell you were your dad is. As long as you promise not to help Scott.” Scott? She thought. What’s he got to do with this? He was at the library with-. She put it together, it was a set up. Daylin hadn’t been able to find Lydia all day, then all the sudden she texts Scott. Lydia and Daylin were best friends. She wouldn’t have ignored her or left her out. Theo planned this, he was up to something. The sound of skin hitting skin broke her concentration. She pressed the phone harder into her ear, trying to listen for who’d hit who. She paced the room waiting, Daylin heard a spitting noise and Theo’s oh-so-familiar cynical laugh. Daylin ran her free hand through her hair, this is what he wanted. He was trying to pull the Void out of Stiles. To make him see his way. To get him into his pack.

“There he is.” Theo shouted triumphantly. “That’s Void Stiles.” Daylin began to shake and she could feel her knees getting weak. It was working, Theo was breaking Stiles down. “Felt good, didn’t it?” He continued. Daylin could hear the smile in his voice. Another punch was thrown followed by a groan from Theo. For what seemed like forever, all she could here was Stiles ferocious breathing and Theo spitting out more blood.

“We won’t tell Scott. ‘Cause you can’t loose your best friend, right?” Daylin could feel her breathing begin to labor. She didn’t know what to think, how could she help. If she was right, all her friends were in danger. Possibly even dead. And she was sitting in her room, like a scared child unable to move. This is why, she thought to herself. This why they treat me like a kid, because I act like one.

“We both know you never needed Scott.” Theo jeered. She heard what sounded like a struggle and Daylin couldn’t stand by anymore. She hung up her phone and ran out of her room.

“Mom! I’m going out. I need the car.” She hollered as she descended down the stairs.

“Alright honey, is everything okay?” Her mother shouted back from an unknown direction.

“Yes. Mom. Keys?” She implored, reaching the bottom of the stairs. “In the key bowl next to door.” She saw them before she heard her mom, grabbed them, and walked out the door. Mrs. Lace said something to her before she left, but Daylin didn’t hear. She got in the car and pulled out her phone. She dialed Stiles number and hit the green button. It rang a few times and went to voicemail. Frazzled, she tried again. It only rang twice this time, and he picked up. It was quiet on the other line.

“Stiles?! Stiles!”

“What?” His tone was cold and distant.

“Where are you? Are you okay?”

“I have to go.” He dismissed her.

“Stiles? Where are you?” She repeated.

“I have to, Daylin. It’s my dad.” His tone was softer but unshaken.

“Have to what?” The phone clicked. He hung up.

“Stiles!” She shouted knowing he was gone. She sat in the car, still in the driveway thinking of what to do. She still had no idea where Lydia was, Stiles was off to find his father, and Scott was…She remembered Scott was in danger. She clumsily tired to put the keys into the ignition. She got them in, turned them, and the car roared to life. She’d just put the car in reverse, when head lights blinded her from behind. They came to a halt. ‘Stiles’. She whispered to herself. Daylin put the car back in park, and shut the engine off. In her rear view mirror, she saw a figure stepping out of a large vehicle. A truck or a jeep. Definitely Stiles. She jumped out and ran to the dark figure, the headlights still blinding her.

“Stiles!” She cried and jumped into his arms, nuzzling her nose into his clothes. She breathed in the boys scent, and than froze. She inhaled again trying to recall the smell. It was masculine with hint of sweetness.

“Not quite, gorgeous.” Theo cooed in her ear. Daylin backed away slowly, but Theo kept her at arms length. After hearing the conversation between him and Stiles. It was triple confirmed, Theo was dangerous.

“Were you expecting Stiles?” He questioned. She had the advantage, Theo didn’t know she’d heard them. Maybe she could get more out of him, as far as she knew, he still had a thing for her. For once she wanted to be the hero.

“No” she lied. “He hasn’t talked to me in a few days, so I just assumed.” This was a bad lie, she knew it.

“Oh, the happy couple off honeymoon island?” She didn’t know if he meant to sound like a complete jackass but he sure wasn’t trying not too.

“We were only there because of that stunt you pulled with Malia.” She sassed back. She had to stay as calm as possible, she knew he’d be listening to her heart.

“Awe. Well we had fun, didn’t we? You couldn’t keep you’re hands off me.” They were both aware this was a lie. But Daylin played along.

“Shut up.” She smiled. “I recall you taking off my shirt.”

“I recall you letting me.” She faked a laugh.

“Maybe we’ll see later.” She winked at him, drawing herself closer.

“I don’t think so.” The rejection threw her.

