King Ecbert’s gift to Lagertha, Vikings S03E02 ‘The Wanderer’

Other images are the examples of the great Anglo-Saxon treasure from the Sutton Hoo burial ship.

The Sutton Hoo burial ship was uncovered by archaeologists during the summers of 1938 and 1939. There was little more than the iron rivets left of the actual ship which was originally 89 feet long and 14 feet wide at its widest point. Marks left in the earth allowed archaeologists to determine the ship’s dimensions. Jewelry, coins, silver plates, weapons, armour, utensils, drinking-horns, etc. were among the objects collected at the site.

It is believed that the ship was the grave of Raedwald, king of East Anglia until he died in 624 or 625. It is thought that the funeral ship was dragged approximately a third of a mile from the Deben river. It was then lowered into a trench and a wooden cabin was built. The body was decked in jewelry and other items were placed close at hand. Then the trench was filled and a mound was built over the ship. This idea of a burial mound is similar to what we saw at the end of Beowulf where we read:

In the barrow they placed rings and jewels, all such ornaments as troubled men had earlier taken from the hoard. They let the earth hold the wealth of earls, gold in the ground, where now it still dwells, as useless to men as it was before. Then the brave in battle rode round the mound, children of nobles, twelve in all, would bewail their sorrow and mourn their king, recite dirges and speak of the man. Norton, 67-68

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Images: Vikings S03E02 “The Wanderer”; examples of the Sutton Hoo treasure: raven, belt buckle, hinged clasp, various small items, helmet (sources: BBC.co.uk; studyblue.com, telegraph.co.uk & flickr.com)


1994. Vikingligr Veldi (Icelandic meaning roughly Glorious Viking Square)

is the debut album by band Enslaved. It was released in 28 February, through Deathlike Silence Productions, the record label run by Euronymous, who was killed before the album’s release. The album is dedicated to him.

Despite Enslaved’s nationality, the lyrics on this album are mainly in Icelandic, perhaps due to its resemblance to Old Norse. The lyrics of “Heimdallr” are in ancient Norwegian. The distinct cover features the grave-good helm uncovered at the Sutton Hoo site in England, ostensibly belonging to the 7th century bretwalda, Raedwald of East Anglia.

Vikingligr Veldi  It truly is a classic from one of the strongest aesthetic eras of black metal music . highly recommend this album to anyone that enjoys the aforementioned black and viking genres, or to someone who wants to experience the black metal atmosphere at its best.

                   Grutle Kjellson      Ivar Bjørnson     Trym Torson