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Ten Shows, Ten Cute Casts; Parenthood [3/10]
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Parenthood was honored last night at the TV Land Awards. Together with creator Jason Katims, the cast accepted the Fan Favorite Award. The ceremony will air Saturday, April 18 at 9PM on TV Land, but here are some pictures to tide you over :)

Neighbor Girl- Part 11

Have you guys ever heard the phrase it’s only get better from here? This is not the chapter where it gets better. Just a little warning if second hand embarrassment is not your thing… prepare yourselves. 

Also thank you guys so much for reading!! And I hate that I didn’t keep to my chapter a day goal. But don’t worry part 12 will be up tomorrow! Yay! Thank you guys so much for reading :D Have a marvelous day. 

Part 11:

Rae went back to her room and sat on her bed, determined to suss out how she felt. She knew she wanted to be mates with Finn, but did she want more as well? He was so sweet to her and they got on so well. And she loved his big brown eyes and the way he shoved both his hands in his pockets when he was nervous. Ever since that kiss, going to sleep had been hard. She kept remembering the feel of his lips against hers. The way his grip tightened against her waist to pull her closer. He was so different from anyone she had ever met, yet when she was with him, she felt like she had known him for ages. Maybe this, what we have, is real. And I can’t fathom being away from him for much longer. I want this, I want us. Me and Finn.   Rae grinned a stupid grin, laying her head against the pillow, contented at finally reaching a decision after a fortnight of knotted stomachs. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Rae didn’t awake until around one AM when she heard the door downstairs open and close with the sounds of two footsteps coming up the stairs and going into the room furthest from hers. Must be Chloe and Graham. Rae sat up and decided she should actually try to get some reading done. She sat cross-legged on her bed, opening up the one closest to her. Just then she heard a sound coming from the other side of the wall that her bed was against. Was that a giggle? Rae looked at the wall that connected Rae’s room with Finn’s next door.

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