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Some Fatesonas & OC (third to last, Eve with her liege) doodles~
2017 came and here I am posting doodles from 2016… lol

Fatesonas included:
Liefe @ me / Rae @belowtheraedar / Winter @tacticianwinter / Mina @ me

EDIT: OH OOPS SORRY IT’S NOT FATESONA. I drew Jessu’s Robin. LOLOL T_T I got so used to type that phrase SORRY JESSU SORRY ROBIN *sweats*

This is Choi Sooyoung and she’s from the k-pop girl group, Girls’ Generation. She recently cut her hair and it reminded me of..

Kim No-Rae

She has the same expression as No-Rae, also look at the outfit!

But wait! Look at Baek Seol-A! (Refer to the top picture)

(A wild Taeyeon is spotted!)

I firmly believe Sooyoung is the child of Baek Seol-A and Kim No-Rae. She has the brown hair and personality from No-Rae and tallness and model features from Seol-A. 

That is all.

(Wow I am Sooyoung/SNSD and Fluttering Feelings trash)

let’s get together before we get much older (ronan/adam)

summary: Adam doesn’t know what compels him to make an attempt at finally finding out.

Does Ronan Lynch have a crush on me?

(Do I have a crush on Ronan Lynch?

Otherwise known at the one where Ronan, Blue, and Noah visit Adam and Gansey at their university for the weekend.

notes: This project transcends two months, three countries, and more than a few states of sobriety. It has become my Noah. That is to say, I adore it, but I would also throw it out a window if given the chance.

The lovely, talented Caroline drew some absolutely gorgeous art to accompany this fic.

Special shout out to all y'all who had to deal with me talking about this damn project for so long.

(Please see the ao3 link below for more notes.)

(words: 16,673)

[ao3 link]

“I had almost three years to teach him how to use a cell phone.” Gansey says, looking at the lines of his palms as if they had uttered some sort of unspoken accusation, “Where did I go wrong?“

    Adam glances up from where he had been picking at a loose thread on his sleeve, rolling it between his fingers before tearing it off in a quick pull of his wrist. He lets out a rushed sigh and stretches his arms above his head, rolling his shoulders and neck before turning to Gansey seated beside him.

    “I wouldn’t say Ronan is an ‘old dog,‘” Adam begins, “And learning how to text back isn’t what I’d call a 'new trick,’ but he doesn’t seem inclined to learning how anyway.”

    “Do you think he even brought it with him?”

    “I wouldn’t bet my life on it.”

    “What would you bet on it?”

    Adam pauses, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth and glancing briefly to the the baggage claim, watching the conveyer belt circulate, eyeing jet-lagged passengers from across the Atlantic heave bulging suitcases to their sides as the flight number from Richmond, VA flickers to the top of the electronic tally.

    “A pack of gum. A gum wrapper. Chewed gum.”

    “That’s promising.”

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You Told Me He Was Just A Friend

Hey you guys!! It feels SO GOOD to have something up for you guys again! I promise I haven’t forgotten about the other fics I said I was going to write/ am started on. This has just been one crazy semester! And it’s only halfway done! Anyway, here’s a cute, fluffy little one shot taken from this prompt about  a modern au Rae and Finn getting hitched! thank you so much @i-dream-of-emus for recommending it! Hope you guys enjoy!! P.S not tagging anyone atm because I want to make sure everyone who wanted to be tagged in The Shops still wants to, or if they want to be taken off. Or if you want me to tag you in future fics let me know!

Rae’s eyes fluttered slightly as she felt a small gust of wind coming in. She pulled the blankets more tightly around her. She felt a warm, familiar body laying next to her, and automatically wrapped her arms around him tightly. He shifted closer to her. and she opened her eyes just a bit more. It was then that she caught a glimpse of the small band on her left hand. Rae smiled and suddenly felt wide awake.

She looked over to the man sleeping next to her and pondered a moment. Should she wake him up? She thought about this briefly. He looked so peaceful and the last thing she wanted was to bother him.

