i’m sorry that i haven’t talked to most of my friends on here lately & if there are any former mutuals i haven’t followed on this blog please tell me

even going on tumblr for 2 seconds makes me really anxious recently (probably bc im in the process of going off some of my meds lmao) i mostly just come online to queue things or post gifs so i’m sorry if i seem like i’m ignoring anyone if we’re friends and you need to talk to me my skype name is jamztkirk! i’ll try to keep skype open

before the naruto ending i didnt like sakuhina much but every day the idea of hinata and sakura running off into the sunset together while sasuke and naruto cry grows more and more appealing

stares sadly at what tumblr’s changes have done to my art

EDIT: very vanilla and boring thing for the time being until I can figure things out better hopefully!