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Ten Shows, Ten Cute Casts; Parenthood [3/10]
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springagainafter  asked:

Rae! :D Snuggliest OTP!

1) She thinks the worst haircut she ever had was the pixie cut she tried right after she enlisted, but other people thought it was quite fetching.

2) She has long, delicate fingers. Kaidan loves to kiss them. They get cold easily.

3) Ever since she was a child, she’s found it a comfort to press her ear to the hull to hear the noises of the ship around her.

springagainafter  asked:

Also Rae because they are your snuggliest OTP. :)

*sobbing because they are the snuggliest*

The rooster wakes them up every morning.

“Why do we even have a rooster?” she grumbles.

“I think it was something along the lines of, ‘It’s a farm, Kaidan, it has to have a rooster.’”

“Well, that was a terrible idea,” she says, burrowing into his chest. She doesn’t even bother blinking the sleep out of her eyes. “Whoever decided that should be shot.”

“Noted, Commander.”

He yawns. She stretches. They twine back around each other, warm and lazy, asleep again in a moment.