She looked back at her hand, and the events from the night before replayed in her head. Or had it been a dream? Had she really gotten engaged last night? The proof was right there; in that shiny, silver, ring that was now on her finger. Rae glanced over one final time. It took everything she had to not reach over and touch him. Her fiancee. She nestled into bed again and her eyes were starting to feel heavy when she felt a shifting in the bed.

“Rae,” he said softly, “Rae, wake up.” He kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“Finn,” she groaned lazily, “No.”

“Come on, we should start making breakfast soon. Your family is going to be here in a bit.”

She grumbled loudly again, “Just tell them we moved.”

“Rae, we invited them for a reason, remember? Now come on!“

He playfully slapped her behind, and she reluctantly got up.

“Is it too soon to ask for a divorce?” Rae joked as she put on pajama bottoms.

They made their way into the kitchen and Finn turned on their iPod dock as he turned on their stove.

Rae smiled softly to herself as she heard him silently sing to himself.

He turned to her, “What do you feel like eating, girl?”

“Pancakes. Eggs. And muffins. With sausages.”

“Oh, yeah,” he smiled at her, “Is that it?”

“Mmhmm,” she nodded, “I’m hungry.” She gave him a pointed look.

Finn chuckled as he went up to her. They were suddenly aware of the song playing in the background. Wonderwall; our song, Rae thought to herself. She could tell by the way he was smiling at her that he was thinking it, too. He gently reached out, cupped her face, and brushed his lips against hers. Softly at first, but they became more vigorous the longer they kissed.

Finn’s hands were slowly moving their way down Rae’s backside. She had let out a soft moan when the doorbell rang. They parted ways, breathing heavily, and shared a small, secretive laugh.

“They have the worse timing,” Rae giggled.

“Come on, answer the door,” Finn turned to the stove, “Oh, shit, I forgot about the skillet.”

Finn turned off the stove and took down a box of pancake mix.

Rae opened the door, and her family barged in.

“Is everyone hungry,” Finn called from the kitchen, “I’m making pancakes.”

Jasmine, Rae’s younger sister, ran to where he stood, “Can I help you make the batter, Finn?”

“Of course,” he grinned at her, “I can’t make pancakes without your help.”

Finn turned up the iPod dock, and Rae watched for a moment as he and Jazz giggled together as they sang, and played around with the flour. She smiled to herself, and waited for what she knew was coming.

“So,” Rae’s mom Linda asked her, “What was it you wanted us all over here for, and so early on a Sunday morning?”

Rae immediately felt Finn’s head lift and turn in her direction.

“See mum, I have big news I have to tell you about.”

“Christ, what have you done now?”

“No, it’s good, actually it’s - it’s incredible,” Finn arrived at her side, and he placed a hand on her shoulder, which gave her a small ounce of courage to continue, “I - I’m engaged.” She lifted her hand and showed them her ring.

“Engaged,” her mother repeated, “When on Earth did this happen? And to who?”

“It happened last night,” Rae said, “And, um, ta da! Meet your new son-in-law!” She gestured to Finn.

“Finn,” Linda looked at him, “To you? She’s engaged to you?”

Rae nodded, and they both shared an uncomfortable laugh.

“I don’t understand. You told me he was just a friend.”

Rae cleared her throat, “Mum, Finn and I, we’ve been together for about eight months.”

Linda gawked at her, “Eight months,” she said, “And we’re just now hearing about this?”

“You know what,” Finn said suddenly, “I should finish breakfast. There was talk about eggs, and sausage, and muffins.”

“Traitor,” Rae called out after him.

“Rae, I don’t understand what is happening. Why is this the first time we’re hearing about this?”

“I don’t know, mum,” Rae sighed, “Everything happened kind of fast.”

“I’ll say,” Linda scoffed, “Eight months and you think that’s enough time to get married.”

“I know we haven’t been a couple that long, but you know we’ve been friends for a long time now.”

“And you think that’s enough to make a marriage last?”

“Well,” Rae took a moment before she nodded and said honestly, “Yes.”

“Well, I don’t think I can support this. Rachel, I think you’re moving too fast.”

“Mum, please, just hear this out.”

Linda opened her mouth and it seemed that she was going to object, but then her stepfather Karim came in between them.

