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do you know of any songs about witches or witchcraft or magic as a whole? that's also like super empowering?

ok but like … yes.

songs with witchy, magical, and/or empowering vibes:

if anyone knows any others, add to this!

Due to all of the questions asking me about IF

I thought I would help by doing a little post about it. 

Might I add really quickly this is NOT a diet, it’s a lifestyle. All you do is manipulate the time of day that you eat.

IF stands for intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting (IF) is a pattern of eating that alternates between periods of fasting (usually meaning consumption of water and sometimes low-calorie drinks such as black coffee) and non-fasting.

Thanks Wiki.

There are some different ideals around IF, some do something called 5:2 which I don’t particularly agree with and I do IF daily. 
You choose a time of day which to have your ‘eating window’, for beginners it is recommended that you fast for 16 hours then eat ALL of you caloric and nutrient needs in that 8 hour window. This means it really is man vs food. But don’t think you’re starving because you’re really not, half of that time you’ll be sleeping too.

Obviously that window will depend on person to person because of their schedule. For example I work 9-5.30 with an hour each way of travelling, I eat at 4pm right through to 9pm or 10pm. My eating window is 5/6 hours with a fast time of 18/19hours. I also workout in my eating window. It works perfect for me especially if I go out for dinner! 

So why is it beneficial? Well at around 16hours all your body burns is fat. I too once fell for the 'eat small and often’ but your body is mainly burning your FOOD all day, not your fat as your primary fuel. Of course if that works for you then I’m not judging, at one time it worked for me too. But the difference in results is staggering.  Most of us are sugar burners, me especially. And we run off of sugar all day, intermittent fasting forces the body to run off FAT as it’s primary fuel. Win win right?

  • You can burn fat without sacrificing muscle
  • Combining fasted cardio with intermittent fasting can give even better results
  • You can tweak it however you like and by getting in more healthy fats you will up your caloric intake much faster if you’re struggling
  • Your human growth hormone will increase
  • It has many other health benefits such as normalizing your leptin and insulin productivity, lowering triglyceride levels and improving biomarkers of disease.

So yeah, I found IF difficult at first, my stomach still growls sometimes but that’s mostly because I’m rubbish with water intake. Your stomach growling doesn’t always mean you’re hungry, the foods we used to eat a lot of a long time ago are natural foods which contain water so don’t get the two mixed up. If you’re a struggler with water intake I guarantee you won’t be anymore after a few weeks of fasting - I get about 2 litres in during my fast now. Changing your eating pattern is hard of course, your body is scheduled to your routine and it will need a few weeks to adjust to a new schedule, just like if you were starting a new job and no fucker told you. The hormone that regulates hunger will begin to shift  also and it will get much easier to fast.

My macro intake is usually less than 100g of Carbohydrate, over 150g of protein and around 50g of fats, I get all of these within my eating window. My caloric intake depends all upon if I workout. If I don’t workout I eat 1300calories ISH, sometimes more, sometimes less. If I workout, I eat some or most of the calories I burn back, usually in an extra protein shake!

I hope this clears things up for anyone wondering!