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ME Fic: Reunion

Because I haven’t posted anything in a while, and it’s nice to finish up odds and ends of short fics. Also for @ferociousqueak, who loves Rae.

Summary: Set in ME2; Julian Shepard’s visit to Anderson on the Citadel has an unexpected bonus. Featuring Shepard, Anderson, Garrus, and Shepard’s mom Rae. ~1600 words.


“There’s one last thing,” Shepard said, shifting from one foot to the other as he stood in Anderson’s office. The office looked the same as it had back when it was Udina’s office. In fact, the whole Presidium looked as if Sovereign had never happened to it, which was frankly giving Shepard the creeps, even with Garrus at his back. He was, after all, standing here back from the dead in brand-new Cerberus-made armor.

He saw the passage of time on Anderson’s face, at least. More lines, his hair a little grayer, his posture slightly softened. It brought home how long Shepard had really been out of action. Anderson seemed willing to welcome him back —  almost too willing, for Shepard’s taste. He’d expected his former superior to have more questions. Anderson seemed way too willing to let Shepard and Cerberus lead the charge on the colony abductions, too. Shepard could understand the Alliance’s political position, at least on an intellectual level, but it still left a sour taste in his mouth.

He’d think about that later, though, when he had some time and privacy to chew over what he was and wasn’t being told. For now, there was one more burning question he needed answered.

“Yeah?” Anderson’s face crinkled into a slight smile. “I’m guessing you’d like to know about your mothers.”

“Yeah,” Shepard said, relieved that Anderson had guessed. “Are they okay? Or…”

He stopped himself. He was still getting his head around this whole two years dead thing. As scattered as his crew was, anything could have happened to his family.  

“Relax.” Anderson smiled. “They’re fine. Doing well. Captain Shepard is on assignment with Orizaba. Ms. Dang is… well, she’s here.”

Shepard blinked, trying to take that in. “Wait… you mean, on the Citadel? What’s she doing here?” That didn’t make any sense. Rae Dang had spent her whole career building and maintaining Arcturus Station, since before Shepard was born. There wasn’t a scrap of that station she didn’t know. She was Arcturus. Hell, the Citadel didn’t even need a construction engineer of her experience, not with the Keepers around.

Anderson sighed, his eyes going distant. “She… didn’t take the news of your death well. I guess she wanted some space between her and the Alliance. She took a job here on the Citadel over a year ago.”

“Oh.” Shepard tried to hide his wince, and wasn’t sure he’d succeeded. He could hardly imagine Rae out of the little apartment they’d occupied his whole life. Her working anywhere but Arcturus — it must have been bad. “Do you know where I can find her? I should…” Get in touch. Send a message. Something. How did you go about saying Hey, Mom, I’m not dead?

Anderson chuckled. “When I said she was here, I didn’t just mean on the Citadel. I asked her here when the scanners confirmed your identity.”

Shepard took a deep breath, his head swimming. He shot a glance at Garrus, standing guard by the door, who returned an impassive expression. “You mean she’s… here here.”

“Yeah. I hope that’s all right.” Anderson flashed a smile that might be apologetic. “Thought I’d save you both some trouble. It was a bit of a trick to get her to take my call. I’m not exactly her favorite person. Do you want me to get her?”

In his ideal world, Shepard would have wanted more time to prepare for this conversation. Not that he had any real idea how to prepare for this conversation. But, hell. You didn’t always get to pick your battlefield. Might as well get it done. He nodded. “Yeah, go ahead.”

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Ten Shows, Ten Cute Casts; Parenthood [3/10]
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springagainafter  asked:

Rae! :D Snuggliest OTP!

1) She thinks the worst haircut she ever had was the pixie cut she tried right after she enlisted, but other people thought it was quite fetching.

2) She has long, delicate fingers. Kaidan loves to kiss them. They get cold easily.

3) Ever since she was a child, she’s found it a comfort to press her ear to the hull to hear the noises of the ship around her.

springagainafter  asked:

Also Rae because they are your snuggliest OTP. :)

*sobbing because they are the snuggliest*

The rooster wakes them up every morning.

“Why do we even have a rooster?” she grumbles.

“I think it was something along the lines of, ‘It’s a farm, Kaidan, it has to have a rooster.’”

“Well, that was a terrible idea,” she says, burrowing into his chest. She doesn’t even bother blinking the sleep out of her eyes. “Whoever decided that should be shot.”

“Noted, Commander.”

He yawns. She stretches. They twine back around each other, warm and lazy, asleep again in a moment.