He looked at Linda, “We should let her speak. This could be a beautiful thing for Rachel. We should hear what she has to say.”

Rae silently thanked him and kissed him on the cheek. Karim was a quiet man, but he always spoke up for her, and had always been there for her.

Linda nodded and sat quietly on the couch. She was silent for a while when she said, “I’m still trying to wrap my head around this. You always told me he was just a friend.”

“Well, he is my friend. Except that we make out and sometimes touch each other inappropriately. We enjoy it so we thought it’d be cool to do it forever. For the tax reduction, you know.”

“I’m not going to listen to you if you can’t be serious about this, Rae.”

Rae laughed, “Mum, it was just a joke.”

“When did all this start anyway, I mean, how do you know this is what you want?”

“You want to know how it started,” Rae said with a small smile on her face, “A few weeks after I moved in here. We were listening to Oasis and eating Chinese takeout. We had just started listening to Wonderwall when all of a sudden he reached over and tried to kiss me. I thought he had been reaching for the chow mein, so he ended up kissing my cheek as I tried to grab the container to give it to him. We laughed about it, but then I kissed him for real. He moved in here about a month after that. That was about 6 months ago and last night do you know how he asked me to marry him? He ordered takeout from the same place, and put the ring at the bottom of the box of chow mein. It was perfect. I know everything’s happened sort of crazy fast, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it sooner, but I think it was supposed to. I mean, I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather spend every day for the rest of my life with. He’s my best friend.”

Rae’s mother was silent for what she felt like a long time. They sat there without anyone of them saying a word, until Finn appeared from the kitchen.

“Food’s all ready,” he said quietly.

They all got up silently, but Rae caught a quick glance at her mother, and she could have sworn she saw a little smile on her face. For an instant she felt everything was going to be okay.

“Jazz was a great helper,” Finn said as they all sat down.

She beamed, “I flipped some pancakes!”

Everyone was quietly filling their plates when Finn spoke up.

“Um, I think I should probably be the one to say something now,” he started, “I don’t really know what Rae told you, but I think I can imagine what it was. She probably told you about how quickly things happened between us, and that’s true, but I think you guys should know I’ve been in love with Rae for a long time now. Even before we had that kiss. And I just want to make her happy. She always tell people that I’m her best friend, but she’s just as my best friend as I am to her. It would kill me if the most important people in her life couldn’t be happy for her. And it’d kill me, too. You guys have always been like a second family to me, and I hope one day you can accept me as a part of it.”

“Finn, you’ve been a part of this family for some time now,” Linda sighed, “Alright, so it looks like there’s going to be a wedding.”

Rae and Finn looked at each other and shared a breath of relief.

“So,” Jazz spoke up, “If you two are getting married, does that mean you’ll be having kids soon?”

Rae laughed at her little sister, “No, Jazz, I think that’s the one thing we’re not going to rush.”

“That seems good,” Jazz nodded, “Finn should learn how to make a ponytail first.”

He tickled her, “Hey, I used to do your ponytail sometimes.”

“I know,” she smiled, “That’s why I’m telling you you need practice.”

Everyone laughed, and Rae looked among them silently. She caught Finn’s eyes and he smiled at her. She knew what he was thinking because she was thinking it, too. That if this was how the rest of their lives was going to be, then they couldn’t wait to get it started.

MMFD fic prompt: "Awake?"

Well, got my very first fic prompt! borntosik wondered what Rae and Finn’s relationship would’ve been like today, ifthey had stuff like internet, smart phones, texting, whatsapp… you get it. Notsure if this is what you had in mind, dear borntosik, but it’s just a bit offluffy fun, and who doesn’t love that?

My thanks as always to Superbeta madfatty. I think she had extra fun with this one ;)

Finn Nelson: awake?

Rae stared at the phone. She sat up in bed, rubbed her sleepy face and took one more look.

Finn Nelson: awake?

Yep. The message was there on her Whatsapp, there was no mistaking it.