“W-what?” She fumbled.

“You’re a lot of things Princess, but a liar isn’t one of them.” She gulped hard, and she couldn’t help it. Her heart started to race. “There it is.” He cracked a devilish smile. With one hand he grabbed her forearm sternly, enough that she knew she’d have a bruise, and he began walking her to the passenger side door.

“Now Dayly, you’ll be a good girl won’t you?.” He open the door and threw her into the seat.

“And what makes you think I’ll help you?” She snapped as he was about to shut the door.

“Charm. Good looks. You pick.” He slammed door on her.

It was quiet as they headed out of her neighborhood. Her heart was beating hard and Theo had a twisted smile on his face.

“This is funny?” She spat gesturing around. He didn’t answer her.

“I won’t help you.” He scoffed at her.

“Theo!” She yelled hitting her hand against the dashboard as hard as she could. His expression turned serious and glanced over her. Daylin narrowed her eyes at him. He shook his head and smiled, turning his focus back to the road.

“You see gorgeous, you keep saying a lot of I won'ts and you can'ts. But the truth is, I can and you will.”

“You’ve tired these head game before Theo, why would they work now?”

“They were never head games. I’ve only ever told you the truth. You know that. You know you don’t belong with Scott’s pack.” He made a left turn and then a right. Something slid around in the back seat hitting with a loud thud. It was too dark for Daylin to see what and Theo continued. “I can help you Daylin. When have they ever helped you? Really? And whose good was for? There’s not yours.” He made another turn and she could her the tires driving on a different tread. She looked out the windshield and saw a sign hanging by to chains on each side.

Beacon Hills Preserves
Closed after sunset

He stopped the car and put it in park. “You trusted me once. You can again.” He said setting his hand on hers. Daylin moved it instinctively.

“I never trusted you.” She swore.

Theo chuckled. “We know that’s not true, gorgeous. You trusted me when I saved you from the doctors. What about when I drove you to see your brother? Remember what I said to you that day you asked?” Daylin turned over her mind trying to bring back the memory.

“You said you wanted a kiss…” She recalled.

“And…” He coaxed.

“And when I went to give you one, you stopped me and you said I’d ask you for one eventually.”

Theo nodded his smirk apparent even in the dim light. “And you did. You trusted me enough to kiss me” She understood his words but they weren’t making sense. “Give me a chance to show you, gorgeous.” His tone was sweet and alluring. For a brief second, she was mesmerized by him. But she shook it off.

“Screw you, Theo.” She hissed at him.

“Welp, there’s always plan B.” He said surprisingly calm.

“What’s plan B…” A sharp pain in her upper arm distracted her from her words. She snapped her head to look and saw a large mechanism stuck in her arm. Much like the one used by the dread doctors. Daylin’s vision blurred in and out. He’d given her some kind of sedative. She only remembered bits and pieces. Theo kissing her forehead before getting out of the truck. Darkness. His head lines illuminated two figures walking towards the perseveres. Him and a red hair girl. Darkness. The faint binging sound of his truck, indicating doors were open. Darkness.

The sun woke her from unconsciousness. It was peering in through curtains that were poorly drawn. Daylin slowly opened her eyes, adjusting them to the morning. When she could fully open them, she looked around at her surroundings try figure out where she was. She was on a bed that was still made, but someone had covered her up with a knitted quilt. She brought it to her nose and took it in. Theo. It smelled just like him, she remembered the room now. The night she’d sought refuge in it, she was distraught by her fake cheating incident with her then boyfriend. Daylin scooted to the edge of the bed, and got off. The wooden floor creaking underneath her weight. She walked to the door opening it as silently as possible. She peeked her head out in to the corridor to insure the cost was clear. There was no sounds, so she tiptoed downstairs.

“Going somewhere?” A low raspy called to her when she hit the last step. She turned looking back up the steps, to see Stiles. He head was cocked slightly to the right and he had a trace of a smile on his lips.

“Stiles.” She said relieved. “We got to go. This is Theo’s house.”

“Oh, he knows.” Theo’s seductive tone sang behind her. Daylin spun around to face him. Daylin furrowed her brow looking back and froth to the two boys.

“Let’s have a chat.” Theo insisted.

Remember that oc thing where you just love drawing a character so much

Mine would probably be Raekon. He’s not the usual big tough guy that I like but I’ve always wanted a character with dreads. He’s not exactly lanky but he’s a regular body typed fellow. My favorite part to draw is his eyes and hair, along with his nose.

Idk I just think all the stuff I put on him suits him pretty well.