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Doctors (Doctor Crush) Headers

Hi everyone! I miss you guys. Well, I’ve been watching this dorama and I fell in love in the first minute. I hope that everyone who watch Doctors love this post because I did it with so much love.

Like if you saved or used, be honest please.  


 Rae Sloane and Gallius Rax: alternative history/fantasy AU

The Emperor is dead, and the remnants of his former Empire are 
in retreat.
As the New Republic fights to restore a lasting peace, some dare
to imagine new beginnings and new destinies.

A Very Imperial Valentines Week - Day 4 - Uniform Swap:
Reinterpreted the prompt to mean ‘swap them both with another time period’. Inspired a lot by Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which would lend itself beautifully to Star Wars AUs (and also to the dynamic of these two imperials):

“I have been quite put out of temper this morning and someone ought to die for it.”

“ I’m sitting in an airport right now trying to find a word for the last month and a half. Something that captures what it’s like to stage an alternate opening number an hour before a live show in case the weather blows down the set, or what it’s like to look around the room and realize you’re surrounded by people who thrive on chaos like this, or what’s it like to realize you do too, or what’s it like to see a cast member suffer horrible tragedy and mesmerize America a few hours later, or what it’s like to look at your phone after the show and only THEN to burst into tears.

Maybe “awe”. I want to hug you all. Thank you for watching.”- Noah Robbins