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 Rae Sloane and Gallius Rax: alternative history/fantasy AU

The Emperor is dead, and the remnants of his former Empire are 
in retreat.
As the New Republic fights to restore a lasting peace, some dare
to imagine new beginnings and new destinies.

A Very Imperial Valentines Week - Day 4 - Uniform Swap:
Reinterpreted the prompt to mean ‘swap them both with another time period’. Inspired a lot by Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, which would lend itself beautifully to Star Wars AUs (and also to the dynamic of these two imperials):

“I have been quite put out of temper this morning and someone ought to die for it.”


Doctors (Doctor Crush) Headers

Hi everyone! I miss you guys. Well, I’ve been watching this dorama and I fell in love in the first minute. I hope that everyone who watch Doctors love this post because I did it with so much love.

Like if you saved or used, be honest please.  

so i did some spring cleaning on my blog this past week! which translates to

my 26,000 post, six year old blog just turned into a 7,400 post, six year old blog


Day 10: With other Fatesonas

Whenever Kid has any leisure time she is usually with the company of friends. 

Reading up on the latest spells is one of her favorite past times. She’s a fairly quick learner, although is a bit slow when conjuring older magic (ranks B-S) which use forgotten language from Nohr. Luckily, she has mentors like Alena @random-delights, who has had plenty experience using them - being once a Sorcerer herself. 

A little friendly competition never hurt and what better way than to practice with fellow comrades Winter @tacticianwinter and Rae @belowtheraedar. Kid learned the art of archery from her late mother, who was a sniper for the Hoshidan army earlier during the war. She often invites her teammates to her shooting range at home where they place bets and agree that the loser buys lunch.

I had lots of fun doing this piece and couldn’t help but fall in love with other Fatesona characters. I’ve yet to finish others I’m currently working on and will probably just reblog this once they’re complete. 


A/N Just what could’ve happened that night in the caravan. 

Finn sat on the grotty settee of this stupid caravan, his elbows resting on his knees. He was chewing on his lip agonising over and analysing the past few minutes. Things had been going really well, he could tell she was impressed by the caravan he longed to impress her. It hit him like a freight train the mood changed when he started fumbling with her buttons. Jesus, you didn’t give her time to settle down first, Finn thought to himself. Finn had been so excited about his caravan surprise all day he just couldn’t control his puberty addled body when she was around him.

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Depth over distance pt.2

[A/N: Let me just start with saying, THANK YOU, to all the sweet messages i got. it really warmed my heart! It got more positive feedback then i ever thought it would. It made me so glad. This all very new to me, writing. But it’s amzing to know people actually liked it and can’t wait to see what happens, it’s just really cool that you guys actually enjoyed it! So here’s part 2! Part 3 will be up sooner, think it might be..Monday?

Big thanks to storey-time You’re the best! x

Part 1 for those who haven’t read it.

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As soon as Rae got home she went straight to her laptop. When she logged into Facebook she found two friend requests, one from Archie and one from Arnold “Chop” Peters. “His name is Arnold?!” Rae thought out loud. She started looking at their photos, inspecting and exploring who these new two people in her life were. She had gotten a pretty good understanding of who they were by spending a whole day with them, but there was something about looking at a Facebook page that revealed things about people that you may not have noticed before. For instance, Chop had a girlfriend. Her name was Izzy and she had long, flaming red hair with a face that could light up any frown. Rae noticed that if the two weren’t smiling beside each other in a picture, they were almost always snogging the life out of each other. “They look so in love” Rae gushed, leaning on her hand as she continued looking at his page.

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