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Ten Shows, Ten Cute Casts; Parenthood [3/10]
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Neighbor Girl-Part 8

This part is short. Actually I think the one after it is kind of short too. It doesn’t seem that short until you post it in the post box on tumblr. Anyway, here it is!! Thank you guys so much for reading!!! 

Part 8:

The car pulled into the drive and all four of them got out. “Well goodnight, Finn.” Chloe said, turning to him. “Graham, thanks. I’ll give you a call tomorrow, yeah?” Graham smiled and kissed her cheek.

“Feel better, Rae.” Graham called and got back into his car to drive back to his. Chloe started walking Rae towards their door, Finn still standing in their drive.

“Rae, do you mind if I talk to you?” Finn asked, taking one step closer to the girls.

Rae paused, about to respond when Chloe retorted, “She’s sick.”

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