But wait. She’d been falling asleep. What if she was in that strange place when you’re not really awake anymore but you’re not really asleep, and your brain conjures up the weirdest shit? Yes, that made sense. She’d had an awful day. Spent most of it having a little private pity party, was dead tired, and now she was probably having one of her “Finn-wants-to-come-over-and-play-tonsil-hockey-with-me” dreams, only her stupid mind started the plot way too early. Rae leaned back down and pulled the covers tighter around herself. How many times did she have to tell her subconscious she didn’t need a plot? Just go straight to the snogging, please and thank you.

Her phone pinged.

Finn Nelson: rae are you awake

She blinked in the glow of the screen. Shit, this was real. This was happening. Finn Nelson was booty-calling her! Except that they don’t do that. And also that her booty was not something boys craved in the middle of the night. Or at all.

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I don’t know how it happened. One day I was sitting at a window seat in a coffee shop, starting at all of the people passing by, and it hit me: I am the protagonist of my own story and you didn’t matter anymore.
—  Alyssa Rae

Your voice is fading from me,
mental recordings of you
calling me “babe”
or saying my name,
slowly being erased,
getting taped over by the sounds
of me living without you now.
Your face, growing blurry,
like ripples on water,
and you, expanding into nothingness,
like gas, like air,
where once there was you,
now you’re not there,
like the depressions
your fingertips left on my skin,
I am quietly rising,
filling myself in,
with the realization of what
I have to gain
from losing you and the blame
you left with me,
and I’ll be the first
to call it destiny,
that the best of me
would be found through losing you.

Rae Buxx (rae-writes), erasure

I always wanted to draw Rae from Always Human. She is so pretty, I am in love with her ❤ Her new eyes made me think about cosmic kitty look 😂

I hope you ll like it  @walkingnorth @alwayshumancomic

I tried new coloring style and i am crying because it turned out pretty o.O Mostly i am too lazy to finish drawings, i always make doodles and never color them crieeeeee

Keep your eyes on me

“I am not going to the ball. End of.” Rae bursts out. Her sister Chloe has been trying to convince her to go to the town ball for two hours now, and Rae is utterly fed up with her.

“But why? Rae just give me one reason why you shouldn’t go?”

“I have thousands of reasons not to go Chlo.” Rae calms down, trying to get away from this conversation. “I don’t have a dress, I don’t have a date, I don’t have a beautiful body like yours, and have I mentioned I hate this stupid annual ball?”

Chloe rolls her eyes. “You love dancing. You should go because you love dancing. Plus I’ll be there, so will be your friends. It’s just a way to hang out with your favorite people in the world!”

Now it’s Rae’s turn to roll her eyes. “You’re not part of my favorite people in the world.” A smirk appears on her face, revealing she’s only joking. Of course she loves her sister. More than she will ever admit.

Chloe gives her a smirk back. Then her face softens and she comes next to Rae to pat her back softly. “OK I’m going to stop harassing you with this, but please consider it? We all want you to come and we can promise you you’ll have a good time. Alright?”

Rae’s lips curl up into a smile and she nods. “Alright, I’ll think about it.”

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Manwhore - Part 1

Thanks to everyone that made such lovely comments to one-over-part-12. It was very kind of you to stick with me til the very end.  Also here’s my other stuff if anyone wants to check it out Ramblings

big thanks to @nenita1978 for advice and support and thanks to @redprairielily for advice, support and finessing - I am in awe of your grammar and spelling skills.

So in this alternate universe it’s 2001 Chloe never met the gang when Rae was in hospital. Rae’s just Finished uni and Chloe is about to finish at business school (where she met Izzy).

Manwhore (apologies for crap name - I’m happy to accept suggestions)

“What the fuck is that noise?” Rae startled upright in her bed. There was a banging on her door again.

“Rae! Wake up you lazy tart there’s someone on the phone for you.”

“Shit sorry Ben. I’m awake and I’ll be there in a sec.” She groaned and grabbed her bathrobe that resembled a pack of fizzy Refreshers. That old bathrobe always made her feel warm and comfortable as it reminded her of her childhood. She wrapped it around herself so her house mates wouldn’t be able to see her bits jiggling en route to the communal phone.

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