Reasons why everyone should read The Girl of Fire and Thorns:

  1. incredibly intelligent heroine
  2. poc heroine
  3. overweight heroine who struggles with weight but learns to love herself
  4. a heroine whose strength is in military, strategy, and war, to whom other men look for an opinion after she puts them in their place for initially dismissing her
  5. a young naive sheltered pampered princess who grows into being a kick ass rebel leader and queen
  6. did I mention kick ass heroine
  7. who don’t need to man (though they’re there)
  8. her faith in herself is most important
  9. a book in which religion is one of the main themes, but it isn’t pushed down your throat
  10. a fantasy book not based on western cultures

It’s hard to explain to someone who isn’t wholly a bibliophile that yes, I buy books because they have beautiful covers and incredible stories and worlds and characters that I love to get lost in and even seeing their spines and titles on my shelves brings back the exact moment I read a scene that made me laugh so hard I cried or when I was so lost in another place, in someone else, that I didn’t realize it was three in the morning until I’d read the last line and it was completely worth the loss of sleep to spend every second inside the words printed on those pages nestled snugly on my bookshelf so I can return to that moment anytime I so wish.